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some useful links for windows cvs-over-ssh that are cygwin free.

Working on setting up new tinderbox machines and am running into one niggling issue after another.

Got Tor's configuration of a Mozilla Planet running, so there can be yet another blog feed.

Also deviously devising plans for moving away from cvs. So far, subversion and GNU Arch are in the discussions.

It's official. I've resigned from AOL Time Warner, and have accepted a buildmonkey job with the Foundation.

Thanks to incredible efforts from people other than me, mozilla.org is maintaining services post-AOL.

I'm doing small things here and there:

  • CD Mastering
  • build tinkering
  • random fretting about the servers

I still have to merge release builds into the tinderbox scripts, but i made some progress on that by simplifying installer creation in the build system. More make, less Perl.

CCK is now free. It doesn't build, but it's free. It's been free for a while, but now there are some docs and the license has been made sane.

I should probably spend some of my sabbatical hacking on it, getting it to work on something other than windows, for instance. Might be tough amid the personal things i have planned, and it's unlikely that the wife will be interested in me sitting at my desk when i could be camping with her.

A volunteer has arrived to (maybe) offload the server migration tasks i had scheduled, praise be.

Finally, an OSX Firebird 0.6.1 candidate. And those pesky mac tinderboxen are working again.

Back to real work.

(yeah, both of those links will be dead in six months, but that's ok)

What the hell?

Why do apple-published developer-tools updates "chmod g+w /"?

I mean, maybe most people aren't using sendmail, but even if they aren't root's permissions shouldn't be messed with.

I wonder if the package is just an archive that gets unpacked over the top of everything else, preserving package-permissions.

Have i gotten anything done yet that has to do with the tasks i posted yesterday?

No, of course not.


  1. Flaming Camino tinderbox. Installing new toolsets.
  2. lacking a firebird 0.6.1 build for OSX.
  3. broken nightly mozilla builds, courtesy spellchecker installer changes.
  4. more sshd screwing around
  5. meeting to discuss hosting mozilla.org at the community colocation project. The other contender is meer.net. I think the Mozilla Foundation Board will have to meet to decide.

Add to this that none of my mail clients (mozilla-seamonkey, thunderbird) are recognizing my SMTP server preference, and instead are using localhost (which anal mail filters will reject as being a spoofed address, since my NAT doesn't allow reverse lookups). Lovely.

Ok, let's get serious. This journal should have been reserved for work fun, not chiropractic status.

What is leaf working on that might have any relevance to OSS:

  • combining release building into tinderbox
  • setting up bittorrent style downloads for mozilla binaries to save on our soon-to-be-limited bandwidth, in case we can't find anyone to mirror us.
  • trying to fix ssh non-interactive, identity based logins to make it easier to automate pushing talkback symbols for mozilla release builds

And what did i actually get done today? Not much. lxr no longer tries to pass search items starting with "-" as options to glimpse, so that's good. People should have an easier time searching for |->Foo| now (ok, they still have to escape >, so sue me). I started some scripts to track our per-second tcp usage on our biggest bandwidth hogs, and re-started builds after noticing that one of brendan's changes had fudged up the tree.

I also realized i have four days to finish the three tasks above and get bonsai, tinderbox and lxr moved to the new servers. Oh, and sanitize/publish a project that is escaping into Open-Source land.

Indeed, my chiropractor worked miracles. Unfortunately, it means i've slept way more than i should have since my last entry.

Answered lots of emails about ``why is zip required for the windows mozilla build now?'' and ``shouldn't there have been mail sent about this?''... to which i answered, ``jar packaging of the chrome'' and ``yeah, sorry.''

Next time a netscape "principle engineer" has a carpool scheduled, i'm going to have my dartgun ready.

Today, i visited my miracle working chiropractor... and will have, i hope, the first night of non-one-hour interval sleep in three days.

I came up with a fix for the ``remove core directories in the source tree when clobbering''... unfortunately, it led me to discover a dist directory in the source, as a side effect of my patch neglecting to remove the generated dist directory. So... do i enforce dist as a reserved word in the mozilla tree? or do i spend more time to remove only the toplevel-generated dist directory? shaver doesn't seem to like reserved words (he didn't like core as a reserved word, for instance)... and damnit, i've always been shaver's bitch.

Also, jst and vidur landed their huge dom string api changes. Whee fun. Luckily we got the landing started early, and they did pretty good due diligence... we'll find out tomorrow for real if there's more to shake out of their landing.

Looked at housing with Lisa today... middle of nowhere. Looked pretty nice after the day's spinning of bits.

I still haven't figured out what made the mac automation misfire... regxpcom is the culprit, but it hasn't acted up since.

Gave brief talk about ``Contributing to Mozilla'' at the second mozilla developer's day (http://www.alphanumerica.com/events/mozilla-meeting-2.0/).

Luckily, scc arrived as i was running out of things to say (how many different ways can i say ``write code, test code, discuss design''?), and gave us all a lesson about C++, and clarified his role as developer relations person (along with blizzard, shaver, and brendan).

170 people showed up. We're starting to have momentum. I am pleased.

And now, it's off to find housing (something i must do in the next week).

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