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Announcing: Freech now has a homepage!

Seeing the freshmeat beta page inspired me to do some web design, and after a few hours of hacking the Freech homepage is born!

(click on the image to go to the homepage)

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Announce: Freech 0.9.18

The last release of Freech is only two weeks ago, but there have been such a huge number of improvements that already here is the followup. Some of the new features include:

Multi-forum support and a completely new front page (that may optionally be skipped if you are using only one single forum):

The new front page

The design of the forum has been simplified and optimized for smaller screen resolutions. A lot of detail has been put into making the looks of different forum pages more consistent, leaving a much cleaner overall impression. In addition, all pages are now XHTML1.0 (strict) compliant.
Many other details were polished: Line wrapping in postings works even better, “breadcrumbs” (the path pointing to the current page) are shown on every page, video links are optionally embedded into posting, and a lot more.

The simplified design of the forum

A lot of work went into improving the administration features. Activities of moderators are logged on a dedicated page, and moderators may now lock/unlock other users. Spam handling and detection was greatly improved.

The forum renders a lot faster by allowing the browser to cache more pages. As usual, a large number of bug fixes is also included in the release.

Special thanks to Mario Deck for doing a lot of the work to make the forum XHTML1.0 strict compliant.

Project page
Full changelog

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Release: SpiffWarehouse 0.2.0

SpiffWarehouse is a Python module for storing objects in a filesystem in a revisioned manner. While I do not recommend using it currently because the API is plain evil, it is a required dependency of some of my other projects, so here is the release nonetheless.

Project page: http://code.google.com/p/spiff-warehouse/
Download: http://dl.debain.org/spiff_warehouse/
API documentation: http://docs.debain.org/spiff_warehouse/index.html
Handbook (PDF): http://docs.debain.org/spiff_warehouse/en/spiff_warehouse.en.pdf

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Release: Bibshelf 1.6.0

I am happy to announce the release of a new version of BibShelf 1.6.0, the book organizer for the GNOME desktop. This release is mostly a maintenance release that fixes gcc 4.3.2 compatibility and adds several translations.

Special thanks go to all translators, including:

da: Joe Hansen
de: Samuel Abels
es: David Lara
fr: Nicolas Provost
ga: Kevin Scannell
id: Andhika Padmawan
it: Marco Colombo
ms: Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan
nl: Mark Haanen
nn: Eivind Ødegård
rw: Steven Michael Murphy
sv: Daniel Nylander
vi: Clytie Siddall
wa: Pablo Saratxaga
zh_CN: YueGuang

The updated release can be downloaded here:

The project page is here:

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Release: SpiffGtkWidgets 0.2.0

SpiffGtkWidgets is a collection of Gtk widgets (currently a calendar and an annotated text view) for Python. This release comes with a number of bugfixes and with an improved installer.

Project page
API documentation
Handbook (PDF) (incomplete)

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Release: SpiffIntegrator 0.2.0

SpiffIntegrator is a small but powerful package manager for adding plugin support to Python applications. This release works with Genshi 0.5, and improves the build infrastructure to make it a lot easier to install.

Project page
API documentation
Handbook (PDF)

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Release: SpiffGuard 1.9.2

SpiffGuard is a library providing generic access lists for Python. This release works with sqlalchemy 0.5 and improves the build infrastructure, making it a lot easier to install. A few minor bugs were also fixed.

Project page
API documentation
Handbook (PDF)
Handbook (PDF) (German)

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Bugfix Release: Freech 0.9.16-1

This is a quick followup to the last release of Freech that fixes several problems with the package. If you had problems installing the software, release 0.9.16 should fix them.

Download: http://dl.debain.org/freech/

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Freech 0.9.14 Is Out!

In what might be the biggest release of this week (so far), I am proud to announce an updated piece of software on which I have been working for a long time. Freech (which was formerly known as Tefinch, and Ammerum before that) is a threaded discussion forum for PHP5/MySQL5.

This new release comes with a shitload of new features:

Freech supports user accounts and groups. It currently provides a fixed number of four groups: Administrators, Moderators, normal users and anonymous users).

The user registration is fully automated, and users need to confirm their email address before activating an account.

A powerful new search feature was added:

There is a completely new administration interface: Administrators may edit users and manage groups, and moderators may lock messages in the forum.
Users may now also create polls:

Several “special pages” were added, such as a list showing the number of postings per user, and a statistics feature.

Freech also has a “sticky” feature, allowing moderators to pin a message to the top of the forum. There are many more features, and generally, Freech is a lot more polished than it used to be. Most of the features are plugins, so all most features can be easily disabled. On top of it all, the performance was also drastically improved, even when all new plugins are enabled.

Demo Forum: http://demo.debain.org/freech/
Download: http://dl.debain.org/freech/freech-0.9.14-1.tar.bz2
Project page: http://code.google.com/p/freech/
Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/freech/

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Release: pywsgi 0.9.0

pywsgi is a brand new and very simple Python module for web applications. Applications using pywsgi will work with WSGI, CGI, and mod_python; the differences between these environments are abstracted. It also handles sessions, cookies, and GET/POST data. It also comes with some useful tools for URL handling.

Some example code is here:

def handler(request):
    # The code of your actual web site is here.
    request.write('Hello World')
    for key, value in request.get_data():
        print "GET DATA:", key, value
    for key, value in request.post_data():
        print "POST DATA:", key, value
    for key, value in request.cookies():
        print "COOKIE:", key, value
    for key, value in request.session().data():
        print "SESSION DATA:", key, value

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from pywsgi import RequestHandler
    request_handler = RequestHandler(handler)

The above code will work with both, mod_wsgi and mod_cgi. Note that accessing GET, POST, COOKIE, and SESSION data is completely uniform via a dictionary-like Table object.
This initial release also comes with complete API documentation.

Project page
API documentation
Handbook (PDF, incomplete)

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