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Callum mentions that the rate of bug fixing is being equaled by the creation of new bugs. This is not something I worry about much. It drove the Sun people nuts, and the Novell people are showing signs that they too are going to have at least some issues wrapping their heads around it. In free software, the closer you get to release, the more testers you have. And the more testers, the more bugs, period. It's not a controlled number of testers and a controlled number of tests, so the curves just don't look the way they do in proprietary software. Callum, if the number of really nasty showstoppers are going up, get a little nervous. Otherwise, don't sweat it- total numbers of bugs (particularly non-critical) doesn't map to real quality when the number of testers is growing rapidly, which I hope it is now. :)

My day was good- one brief, quick, productive meeting, and the rest of the day actually spent looking at bugs and engineering tasks. Was really nice.

JP's 'too busy to blog' link is pretty impressive. A similar (user-space only) list for the past two weeks in GNOME is pretty cool- over 200 bugs fixed. I'm sure if we added gtk and the libs, the list would hit 300. That's an impressive start on getting 2.6 stabilized.

Since there isn't a mailing list for this yet (that I know of), I'm going to ask a dumb, non-XML-leet question: why is RDF the magic solution for storing this type of data, and not a more 'traditional' SQL DB with schemas in there? Somehow, displaying a feed of my pictures doesn't really float my boat, and that's the image RDF brings to my head.

Had a productive day- had good reviews with most of my team members, did an install of xd-unstable on suse 9, and had a very useful talk with Nat- hopefully I'll feel a little more like I have a grip on things soon.

Got back from snowy NC, and just in time- another wave of icy rain was supposed to hit not long after I left, and apparently we were one of the last flights out before they canceled everything for the second consecutive night. Big thanks to skvidal for putting up with me and Krissa for an extra 24 hours; glad we got out or tomorrow's wave of snow up here might have kept us down there for a long, long time. Looking forward to being in the office again and catching up on the pile of mail and more importantly the pile of untested, un-qa'd packages that Miguel has been diligently building.

Began writing some employee review stuff today so that the day wouldn't be a total waste. Mostly made me realize that I work with great people, and that I have a lot to learn before I'm a terribly proficient manager.

In my continued quest to prove myself travel-unworthy, the Duke women lost the basketball game I came down here for, and I'm now on my third flight to get out of here. Hopefully that at least will succeed.

Further proof I should never be allowed to travel again: I left my basketball tickets in Boston, my toiletries in NYC, and I can't seem to access my voicemail from this foreign cell network. Yargh. Am looking forward to spending a couple of uninterrupted weeks in Boston- it's been some months since I did that, now.

I posted some LWE pics, including one of a cool GNOME banner donated by HP. Clearly it needs a pair of pants in there, though. Sun and Novell clearly need to up the ante by donating CDs and machines...

22 Jan 2004 (updated 22 Jan 2004 at 14:22 UTC) »

I'm here at LWE. It's not been a bad trip- I had wonderful Cuban food last night at Victor's Cafe, and talking to Real People(tm) about the usability and design message is really good- when you explain what GNOME's philosophy is on usability, they really perk up and seem to get it. But I have to stop this traveling- it's tiring me out[0], and it's not good for my team or for my responsibilities with GNOME. Or Krissa, who is about ready to tell me not to come back next time, I think...

I did get to show off the new evo integration with Ross's blog applet and the calendar applet a bit, which was cool, and I saw Eli from the bugsquad and met Jef Spaleta of Fedora, who is hoping to do bugsquad-like work with Fedora. And I saw Patrick Patterson, Jim Gettys, and Havoc. Nice to match names and faces again- I look forward to GUADEC this year.

As far as the rest of the conference, it's pretty standard big-business-linux fare, I think. IBM and Sun have pretty huge booths, and Novell and SUSE have big presence. Red Hat is actually giving away a Porsche Boxster which currently has a large Fedora Wearing Guy(tm) on the hood. Hope it actually goes to one of the Fedora guys. ;) GNOME's booth is pretty nice- HP donated some really sweet banners that I'll post a picture of later. We're still failing on the marketing front, though- KDE won 'best desktop' from the show organizers. We need to have a really good live CD to distribute at these things[1], and we need to have better marketing materials. Jeff has been putting some time into this lately, but we need more help. It's a great way for non-coders to get involved. Aaron has also done some awesome stuff lately- the why gnome page needs to mention the community more, but otherwise, it's really good. Others need to help the two of them out- the list for it is here.

Anyway, show is about to start- I probably have to turn this station into something other than a blogging demo. :)

[0] With luck, my sore throat will deteriorate so quickly that I won't be able to man the booth this afternoon. :)
[1] I keep wanting to try GNOPPIX, but not having a CD burner keeps getting in my way on that one. Great to see from their web page that they are still actively developing it, though.

And yes, I filed a bug about gnome-blog allowing me to post an empty blog entry :)

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