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Computer are Great....
..... When they work.
Today when I came back after 2 weeks of work in the other end of Denmark, By computer suddently wouldn't start. As the Geek I am I started testing all the things im my computer and found out that it must be my mainboard that has died.
DAMNIT!!....well at least now I have an excuse for buying one of those new 1GHz CPU's and a better mainboard.
I got me a DVD drive today....even for free. It was the CO of the firm I was making a Intranet organizer system for, that gave it to me after I had finished the project yesterday. Nice when people appreciate the work that you make for them, and gives you small bonus' like this one.
ASP is ok.
...If you don't have PHP or perl.
Today I had to work with ASP for the first time since I levt The Windows platform a couple of years ago. I was actually quit efunny to get back to that language after using PHP3/4 and perl for everything you have made for the web.
I'b an old VB programmer (yes I know you can't call yourself a programmer when you write VB code, but anyway), so the ASP code was easy for me to adabt to. My only problem was that I kept putting ; (semikolon) after each line of code I wrote, and I kept trying to use the ++ and += events in my loops for adding 1 to the variable.
Tomorrow I have to go to work even though it's my birthday....And I even have to be there at 07.00AM (YIKES!!!)
hopefully I don't have to be ther too late when it's my birthday, so I can get home to my family and friends who are celibrating me.
Parents are ok
...when they takes kare of you a whole week
Today I left my little 15m^2 room to visit my parents in the other end of the country (it sounds like far away, but in Denmark that only means like 120km). I'm gonna stay there for about a week or so, because I have to work some time in my dads company (making their website turn from static pages to interactive php/asp sites). Besides this it's my birthday on August 8. and most of my family and frinds are coming over to celibrate me. :o) (BTW. im turning 20 this time, so I won't be a freaking teenager anymore).
hopefully I will get a pair of i-glass 3d gogles so I can walk the street watcing movies and surfing the net at the same time - hehe maybe not (those things are still too fuc... expensive in Denmark - and probably the rest of the world).
Well everyone send me a thought on my birthday, so it can turn out as a really great day.
Now theres only one problem! ...I have to get up freaking early for the next week to get to work)
Taking a day off....
.....is not so bad anyway.
Today I had a day 100% off....I have been reading some of Wiliam Gibson's good old books again (like I have done alot of times before). This time I startet reading the book Necromancer, which is it first in his triologi about the Cybercowboy Case. The other two books are Count Zero and Monalisa Overdrive, and both of the are really good too. I just love his writing style, the way he describes this futuristic worldview and the people living there.

Later in the evening I will try to get the trash script for Nautilus ready so it can be testet by the Nautilus guys. Hopefully there won't be to many good movies tonight so I can get some work done.

Sitting down all day....
.....makes me really FAT. Damn this fulltime computerwork makes me fat :o) I just checked my weigth, and found out that I have gaind 20kg. since I startet working fulltime with computers (besides my studies) for about a year ago. maybe I should start doing some sort of sport again...... Naaah thats just wasted time away from the computer :o)
Xchat has bothered med all day... Damn I cant get used to those tabs in sted of MDI + childs. It much esier to have an overview when you have all the channels shown like small windows on the screen......Xchat developers.....read my lips...MAKE IT THAT WAY.

I haven't done much today, besides watching some old movies I found in my mess :o) I just love that old movie Hackers......Not because they are hackers, but because of the way they tries to make a picture of what a mainframe and a hardcore laptop are. and then theres their funny clothes... like an futuristic version of the 80's look.
XML is nice and so is PERL..
.... But not together!
After hours of work with the XML::Parser module for Perl, I gave up, and made my own functions for all the parsing stuff I needed. It actually took me far less time to make these functions than the time i spend on the Parser Module.
Whit these new functions I could finally get some more options done in the Nautilus Console Scripts we are working on at the moment. Hopefully these scripts will get ready to the first official release of Nautilus.
I was also playing around with the newest release of Evolution today. Goddamn the guy who made that Danish tanslations must have been smoking some grass when he did the translations. I had to turn it over to use English again to be able to use the program. Guys! Here's some work to do when you have som spare time left over.
I just saw that the Mozilla team has started to put "embedded" packages in their nightly directories. This means that great projects like Galeon can start working without having to install the whole big package of Mozilla things.
Hopefully they make all of the things more like libs, så that everyone can use them in their own programs i the future.
Life is sweet
....when you have a vacation.
Yep thats right! im having a couple of days of vacation. Hmmm maybe I should take a vacation away from my computer......Naaaa can't live without that thing :o)
Actually it's not a vacation, but rather the need of a new job. I have been working on a big Website/intranet project for a company until now, but it's almost done, and im without a job again (Life of a freelance worker).

Today I was officially added to the Danish Red Hat i18n team (Thanx Dale L.), so now I doesn't have to send all my translation throug Kanikus' mailclient :o)
Being a writer, is a hard work...
.....But I LIKE IT.
I have been fooling around with docbook today. It's a really nice tool, when you are writing documentation or books - Im working on a Danish Introduction book to GNOME together with Kanikus, so this is just what we need.
The first couple of chapters are already written and translated into docbook'ish (for later distribution i different formats).
Damn im getting tired of the XML:Parser module for perl.....Perl just isn't made for Object Oriented Programming.
I think im gonna make my own lib with parsing functions for XML/HTML/SGML files, so I can use it in the Nautilus Console Scripts. Can anybody tell me how I can remove a specific line for a text file, just out from the info that a line contains the word foobar?.
when I tries I keeps getting a CR or a space om the line I tried to delete.

IRC channel of the day: #seasonedkernelhackers
Who trowed a bomb...
......And hit my room with it?
Damn my room looks like a bomb was drop inhere today........Can't seem to find anything here anymore....event the big box of Helix Gnome CD's i had is disappeared in this mess - hopefully I find it before Im going to hand them out in SSLUG.
Maybe I should program emacs to clean my room more often, in sted of just making my coffee for me :o)
Todays Work will probably be the Trash thingie script from the Nautilus Console Script collection, or maybe I should just go watch some movies an have a day off - Naaa theres no new movies I havent seen anyways
Today it's Also Frob's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FROB......To those of you who don't know frob, hes real name is Valek, and he's one of the Russian Gnome translators.
....Today it's perfect geek-weather in little Denmark, because my GWeather applet says 16°C and rain. This is perfect programming weather......Just put on some good Music, and sit in front of the computers all day :o)
Sleeping my day away
.....ohhh no, Not me! After having been up all night, maintaining the different Red Hat i18n files...but still after this many hours of concentrated work, I wouldn't consider Danish as a well supported language in Red Hat.
Well after a couple of hours of sleep, and an overdose really black coffee, i'm ready to do this days work. Most of the night will probably go with coding on the nautilus console scripts, or playing around with ny newly developed Gnome applet - fetches the newest Userfriendly or Dilbert stripes, when you push it.
Think that I will go out find some more cool stripes on the internet, and add them to my applet too......If you know of any, then please send a mail to stripes@schulz.dk, telling me where to find it.
Hmm Kanikus just called, asking me to do some work on Gnumeric, for the rest of the day. First time I working on that project, so im kinda exicted. Gnumeric is one of the best implementions of a spreedsheet in Linux, and it's one of the most developed programs from the GNOME Office package.
Hopefully I will get to bet this night. I havent had a whole nights sleep the last 14 days, and im getting really tired now, just by moving my fat body out to the kitchen.
Well I probably just have to get used to it, I love this way of living :o) ........yeah yeha! Im a born Geek!

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