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Wahoo, late wakeup...

  • Reading mail... Nothing special

  • Call a customer about its domain names (they've received deactivation notice from netsol. Uruk manage them normally but now we have the management of all their customers.
    Hard to assume with only half of information. Have to pay domains and make a commerciel proposition.

  • A mail from KennedyNet Com: their web site update don't appear.
    Check why. Strange ! Why they don't appear ?
    Argh, 1/4h after, I've finaly found the problem: they've made them in the bad directory :-(

  • OK, go on on something omre interesting: GNUstepWeb docs.
    I try to add links between projects. Modify DTD and the generator, gsdoc. Doesn't work.


  • Lauch time (late).
    Nothing to eat quickly. So go to the pizzeria with Catherine. It's closed. Not a lot of choice: the "Brasserie"

  • Advice #1: don't drink wine if you don't have time for siesta !

  • A call from World Student manager.
    Their domain is still not moved. We haven't replied to netsol (Uruk domain). Done (I hope NetSol will accept this late answer).
    No :-(

  • Check mail. Legal problems for GNUstepDB. I hate licences and legal stuff !!

  • Come back to gsdoc.

  • F*cking OpenLDAP server. Why does it sometimes die without explanation ? God knows why (may be).
    Don't use openldap-1.2.9-5mdk ! openldap-1.2.7-2 works far better.
    The problem is that I can't setup logs because it consume too much CPU and without logs I have no info.
    Luckily, the cron job restart it when it die.
    -- PS: OpenLDAP is great. Some of our customers run one for months.--

  • Answer question about our DNS from LDAP tool

  • It was hard to work this afternoon (because of red wine and sunny weather ?).
    Spent the afternoon to explicit inter-projects link generation for gsdoc. Well it works. Commit the change

  • 7:30pm - My cat stop sleeping and try to tell me something (want some cuddles before eating, I presume).
    Hard to work with a cat trying to sleep on my mouse.

7:49pm - Time to make a pause.

  • I'm back. Works on testing GNUstepWeb last modification (caught a big bug !).
    Server crash. I think all modules are not well compiled. There's a lot of modules :-( Don't want to spend time recompiling one module, test, recompiling another one, test and so on. I recompile all.
    Not a bad idea to add memory on my VAIO but it's really expensive
    Finally, I use it mostly as a desktop machine, using another computer as display (X11 is great !).

    That's all for today.

11:25pm Good Night !

F*ck, no more coffee this morning ! Not a good way to start a journey...

    Any news about GNUstep Legal discussion on EOF implemenation ?
    Yes, the discussion continue...

    Generate some docs for customer project with AutoDoc+gsdoc like GNUstepWeb Tech Docs

    Answering to customers (Vanessa can't send/receive mail).
    Probably their $@#$$$ M$ exchange server

    Made some domain transfer from NetSol to Gandi.
    Gandi make good jobs, not like NetSol !

Lunch Time !!!

    What to do after lunch time ? Mail (snail one), of course

    Certified some Advogato people (this site is not good for productivity: there's always some diary to read !)

    Back to work ! Modified project specifications for a customer

    A rival (we've made an offer to the same customer for the same project :-) company named Sedona phone us and ask for phpMyAdmin for the project (too bad, we've lost the devlopment part of this project).
    I'm not a bad guy, so I install phpMyAdmin and configured it.
    Nice tool: you can work on your mysql database with a web interface.

    Finally (after more than 20 days) received a near complete response from Fluxus about dedicaced server.
    Too expens^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H No Comment !

    Now what's on the TODO list ? Argh, yet another estimate to do for a customer web project...


    Come back after dinner. Next mission: setup a cvs repository for gnustep-db v2. I've already done that 3 times but can't remember.
    $ grep cvs ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html | less
    Well, here is a Doc
    Magic command is: <code>$cvs -d /Path/To/CVS/Root init</code>

    Final task: read & comment jocelyn's table description for yet another customer project

    Arghh, still another thing to do explain to Fluxus whas is a postgres authentification module for apache.

    Time to stop working and read a good book while waiting for Catherine

As many people, create a new project entry: GNUstepWeb

I come back to work to find a bug in proftpd when dealing with groups. Arghh. It's a known bug. Wait for next release.

Work on gnustep mirrors with Lucas and phr. Yeah, will work on a NeXT Cube !

Work on a GNUstepWeb customer application.

Another day without time to work on GNUstepWeb doc.

This evening Rwanda meeting (yes, it's tuesday :-) See RIP in one or 2 monthes...

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