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3 Mar 2003 (updated 3 Mar 2003 at 19:35 UTC) »

I have indeed finally managed to submit my thesis, after a 2-hour LaTeX-macro struggle to add three more words in the proper places, both in the Hebrew and English version. Now that I really see the end (one more week to go. Should I not be studying harder?) I am starting to think about moving my homepage to another server.

I have been making so many plans for the moment of freedom. I wonder whether I would really live up to them. Or would the time just melt into nothing in my hands? mulix says I am a deep sea fish, who lives well under pressure. I guess I will find a lot of other things to put that pressure on me, though I have no idea what they would be.

sun has just finished lecturing in haifux about secure programming.

1 Mar 2003 (updated 3 Mar 2003 at 19:00 UTC) »

We just had our opening night for "Caramba's Revenge"(embarrasing pictures available). Almost everybody remembered almost every line, and the prompt was very quiet. All my family came, as well as Guy and Mirit, and of course dear Muli, whom I have taken for a "behind the scenes" tour later on. Miraculously, I even felt well all along the evening.

Congratulations for making it to the kernel MAINTAINERS, mulix!

I have almost managed to submit my thesis. I will try to cut through that stupid red tape again tomorrow. I never thought I would be so happy to get an automated email saying my user is no longer valid in the library, from nyh's lib-agent.

Happy Birthday, nyh!

I know I cannot expect much from the press in general, and from web press in particular. Hack, some of them even make up their own news. But if they took the trouble of copying pictures from the Haifa English Theatre site, and diminishing their size, why copy the pictures from some sing along, instead of the rehearsal photos?

19 Feb 2003 (updated 19 Feb 2003 at 15:44 UTC) »

Found the root kit and other Trojans page, and got scared. These things are thorough! I even encountered a package which gives credit to the UNIX developers, because thanks to them the author is now able to crack UNIX. (Of course, he calls this hack UNIX).

Gave a lecture at work about compilation, various compilers and arcitechures, and autotools. I thought my point was that autotools would take care of complicated stuff for you, and it is not that hard to take care of them, but I feel I missed the point completely. I am afraid the impression was more of "Oh, it is so complicated, let her do that stuff, we would stay with simple makefiles".

Preparing to serve my thesis next week. Proof reading it. I can see now how boring reading your own stuff all over might be. I almost forgot since the last time I submitted a 100-page-long report in LaTeX. I am using Tzafrir's package ivritex with the iithes.cls class, which is designed for Technion thesises. Otherwise, doing the Hebrew parts on Linux would have been mre than a headache for me- I would have given up.

Next week is the last rehearsal week for Caramba's Revenge. One more week, then a week of performances, then taking the Graduation exam, and it will all be over. I could have been a free man then, had I not been a woman.

mulix and me have just finished seeing Band of Brothers. The person at the DVD store said we were the only crazy people taking it, and wanted to know if the good guys win. Humpff.

Wrote a new story (Hebrew), called Madam Ohana. A few more Hspell words.

5 Feb 2003 (updated 5 Feb 2003 at 17:11 UTC) »

I have finally started writing the pref2c from scratch. Its purpose is not to make your old f77 code compile cleanly in C, (unlike f2c), but rather allow the programmer to begin at a better point than writing from scratch, while still not imposing any structural decisions which are native to f77. Afer all, if we are to stay with global memory, why move to C to begin with?

On Saturday I traded mulix: I wrote syscalltrack a script, while he set up Hebrew on his computers. This completed my Hebrew saga, which began while trying to make my thesis have a Hebrew index, using ivritex. It turns out that Culmus have rather nice fonts, though I did not manage to find where they were installed.

This week started with a very nice surprize: I got snail mail from Lozan. A researcher, whose work I was very interested in reading, but could not get a hold of, sent me a hardcopy. A lot of good reading to do!

On Monday we had a haifux lecture about emacs. Later on we went to our favorate restaurant. Favorate means, first of all, that it is smoke free. Much to my disappointment, the barmen was smoking as well as several of the customers. They did not object too much to putting the pollution off, but still coming home smelling of smoke is not my favorate pasttime.

23 Jan 2003 (updated 23 Jan 2003 at 20:11 UTC) »
bram, maybe you will be interested in TARK which is still in the "call for papaers" stage, and deals, among other things, with computers and game theory.

I am tired, and it shows. I spent half a day today trying to compose an html page in Hebrew that would be readable in reasonable browsers, while having a Linux machine without internet nor Hebrew nor any decent browser on it, and an other-OS machine with IE.

Rehearsal jokes become as funny to us as prep-math course jokes when I started Uni, or alternatively army jokes in the first days. I bet no one on earth would understand why we all laughed when the prompt, who was standing for an absent actress, actually said her line correctly.

17 Jan 2003 (updated 17 Jan 2003 at 23:50 UTC) »
Rehearsal pictures

Pictures from the anti-rehearsal for the play "Caramba's Revenge", in the Haifa English Theatre, where I will perform as Ronnie.

Thesis Lecture

My thesis lecture went fine. kilmo, mulix and Oleg came to show moral support, and maybe even listen to know what the noise was about. Now I need some steam to finish that thing, and on to the next project- renting a flat and moving.

12 Jan 2003 (updated 20 Jan 2003 at 07:02 UTC) »
Moshe Bar claims he has a Phd, but avoids directing me to his thesis!

What do YOU think?

Last Wednesday, just before his lecture, I told Moshe Bar that I have searched the web for any peer reviewed article of his, but in vain. No article nor thesis were to be found. I asked him where he had done his Masters and PhD. He told me he had them in Tokyo and Milano, respectively, and promised that if I e-mailed him, he would send me copies of his thesiss.

I did email him:

Hi Moshe,
 I am the one who talked to you yesterday, regarding your academic
 work. You said that I should e-mail you, and then you would send me your
 Masters and PhD thesiss. Also, if you could name the institutions in
 Milano and Tokyo, it would be nice, as I found out that there are 
 honorable institutions in Milano.

But I got no link in reply. Instead, I got a question:

*This message was transferred with a trial version of CommuniGate(tm) Pro*
Are you writing my biography or what?


And then, nothing but silence, though I replied once:

No, I was just interested. As it happens, I have already heard you lecture 
on three different occasions (yesterday, and in two IGLU events),
and wanted to read more of your academic work.
And twice:
I guess I forgot to mention that I am an MSc student at the Technion,
and that my thesis is about cluster scheduling. As my bibliography includes
references to MOSIX, Linux, Condor, REXEC, Libra and even bash,
I was interested in your academic work.

Maybe I should not wonder, why he claimed on his lecture, that pvm, mpi, linda and the likes of them, are only used for code ran once and then discarded. I, at least, would never bother to make any code parallel using one of those special libraries, had I intended to discard it.


This is the day of the demolinux. Last week, Eli Billauer gave me a demolinux disk, which I did not know what to do with. "Keep it", he said. I could not think of anyone who would like Linux ran out of a CD, instead of from the HD.

This afternoon, it finally hit me: My father does not allow me to install Linux for my sster in a dual boot, nor to give her a computer with Linux installed on it. I can give her the demolinux CD, and she will be able to play with it at home, instead of via putty on my ADSL-connected computer, which will not give her X.

When I got to my parents, I found out that their other OS has crushed and will not go up. How lucky it was that I had an operating system on a CDROM! And what a magical operating system it was, that enabled me to access the partitions of other OSs, and let my sister back-up her stuff!

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