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Good grief. Sourceforge tells me that downloads of SaVi have hit an all-time high (96.196% activity percentile last week, as opposed to 0.0% or <10%, whatever that means, since I've no idea what the distribution is - Zipf?), and I still haven't had to read any email about problems with the thing.

The increase in downloads could be down to the new introductory screenshot (showing Globalstar running under Geomview) on the webpages perhaps looking slightly more eye-candyish than the old introductory screenshot (showing Molnya running standalone). Or the increase could be down to me mentioning SaVi in these diary entries. Or it's due to creating a direct download link when updating pages for the new release. Or even Sourceforge improving their stats and graphing. (Still five significant figures? Hmmm.) I'd always wondered about some of those 0.0%. Hang on, if I don't believe the figures when they're low, why should I start believing them just because they're now high? And isn't talking about downloads and counters so 1995ish?

The lack of mail? Either it's working fine for everyone, or it's not working at all. Either way, since it's fully-disclaimed free software, I shouldn't be worrying about it. I just find it odd that I'm worrying about the fact that I shouldn't be worrying about it. And I find it odd that I find it odd. That worries me.

I must learn to let go; everyone else did.

Made yet another SaVi release, having decided that the release I'd released wasn't up to the standards that a release should be.

Not that anyone will notice. That's released code pretty much caught up with development; I can't see myself doing any more work on SaVi to satisfy the feature requests of its userbase this year, seeing how its userbase these days consists of me.

Impulsively did some more work improving SaVi while offline, using an ad-hoc local CVS tree I set up in a hurry.

Resulting SaVi screenshots look pretty, but now I have to figure out how best to merge that local CVS tree back into the master SaVi Sourceforge tree.

Of course, my local cvs tree has overwritten all tags, so I can't simply commit. CVS convenience comes with a concomitant cost. Aiiiieeeeee!

I'm still hacking, on-and-off, on SaVi as time permits.

Even though, as far as I can tell, no-one else on the planet is currently using it enough to find things worth complaining to me about that I could try and fix. Or at least, things that aren't already listed as being known about in the copious bugs/wishlist textfile included in the tarball.

And even though, at this point, there can be no possible future value to me in ever adding further value to SaVi. It's not as if I'll ever use it in the day jo^H^Hcareer, after all.

Frankly, I'd have expected my behaviour to be more rational by now.

I suspect that Advogato could, eventually, turn out to be the first true weblog software for a focused community.

'Recent diary entries' is, after all, simply a very fast way to read a number of aggregated weblogs without all of that tedious clicking that takes you nowhere much. But without frilly themes and customization, Advogato will never be for the masses.

The trust metric stuff might be a red herring; I can't say that I don't trust e.g. this guy; it would not be possible to explicitly distance him from myself in a graph we were both connected to.

I don't think trust is transitive, commutative, or associative.

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Created Advogato account. Looked around. Edited entry.

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