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Spending time hacking on some other things. Wrote a simple gnome-vfs module, a recent-files:/// module, for snorp. Still need to finish it and put it in CVS. Other than that, I started working on a LDAP backend for GConf, after some ldif design action with jdub. I hope I will get the backend working, it would be a cool backend (:.

After I finished that, I should really get back to work on TreeView. Need to fix a bunch of bugs for gtk+ 2.2.1. And after that I should hack on cool 2.4.x features, yay (:.

A long list. And I should also pass this year of uni. And I have my own little projects. And other things. Hrm, am pretty busy (:.

Oh, and I think I want an ipod. But they are so incredibly expensive. Does anybody know if apple is going to do a price drop soonish? (:

Noticed I finished each sentence with a smiley. Scary.

So GTK+ 2.2.0 got released on Monday (though you could get the tarballs already on Friday :), I am glad we finally got around releasing it. The original plan was to release 2.2.0 about 2 months after 2.0.0, but we didn't quite make that deadline (:. Though, if I had even more time for 2.2.0, I would have been able to fix some more bugs. But you really have to draw the line somewhere of course.

I think University is going alright, though it is incredibly busy. I have been totally swamped with stuff to do, and I am glad I can take this entire week off and do nothing :P. So I am spending the week hacking (yay) on random things.

As for GTK+, I will spend the next weeks fixing TreeView bugs in 2.2.x, and after that working on TreeView features and my new widget for 2.4.x. I hope we will have enough time to add nice and useful features to 2.4.x. I am sure GTK+ 2.4.x will totally rock :).

And to end with, merry Christmas and, because I am sure I will forget to post another entry before the end of this year, a happy new year to all of you.

Hrm, didn't update for a while. Maybe I should start trying to keep up with it again (seeing my last attempt at it failed). Not that I have anything special to tell though.

Anyway, I started attending university in September, which is keeping me pretty busy. Which means that I have less and less time to hack on GTK+ and some other things. So things on my TODO list are stacking up, but progress is pretty slow. Currently I'm busy finishing GtkTreeView stuff for GTK+2.2. Just found out that scrolling is broken yet again, which sucks (scrolling bugs are *annoying*).

Although it's pretty busy, I'm enjoying university. I think it's all going well and I hope I can get through this year without too much trouble. And I'm really looking forward to the break around Christmas, I can use a break. Not sure yet if I'll hack on GTK+ during that period, I may need a break from that too :). Though I have some 2.4 things which I still have to finish. I'll see what happens.

gman encouraged me to post a diary entry again. So here it is. It has been a while since I posted a diary entry, but not much happened (:. One of the things which happened was my "official" graduation, got a piece of paper stating that I finished school, etc. Other than that I managed to get myself enrolled at the university. Not that that is difficult, but I *really* hate filling in forms :). I really look forward to going to university, the last year at school the school-part was boring. The socializing-part was really cool though. For some weird reason I already feel at home at the faculty at the uni, so that's a cool start I think. The people are also really nice there.

So actually my uber-long summer holiday has been pretty much the same. Hacking. Not much social contacts with friends ... Which sucks. I hope to pick it up again now everybody is back from holiday and stuff. I am really going to try to make my life less boring :D.


So jorn told me that SomaFM stopped broadcasting today. Killed by the RIAA. SomaFM had cool and special webcasts like BeatBlender and GrooveSalad. Internet Radio is dying at the moment and the RIAA also managed to destroy AudioGalaxy. By listening to broadcasts such as SomaFM and by downloading music and listening to it, I learned about new and cool music. Which I would actually buy if I liked it. And I sure bought a lot of CDs after hearing some of it via the Internet. And I'm pretty sure a lot of other people also did this (in fact, there was a study saying that users of file sharing networks started buying more CDs, see this page).

Wooohooo. I graduated today. I'm like very happy. Looks like I need to update my notes here someday now :).

Am also working now. I'm allowed to decide myself when I go to work. So that's pretty relaxed. (so I never managed to arrive before 10am yet :).

So I finished my finals a while ago. Eventually I passed too.

Cool thing is that I can hack without having to worry about school till September. I'll prolly spend the time working, hacking on GTK+ and hacking on some personal stuff.

Actually, my diary is pretty boring (:.

Lots of learning the last few days. My finals start tomorrow. I hope everything will go well.

I'm looking forward to the parties and the free time (time to hack!! :) afterwards. And of course leaving school and going to university.

About yesterdays Pim Fortuyn shooting.

I think berend is sort of misinformed. Please read thomasvs' response for more accurate facts.

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