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James Boyle, of the law school at my fine Alma Mater, had a fun Financial Times article on the iPod/Real thing last week. My favorite line:

If I want to use Real's service to download music to my own device, where's the breaking and entering?... So leaving aside the legal claim for a moment, where is the ethical foul? Apple was saying (and apparently believed) that Real had broken into something different from my iPod or your iPod. They had broken into the idea of an iPod. (I imagine a small, Platonic white rectangle, presumably imbued with the spirit of Steve Jobs.)
Good summary of really the whole API/interop problem for non-techies- it's the same thing MS wants to do with patenting the Office file format stuff, and very similar to the CD-DRM problem, so it's a lot more important than 'just' Real v. Apple.

The ever-brilliant Ben Hyde has a brief discussion of one community's attempts to avoid DOS-by-newbie. Interesting. I doubt we could do a FAQ trial-by-fire, but still interesting to ponder the problem. (Not that we've been DOS'd by newbies lately, but I can see parallels in the volume of in/outflux in bugzilla.) Ben also has a link to an attempt to standardize CalDAV, which is roughly like what it sounds like- iCal+WebDAV. Hopefully that spreads- open-standard calendaring would be cool.

As some of you may know, I'm a sportsaholic; I'll watch virtually any athletic competition that has reasonably objective rules. For obvious reasons, this has been a good weekend for that- Krissa and I ended up watching nearly 15 TV-hours of sports yesterday (with long pauses for dinner and such, then skipping through ads with replayTV, so 'only' probably 12 or so hours in front of the TV). And something similar today. I know this makes me a terrible, terrible couch potato, but... it has been fun- lots of volleyball (both types and sexes), men's gymnastics, soccer, basketball (Argentina v. Serbia/Montenegro was great!), handball, sailing (worst commentators), rowing, and lots of swimming. Fun, fun, fun.

Aside from that, while watching, I snuck in a productive weekend- have ripped a zillion more CDs, done laundry, lots of dishes, and even snuck in some bugzilla cleanup. And I'm rebuilding HEAD gnome and other toys; generally looks solid, though the mime changes make me nervous- they look fine here, I just hope they are getting testing- anything that big and that important obviously has to Just Work. The new printing bits look nice, and I'm hoping this time I can actually get Vino to work. We'll see, I guess :)

After Robert posted that unflattering image, I'd like to link to a much sexier picture of myself. Thanks, phlog, for helping out at the LWE booth and posting the pic.

Just gave Garrett my old stereo and old VA Research box, clearing out a lot of floor space and helping Julia find a job here in Boston. Nice to see so much new space on the floor- hopefully I'll get more when I finish ripping and can hide the CDs and server tower in a closet, exposing only the speakers. A few months into the experiment, VNC + XFCE + muine have proven a very lightweight, easy-for-Krissa interface for all of that- as long as the box stays up, it is a really nice solution.

Good to see that someone read my spelling post ;) For what it is worth, I mostly agree with Federico- compared to English grammar, English spelling is not much of a problem for English-as-second-language people I know.

Sigh. I had this idea ages ago. Should have tried to patent it then. :) Apple will again get credit for taking a basically obvious idea and then implementing it very, very well (which admittedly I was not prepared to do- would have been easy enough to do once Windows started selling their incredibly expensive tablet PCs :)

I'm fascinated by change in large groups which are deeply committed to something or another, and spelling changes in a large language are a pretty great example of that. Apparently such a thing is happening in Germany, with mixed reactions. Interesting read.

(Link from the almost-always-interesting Crooked Timber, which also has some interesting commentary on the article.)

I just got spam from newoemsoft.biz for ... linux software. Truly, we have arrived.

Elijah: awesome.

The cult of Lebowski has gone mainstream enough to be written up in the NYT. I eagerly await insightful commentary on this from Dave.

In 48 hours of furious reading on the plane and in the park, I read The Confusion, which I enjoyed a lot more than Quicksilver. I'm seriously considering re-reading War and Peace now- I don't think I was really equipped to do it when I first read it, and I gave it up about 100 pages from the end. And just breezing through the (admittedly much lighter) Confusion has given me the hubris to think maybe I could tackle something that long and complex again.

Also saw the original Manchurian Candidate with Krissa last night; that was fun to see again. The new one is getting good reviews, but I have to agree with Angela Lansbury- it was so good the first time, why do it again?

Davyd: you might want to look at this if you want to go through those patches against gnome-applets. There are by that count 37 unreviewed patches against gnome-applets, which is pretty bad, I agree. I wouldn't write it off to elitism, though; it's just that gnome-applets has been undermaintained for a while and bugzilla can be a hairy place to wade through for patches. Hope people have not forgotten about the patch-status and patch-report cgis I wrote up- hopefully that will make cutting into the patch backlog easier.

Mr. Yum: if you want gnome-blog+spell checking, try Monkey Journal. It's all about the code reuse. :)

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