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23 Nov 2002 (updated 12 Dec 2002 at 00:08 UTC) »
  • We've finally released the first version of GDL2
    GDL2 is an acronym for GNUstep Database Library, an Objective-C implementation of the EOF 3.x framework from NeXT Software, Inc./Apple.

    It consists of EOAccess and EOControl layer, EOModeler library to support eogenerator and a PostgreSQL adaptor. Actually there is no support for the interface part and the model inheritance.

    See GNUstep
  • Still working on GNUstepWeb...

14 Aug 2001 (updated 14 Aug 2001 at 22:04 UTC) »
  • Not a daily diary :-)
    So what's new ? Nothing really interesting. I work for food...
  • We've finally finished Cartier's project.
  • I now work on a commerce site (X DVDs selling) for a customer. Technology ? Apache+PHP+MySQL...
    Not really fun but I ameliorated our administration framework. It will be LGPL'ed and available on Oxymium/Free.
  • No news about GNUstepWeb. I really want to work on it but still can't find time. I hope september will be more quiet...

  • PS: Apple G4 and WO story is not finished: I've never find a way to install MacOSX server last pre-release to use it with WO 4.5 !
    I'll have to purchase MacOS X Server and WO5. Too bad ! Iv'e already purchased MacOS X workstation and WO 4.5. Merci Apple !
  • Last days adventure was to get a Mac G4 and WebObjects.
    I've started by trying Apple store but company account creation didn't work for 3 days. I've waited and finally get an ID. So I've filled my basket (thanks to session expiration. I think Apple people know nothing about customer phone call and how long they can be.), submit it and checked payment by check.
    I've waited something like 24h but no mail aknowledge. So I've called Apple and the person sayed to me that there was a delay of 10 to more than 25 days when paying by check (I have to send the check to Nederlands, next the computer is build and shipped from Ireland). BTW, the payment request came into my snail mailbox more than a week after ther order !
    Finally I've canceled the order and found a G4 from a reseller (I've got in in less than 24h !)
    Next, I've tried to find WebObjects. I've called 10 resellers but none of them have it because Apple don't sell it anymore in France. Last solution: Apple store again. I've ordered it (and payed with Credit card, this time). 2 days later, I receive Mac OS X (from a reseller) and WebObjects from Apple. But WebObjects development application runs only on Mac OS X Server (which is not yet sold) or Windows NT.
    So I have an unusable Mac G4 and WebObjects running on NT (really too bad: Apple can't make their application runing on their own plateform). I say that the Mac is unusable because network file sharing doen't works between it and my Linux or Windows computers. I think Apple have to reallyThink Different".
    Anyway, I come back to my well running linux laptop to work with GNUstep and GNUstepWeb

14 Feb 2001 (updated 14 Feb 2001 at 01:09 UTC) »

Waoo, 6 month since last entries... and still working on same projects :-( Cartier. Luckily, we should have near completed it this night.

  • What's new ? Find time to work on GNUstepWeb for a customer project (an interesting one this time !!!)

May be something to write later...

10 days since last entry. Lot of work: Cartier project, meeting with Fluxus, meeting with Luxyz (a partner), GNUstepWeb, work for Oxymium, finalize Microcom project, ...

  • The power was down this night. UPCs handle the problem few minutes. Next, have to verify serveurs :-(

  • [Free] ANTLR parser replacement with XML in GNUstepWeb is near completed.
    There's a bug in libxml in encoding handling (franch characters :-) but should be corrected quickly (I hope).
    Thanks to Daniel Veillard for the help on XML !

  • Still working on affiliates,...

  • Worked on Cartier project.

  • [Free] Working on replacing ANTLR parser with XML one in GNUstepWeb.
    libxml drive me crazy: it seems to work for 'tool' (not dynamic executable) but don't work when used in a dynamic library !
    I hate going to sleep without solving this kind of problem.

  • Still working on affiliates,...

  • Worked on Cartier project.

  • Made accounts to pay taxes :-(

  • Discussion with camel about an estimate for a customer. It seems they have readen only the last line and didn't seen that there was 3 differents possible solutions. Bah !
    Discussed about ISP and prices. I don't understand why companies care about 10$/month for important things when they spend thousands for superfluous ones. May be I'm too stupid...

  • [Free] Working on replacing ANTLR parser with XML one in GNUstepWeb. BTW here is a portal on XML.

Thank you TheCorruptor for the cert. and Happy birthday ! :-)
BTW, thanks to other certificators !

29 Aug 2000

  • Transfered some domain names to Gandi. I'd like to known how many domains where transfered from NetSol since there is multiple registrars

  • Worked on Cartier project.

  • Worked on affiliates gestion for some sites. They use PHP and MySQL. I'll finish this tomorow, I hope.

  • There's lot of things to do on GNUstepWeb: make documentation tool and replace the ANTLR HTML parser with an XML parser... Hope I can work on it this week.

28 Aug 2000

    I've finished gnustep-db models yesterday.

    This monday doesn't appear to be a good day. Many stupid things to do...

    • Printed invoices for internet hosting customers.

    • Worked on Cartier project. Installed phpPgAdmin. The Postgresql version is not as perfect as the MySQL version because Postgresql doesn't have encrypted password.

Family day: my father come with his wife. Have to make some house cleaning :-)

  • lunch is finished. Coffee too. I post a reply to rms on GNUstep discussion list about Patents, Legal problems and GNUstep future.

  • Continue working on gsdoc for gnustep-db models...

Late wakeup, once again...

  • 11:00am - Wanadoo seems to have DNS problems and some people syays it's out of order this morning. Infonie is unreachable. Don't care too much, if UUnet works :-)

  • Continue working on GNUstepWeb modifications testing...

  • Call Ecole du Louvre for pending contract.
    May be we can finally solve this. BTW, you can take a look at their web site
    It was designed by Luxyz and hosted by us (Our web site isn't yet done)

  • 12:45 - Modifications works - Commit them.

  • What next: make documentation generating tool for gnustep-db (aka EOF 1) models.
    The goal is to produce .gsdoc files (XML) and modify gsdoc html generator.
    Next next thing to do: same thing for GNUstepWeb HTML templates).
    I hate writing documentations but developing documentation generators is fun

1:30pm: Time to eat. Miamm

  • 2:15pm - Back to gsdcoc and eomodels.
    It' a cool day: I can work without having phone ringing every few minutes !
    Work to see how to improve gsdoc DTD to handle EOModels, EOEntities,..
    Alright, code it now !
    .gsdoc generation works well now !
    Now modify DTD (I'm not an expert and without doc, it's not easy to understand xml syntax for complex cases)
    OK. Now run gsdoc and see if the DTD and the generated .gsdoc works together. Humm, have to make modifications.
    Well, they work together. Now, coding the xml parsing and html generation !

11:00pm - Too tired, I'm stopping, continuing tommorow...

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