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I submitted a paper, and should be speaking at Rubi-con in April on secure web app design. Those rubi-con people are a crazy bunch.

NOLA is looking good. I finished some payroll PDF stuff today, and apart from some last minute GL changes that need made to the payroll check void stuff, we're all done. I'd like to tag and roll tomorrow.

Beth is feeling better. She had yesterday off, and may take this Saturday off as well. I'd like to do something special with her, but my lack of ingenuity for all things non-computer prohibits me.

Not much new going on. NOLA is still scheduled for a Sept 10th release. The payroll might only be about beta quality on release, but everything else seems solid. The windows and unix installation software will be made available then as well. It's unfortunately configured very statically for our purposes, but hopefully someone can make it a little more universal. The windows install is Installshield based, asks about 4 questions and installs and configures NOLA, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The unix install is a shell script that asks the install path and compiles and configures everything.

Time Warner finally fixed my circuit. I can't believe such a large organization has so few people with clue. Not only was my assigned static IP not being routed, but I had to console into the provided cisco router to find out what ip it was even supposed to be. Not a single person there could give it to me. Among my many helps calls with them was a "router tech", who told me that my subnet was, and my router address ended in .32 (which has to be a network address with that subnet), a different customer had .33 (yeah, thru my router?!), my static ip was .34 (it wasn't, but this was at least possible), and my broadcast was .35. Really, my router was .37 and my static was .38. I realyl haven't had many other bad experiences with them, I just hope they don't get the ameritech attitude of 'Because we're the phone company, that's why.'

Beth has been very sick all weekend. I think she is stressed from her work. She hasn't had a day off in something like 28 days, working 60 hour weeks.

w00h00! The accounting app, named NOLA, is scheduled for release under the GPL Sept. 10. We have some last minute fixes and documentation we need to finish up beforehand. It is PHP and MySQL based, (with other database support through the ADODB project. It can be served from linux,bsd's,solaris,winnt/2k, and pretty much anything else that PHP and MySQL will run under. Clients can be anything with a web browser that support javascript and a pdf viewer.
Full inventory, payables, receivables, ledger, and payroll. Initially we'll offer pay support, as well as mailing lists and a bug tracking system, and possibly offer ASP hosting of it before too long. Yay!

Just finished a long shell script for installation of a PHP project, and came to the realization that an automated installation thing for PHP projects would be a good thing. If there still isn't anything available in about a month I'll probably start one. I don't know if autoconf/make is really suited well to do this, or rpm (prob not since most apache/php installs aren't from rpm, so I don't think rpm could easily detect them), or whether something that just built a shell script would be best. I do know that the current standard of each project providing their own (sometimes lacking) INSTALL file isn't as suited for new users as is running rpm -i or make;make install.

My wife plugged an electric iron into a UPS at home. I'm told it made a pitiful sounding beep for about a second, and then the living room got quiet as lots of equipment lost power.

Love is when something like this happens, and your first thoughts are not of the cost of the UPS, or the now reset uptimes of the boxes that lost power. :)

In my quest to convince the Pointy Haired Bosses that open sourcing our new accounting app is a good thing, I came across an inportant discovery. I don't need to estimate the amount of support revenue that the GPL'd product will bring in. For GPL'ing the software to increase revenue, it just needs to bring in more support dollars than you will lose in licensing fees. Given that we've always went after a niche market, this is almost a certainty.

If anyone wants it, here is a great paper by Paul Everitt of Digital Creations (Zope) about why they open-sourced their product. It's a wonderful paper that makes a very strong business case... I'm surprised I hadn't come across it before.

Good news... the commercial web based accounting product I've been working on may get released under the GPL instead. I wish I had some idea of the ratio of downloads/support contracts bought for other open source products. I've got a rough estimate of downloads expected... but converting it to a revenue dollar amount just isn't happening.

This could very well be a killer app... I'm all sorts of excited about the possibility of seeing it go GPL.

14 Aug 2001 (updated 14 Aug 2001 at 18:44 UTC) »

I'm hard at work on a commercial PHP/MySQL accounting project for my day job, so I haven't spent much time developing for CCC in the last few months. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed, either by using the software or by supplying language or db translations.

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