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The crashes menu is now complete and all crash recovery patches have been merged into KDE cvs. Therefore, if you want a short list of recovered crashes from previous sessions in konqueror then just install kdeaddons/konq-plugins/crashes.

Wow, its ages since I last posted a diary entry, well not ages in comparison with some of the others i've seen, but nevertheless a fairly long time in comparison with the lifetime of a fly from an elephants perspective.

I really ought to add some content to my website...

21 May 2002 (updated 21 May 2002 at 09:36 UTC) »

At last got around to submitting my crash recovery patch to kfm-devel and recieved some quite valuable feedback on it, yay for open-source! :)

My website is getting more and more css added to it as I learn the "tricks of the trade". I'm for the moment mainly using the website as a study of google really ;)

BTW, CVS HEAD KEditBookmarks now has crash recovery among other things if you just apply my wonderful patch.

Woohoo, at last got a nice new shiny 40GB drive :)

KEditBookmarks is getting even nicer now, added various requested features over the last few days:

sort with folders first
expand/collapse all folders
lots of bug fixes / cleanups

Currently getting plenty of hits on my Talen vocab trainer page :)

On my way to becoming a true geek I decided to 'emerge nethack' yesterday, and have been playing it feverishly since, very nice game it is, reminds me of Moria on the Amiga

Finished KEditBookmarks completely now, final usability problems have at last been erased.

Shall work on crash recovery during the following few days, decided on integrated it into the bookmark import code, with a small stub section of code in konqueror startup.

My personal website - phear lypanov - is looking better and better, now that the layout is sorted i'll start working on the actual content again :)

At last got around to really having a good go at improving my site layout and design - started using some css, and vastly rewrote the sitemap.

In fact, I shall start to release some of the code for the site, as I guess it will be interesting to someone out there.

Integrated first bit of crash recovery into Konqueror, next is to rewrite the ruby script into qt/c++.

Placed dynator (unfinished KDE app from university) on lypanov.shacknet.nu

During the last few days:

Did first version of my crash recovery patch set for Konqueror, at the moment its in ruby though :)
Cleaned up yet another ROI glitch that has been in KSVG for quite a while now - was a non-ROI bug that showed only when using ROI.

Working on a new PopupInfo patch for kwin.

Attempted to learn Haskell, gave up after 30 mins of not getting a simple calculation to print out from a command line Haskell prog, maybe i'm just stupid, ghc refused to work without me compiling it myself, and doesn't include all dependancies.

Spend some time gathering thoughts on a tick based profiling system for KSVG.

Over the last few days:

Added "All Icons" to icon effect preferences in KControl.

Finished off (excepting wierd bugs) KEditbookmarks multi-selection.

Last night: cleaned-up the actions problems in keditbookmarks and commited to kde HEAD

This morning: Slashdot's story on the Atheos fork was pretty interesting :)

Commited my 6 liner fix for ROI!, very easy in the end but took a LOT of thinking...

Started on a bit of fluxbox coding, but found a few limitations in the class structure that would make my simple feature request ({Next,Prev}Group) quite complex. Well, from what I could see after 30 mins...

Did a bit more on the website - mainly actual php file structure improvements, and completed various code TODO's.

Rounding up the last few bugs in my multi-selection keditbookmarks patch...

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