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14 Aug 2003 (updated 14 Aug 2003 at 06:26 UTC) »

Red Letter Day.

For a short time today I actually had my scanner, photo printer, laser printer and Wacom tablet all working at the same time. Eight years of wishing seems to have finially paid off. Wow.

Of course I tempted fate by bragging and soon after the gimp finally gave up and stopped recognizing that I was using the tablet when over the toolbox area which makes it a real pain to change tools, colors, brushes etc. Oh well, it was magical while it lasted.

While things were working I "inked" the sketch of Ettore . It was fun using the gimp again but fairly depressing to see that functionaly it is still pretty much the same as it has been since 2000. The UI is greatly improved but there is still no autosave, adjustment layers or line art helpers. Obviously I'm biased toward certain features but any one of those would have made me happy.

One of the things I keep coming across when trying to color the line art is that the fill tool is a constant source of frustration. The bordering effects you get when trying to fill solid areas require far to much manual cleanup. As a workaround I added an old hack back into my tree that simply grows the fill selection by two pixels before it colors it, but that is obviously less than ideal in the long run. Passing a grow radius to the fill function would be nice but it already has something like 13 arguments and I just didn't have the heart to do it.

I'm sure someone has come up with a good algorithm for bucket filling line art that avoids the fringing but a quick search on google didn't turn up anything. If I can come up with some more time I may try to do a more exhaustive search.

12 Aug 2003 (updated 12 Aug 2003 at 19:20 UTC) »

Back in Austin.

It's fun to to see the Evolution hackers getting excited and making good progress on 2.0. Ettore has finally gotten the 2.0 schedule in reasonable shape. The schedule combined with the reality of actually getting to write new code seems to have given everyone a little boost of motivation.

I went ahead and scanned some of the quick sketches that I did while in Boston. Sketching directly in pen can be challenging for me because I end up having to live with any errors in line or proportion. I'm fairly happy with the results but I can still see a huge amount of room for improvement.

The actual act of scanning is still a lot more painful than it should be. Every time I use xsane I'm reminded by how much of a pain it was to do image drawing back in the gtk-1.x days.

8 Aug 2003 (updated 8 Aug 2003 at 16:05 UTC) »

Good day yesterday.

It started with a morning conference call where Ettore and I talked to Radek about future plans regarding evolution and gtkhtml. Durring the call I drew a quick sketch of Ettore and the conference pnone (I didn' want to leave Radek out). I'm still enjoying drawing regularly and the quality of my work seems to be improving as a result.

As far as evolution goes I'm I'm feeling pretty good about the current schedule. We are aiming pretty high with this release but I think we can do it. Ettore is getting closer to announcing the plans, hopefully everyone will be excited. The parser refactoring is still progressing well, I think the next step is to rework the attribute code.

I went to dinner with Duncan, Miguel and most of the Evolution hackers that are in town. Several of us went out for drinks afterward and for the record a "Wet Passion" is indeed wet but not very passionate.

5 Aug 2003 (updated 5 Aug 2003 at 20:41 UTC) »

Strange Days.

Sat down with Ettore today and tried to discuss medium to long term hacking plans. Not sure how I feel about the results. I guess only time will tell.

The gtkhtml refactoring is coming along pretty well. I removed some of the oldest most painful code last week. The parser should be a lot easier to work on now. Next I need to go in and clean up a few of the special cases that still rely on the old logic. It feels good to finally be addressing some of the really old problems but it also feels too late. I guess I'll keep working on it as long as it is fun.

So it seems I actually got better.

So it seems I am actually sick.

Ouch, my throat hurts. I hope I'm not actually sick. This week has been long and tiring with almost no hacking. I did manage to get the second room set up as a passable office after a couple of trips to ikea in houston to go buy furniture. The house is now starting to look like some sort of bizarre ikea add.

The last trip to ikea turned interesting when the tire on the minivan completely lost its tread. The minivan was carrying the bluk of the furniture for two households and I was doing about 85mph at the time. It was a loud and shaking experience, but the tire stayed inflated despite losing much of its self and the car stayed under control as I pulled off the highway. I put on the temporary spare and we went and found a hotel. It was already late and the propect of finding another tire that night and driving the 2 hours back to Austin with a 9 month old baby in the other car was to much to handle.

It is impressive how much damage a tire tread falling off can do to the wheel well and surrouding bits of a car. It looks like the spining bits of tire managed to break the turn signal and brake light on the opposite side of the back end, as well as kill the antilock breaks. What fun. The neatest looking damage was the piece of metal that used to hold the bottom of the bumper and wheel well cover that is now folded and beaten into a polished archway that sort of wraps around the severed tail light wires.

Ettore, Radek and Jonas have been hacking on gtkhtml. It is quickly approaching a correct and usable state. Very cool. A couple of new rendering problems have creeped in as the old ones got fixed, but I don't think they should be too bad to take care of. I think I'll look at table printing right now though.

Wow, back in austin and still busy as always. Spent some time making pretty pictures for various things. I need to get back to gtkhtml and fix a couple of outstanding layout issues that will make editing go much more smoothly.

I've started to accumulate hacks for the path export code in the gimp. The latest writes out an eps based on the current path. I used this and epstopdf to make a path tigert could use and edit in freehand. At some point I need to clean this and the svg export hack up and actually make gimp paths a little more useful.

Speaking of paths, the gimp really needs to ditch the current code and use libart.

More gtkhtml polishing. Found most of the remaing bugs in the table code, but I haven't decided how to fix them. I also hacked in a bit of code to kill preceding whitespace a the start of lines in the text slave which I'll commit soon.

The next big thing to attack is the fact that currently we break the flow whenever we change any text characteristics so that we choose linebreaks in places we really don't want them.

Kristy sent snacks from Austin just to be sweet. I'm a very lucky boy.

Sleeping at the office is not as much fun as it might sound at first.

Still looking over the gtkhtml clue flow code, it is not simple to see what is going wrong with the layout. Hopefully I'll find it tonight. Ettore seems to be making good progress on editing.

I need to get more sleep, I've been pushing it too hard for over a month and a half between leaving Adhesive and starting at Helix Code. If I don't rest soon I'll be completely incapable of anything.

gtkhtml's table code is evil

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