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Got back from Washington/Seattle last night some time (our connecting flight out of Denver was several hours late). Awesome trip involving: my brother (along w/ my folks and sister, who went with me), friends, snoeshowing, lots of wandering around Seattle, the abscense of one particular friend who couldn't make it down from Bellingham due to a sudden need to find new housing, Lord of the Rings, more wandering around Seattle, and more snowshoeing. Interspersed with all of this was excellent Thai, Indian and Americanized Italian (aka pizza) food along w/ several varieties of quite good cheesecake. It's a good thing that there was a fair amount of physical activity, or I'd be quite balloon shaped.

Bit of customer support work this morning. Talked with Carl, one of our security people, a bit. He's a big fan of the west-coast as well. Ex. Army Intel., so he's used to traveling around quite a bit (sounds like my maternal grandfather, whom I never got to meet) and isn't a big fan of the Kansas area, despite having grown up here.

18 Dec 2001 (updated 18 Dec 2001 at 22:32 UTC) »

Got a package almost ready for the linux version of our SNIA hbaapi library (so we could send it to one of the SAN software compies for testing), and found out that the SCSI command code is broken. Now I'm back to waiting in the hbaapi arena.

Did I mention that I'm heading of to Seattle (well, various points in western Washington, Seattle being one) for a couple of weeks on Thursday? Less than two days and I will be well on my way. Too bad it's only for a couple of weeks and not permanent.


Rajesh restructured the hbaapi project to split stuff up into logic directories, as oppose to just dumping it all in one directory. Now I get to update the Makefile so I can do compiles under Linux and Stephen can do Solaris compiles.

Cranked out a build for the latest fw point release. Hopefully I didn't mess anything up; SteveR usually handles the official builds, but he's on vacation (so it falls to me since I'm his CM lackey).

See the 14 Dec entry.

Tracking down issues with the linux code in the hbaapi library that were introduced by the rather major re-write that moved all of the data out of globals and into per adapter structures. Next on the list would be to add some locking, but that can probably wait a day or so.

13 Dec 2001 (updated 13 Dec 2001 at 22:58 UTC) »

Today seems to be CM Gopher day for me. Fixed a problem w/ some code from one project getting committed to another project (the developer had copied a directory over from an older project to use as a template and got all the CVS files as well). The last time Rajesh committed code to the hbaapi project he managed to wipe out every change I had previously committed. I'm really not fond of working w/ engineer types when they're using something "new" that they refuse to take the time to understand.


Fixed a bug in the new code that handles the "fixed in" field. Ahem. It helps if you actually submit the changes to the database. While running that down, I discovered that the "change multiple bugs at once" functionality of buglist.cgi causes process_bug.cgi to only log the changes to the first bug and not the rest. Loverly. Trying to find an elegant way of fixing it.

12 Dec 2001 (updated 13 Dec 2001 at 00:05 UTC) »

Absolutely glorious day so far: cloudy, cool and a light mist. This is my idea of good weather. I've liked cool, damp and foggy days for as long as I can remember. We used to get some awesome fogs off the ocean when I was a kid in California (Santa Maria) and when my family moved to Washington, I just mossed over and became a confirmed cloudy weather person. Living in Kansas has been a real struggle, as I get grumpy when it's sunny for more than a couple of days in a row. My ideal home would be on a rocky cliff jutting out into the ocean somewhere on the northern coast of Washington. Man, I'm really home-sick today. Ah well, I get to go visit for a couple of weeks, starting the 20th.


Cleanup time for the changes to Bugzilla. Turns out it's only necessary to splice "fix_ver" into the collist array if the user has a non-default collist cookie set (such as me). Otherwise you end up w/ two fix_ver columns in the bug listing. Cleaned up a few other bugs and added more versions to the fix_vers table for the Fc929 FW project.

Finally wrapped my mind around buglist.cgi. At one point I had the new field displaying (w/ title and everything), but the summary field was empty. Turns out I had to push the fix_ver field onto the front of the collist array (`splice(@collist, 0, 0, "fix_ver")'), as the DefCol() function wasn't setting things up properly. Anyway, it appears to be working.

Bugzilla time: Mucking about w/ adding a field to the "bugs" table to track what official release the fix went into. Everything was just fine until I tried to incorporate the new field into buglist.cgi. As is usual, buglist.cgi is an incomprehensible, steaming pile of ugliness and nothing behaves the way you would think. Not much problem at all to integrate it into the query page, but buglist? Hah, forget it.

Mucking about w/ version data in Bugzilla. Happy day.

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