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Crappy day. First, it appeared that a chemisty test is happening. Didn't know of that one. Next a math test appeared, didn't know of that either. Halfway during test i left for last day in my present company.


Everyone realises that we're trough. I already work on new project, so no worries for me. Only 6 of 13 will be paid today. This of course includes me, but it still sucks. Those six will (i think so) work on future projects in an offspring company with sane management. I still know much more than my colleagues, and thus i have temptation to tell, but i must resist, or I will loose friends. Sucks.


I am going today to Andris' namesday. Most likley i will meet lot's of powerful people. Or i will meet lot's of freaks. Either one is good. He whined about his condom-like black head-cover has worn out. I'll buy him a new one as a present.

Saturday's life

Got early today, i wanted to go to swordfighting lesson, but it happened before i woke up. Bad luck here :) . Went to work, played games, browsed web for news servers. INNd is one scary niggah (hint, google for tokyo breakfast dsl asf). Had a chat with Atif today over IRC. Didn't realize he is so spoiled :). I burned a CD with The coroners toolkit and honeypot challenge . Now i'm off to some chicken eating and deep night mediation. Have fun, children.

23 Nov 2001 (updated 23 Nov 2001 at 21:03 UTC) »


Nothing very special. It's friday, gray weather, everyone sleeping. I was rather sleepy, because i had only 6 hour sleep and the Rammstein concert was great!

Work Remember i told you about Andris? Well because of that i will not suffer grate consequences of the company closing. Instead, i will have lot's of new options. Wednesday I, f.e. will most likeley mess around with intel 1100 servers :) Anyhow, he offers me new horizons. And i will take it.

22 Nov 2001 (updated 23 Nov 2001 at 13:56 UTC) »

school So, i'm writng from school. The puters suck, but they got 'net :) Anyhow, it's real winter here. I missed the first lesson by 27 min's because of the snow and ice and traffic. Maybe you didn't know , i'm in "School's pupil council". Not much of honor, just makes you feel a bit more important. I'm often fighting with my classmate and president Edgars. I think he beats around the bush too mucn, he calls it being polite and diplomatic. You can be all of the above and still talk short and about the issue.

Anyhow, the SPC(short for the school's pupil council) got a class, small but ours, for our and only our usage.I cleaned it up today, washed. With some help arranged that we get doorlock fixed. There are no chairs, but i will arrange that as well.

It' still unclear what SPC has to do. We decided that it would be information and organization of various events. Man, i hate democracy at times. Half of the SPC ( we are about 7+the newcomers, not shure what to do with them) at times fails to think logically; and if they like the easiest way, they'll do it, instead of the hard and maybe proper way. FUCK i hate it.

Today's sidenote: About my attitude

See, i'm at times very straight and people find it uncomfortable. F.E. i can tell a girl, that she better looked with the other makeup or that lilac lipstick she used today (remind me to explain it once). Theoretically, this is the last thing to say to a female friend (not SO, just a friend), but that's me. Thus, people often think of me as "the bad, tall guy, who always proves that i'm wrong". I hope you get it. I'm not very good explaining feelings/tought on-the-fly. I can do it after rethinking and redigesting.

To be continued later in the evening (it was about 14:00 at the moment of writing


While walking from school to work, i had a talk with my classmate Edgars. I told him about things that people usually disbelieve. Won't mention them here, net is full of it. Anyhow, his viewpoint of the world just crashed. It happens :) In 3 hours a Rammstein concert will start, so i will soon be offline. It so happened, that i will go there for $4 altrough the ticket costs $20. I have to do some manual labour and point-and-click for a while. Hate it.

even a bit more...

grok signed up today after i showed him my diary. Advogato has two more users :) He's a really cool dude, perhaps one of few sane *.pl users out there. I rated him journeyor, because he can code above average. I think this is what the rating is about. I mailed webmaster@advogato.com with a 404 for http://www.advogato.org/html.html , still no reponse. I hope he's not on holiday :)

21 Nov 2001 (updated 21 Nov 2001 at 21:09 UTC) »

Entry one

Found MartBrooks's diary here, wanted to have one as well. A friend of mine, perhaps biggest fucker there is, said that our company will be closed next week. Cool! Actually not, or maybe yes. See, i have expirience with ISPMan a ISP management panel and backed, while i worked (presently am) in InterBaltika. The guy, Atif, who is a nice chap and kind of friend of mine, made this software. And the ,biggest fucker aka Andris, also my good friend, happened to be a manager (actually he runs that) on a project for a local telecom's ISP part, Apollo. So this project involves building a DNS/WWW/MAIL/NEWS/something else, can't remember now. System. So most likley i will participate in that, at least in test lab building.

A little sidenot to those who don't know. I am 16 years old, and i go to school. So even with my m4d sk1llz in *nix, i can't find a good job, because i must work after school.

Now, back to that project. Anyhow, he said that i will get paid as well. Cool! It won't be BigBucks[tm], but since i will, with high probability, loose a job, it's money! So, I *really hope*, that Atif will manage to agree with Andris.


I'm having some problems here. Notably with chemistry, French, maybe something else. French is a separate story, will tell once. Off for today.

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