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More paper writing. This thing is getting longer and longer...

Also been mucking with Mono. For some reason (I blame Imlib1), I've decided to implement some of the missing Cryptography classes.

My office now has a small music server setup, which is nice. I previously used SFS over my cable modem to access my ogg collection. Now I just need to setup rsync to keep the collection in sync, as well as getting Samba to behave (it's name munging leaves a lot to be desired...my r.e.m. directory is empty, even though I have ~400ish megs in it!). Suggestions are welcome.

Got grubby paws on the freedomserver code. Now if the client would only compile. Guess I'll have to clean that code up (the C++ bits seem to have rotted).

Still working on paper. No motivation to write.

RMAed new motherboard, didn't work. Getting another one shipped with a new power supply. Also been playing Uplink. Addictive game it is, and from an independent! Doubleplusgood!

Should get back to playing Terminus as well. Another excellent game by an independent game house, and it runs under Linux as well.

Makes me think, is Linux, the Red Book, some programming foo, and a wild idea a good basis for independent game programming?

Something to think about...

This is the Macromolecules paper that won't die...

Also got some information about the WinTV-PVR code. Going to scrap the current hack driver that I have and rewrite it cleanly. If anyone has said hardware, let me know, need some people to test it.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Russel King for the help. Because of him...
...this is now possible.

3 Jan 2002 (updated 3 Jan 2002 at 19:22 UTC) »

Still writing paper...

Holidays with just the immediate family. Preferred that to the usual madhouse that is my extended family.

Got some cash for movies (picked up Buckaroo Banzai), and some CDs (more Sloppy Seconds and some Red Elvises).

On the way back home from the airport, the Van 'o Death decided that it was a good time to have a brake line burst. Nothing as much fun as a brake pedal that doesn't work. Had the car towed and repaired, which took forever since it broke right around that New Year's Day thing...

7 Dec 2001 (updated 7 Dec 2001 at 03:17 UTC) »

Gah. Working on a massive paper. Busy. Been mucking with molecular dynamics and bad OpenGL code.

Oh well, things go on.

So, I got a WinTV-PVR card. Seems like the guy working on the kfir driver for the PVR disappeared off the face of the earth. Oh well, took his code, and now I have sound working.

Now, if I can just get the MPEG encoder working.

Also putting slides together for the AIChE National Conference in Reno, NV. I was supposed to be going to IPNS then, but alas, that fell through. So, now I'm going to be the only real warm body in my department during that week. Suckage.

Went to a wedding of my two best friends from college. The whole group was there, and then some. I lovehate weddings like those.

For those who care, my life still sucks. Maybe there are some things that I should just learn to accept...

Is it Q, or is it q?

Well, back from my 2 week stint in Chicago. Learned more than I ever wanted to know about magnetic bilayers, neutron sources, and undulators and wigglers.

But the big thing was the people I met. From the students from multiple universities and backgrounds, the beam line scientists and administrators, the contacts made were just cool. Now I just need to remember to email the people I met...and possibily drop by. Especially after going to a White Sox game in the back of a police car...

Now, I need sleep. Tomorrow, I'm taking some time off, and looking at the flood of Debian email I got w.r.t. Imlib1 patches.


I am now getting sick of traveling. I got back from OLS last week. Now I jump on a plane on the 11th for 2 weeks in Chicago. Reason? I'm going to an all-expenses paid trip to go learn advanced scattering techniques at Argonne National Labs. What kick ass is the fact that I'm a student, some gov't agency is picking up my tab.

Cool isn't it? However, I'd like to stay in one place for a little while, so I can get some real work done...but...

Wherever you go, there you are

Recent events (namely, seeing my jerk roomie somehow pick up yet another GF) has caused me to think about what I'm doing to make me so damed lonely. I can count when i had my last real date using a calender, and total dates from college to now on one hand.

It bothered me as to what I was doing wrong. Then it came to me. I've stopped moving.

See, when I was in my undergrad engineering program, I decided to co-op (BTW, people entering college who are faced with this option...DO IT. It'll teach you a lot more than a classroom ever will) so I can pay my bills. I snagged a job with then Union Carbide (now Dow) in West Virginia. So, every other semester + summers, I was either in West Lafayette, Indianpolis, or some site in West Virginia. My work sessions were on the order of 4 months, so I was constantly living out of boxes and moving about

It was only when I entered grad school that things started settling...and I noticed what was missing. I've now been in the same area for almost 3 years now, and I miss my constant upheaval. I've grown so used to change that I cannot deal with, well, being settled. And I so want t o be settled in, focused on my research. But like a vampire without his native soil, I feel uneasy and foreign.

Did I sell part of my youth short? Did I curse myself to the empty life I live now? Have all the little pains in my life been self inflicted instead of some random chance? Did I forget to stop and learn things along the way? Am i too late?

Things to think about, I say...

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