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12 hours on a plane with no leg room not in an aisle seat does not a happy camper make. Wedding was pretty good though.

Trying to roll out PGP (GnuPG) support over certain parts of the company as per management directives. At this rate, I think I'll end up rewriting a Eudora GPG plugin so our various mailers work together.


Trip photos!

Updated some lists to send bounce messages to another list which in turn sends its bounce messages to a person. After this, the remote machine this was done on stopped responding some hours later. Turns out that an ether hub had died. Phew.

Jetlag sucks. Business class reduces the suckiness quotient a little, First Class nearly eliminates it. Heck, give me a foam mattress and a belt strap, and I'll happily snooze away.

One thing I hate, in a general sense, is a lack of recognition in an intentional fashion. This is the stuff of many sagas, musicals, software projects, where the protaganist pours their heart and soul into a task, only to find later that no-one recognises their effort, or where their nemisis/manager has taken all the glory for the task.

This is extremely frustrating, particularly in IT where the only record that you made a formal proposal of a concept well before the strangly 'coincidental' proposal of the same concept by different people has been misplaced, or previously discarded, sometimes by the same people.

So far at this conference I've seen 3 of my own previous ideas put forward in this fashion, plus overheard far, far too many examples of the same problem occuring to other people. Just like in classic education systems, plagarism is rife, as it will always be. History is written by winners, managers, and well known names.

Parallel development certainly accounts for some instances of duplicate concepts, but it really cannot account for duplicate concepts originating (nearly word for word) from people or entities that you formerly worked with.

802.15.3 looks groovy.

Flew into Minneapolis for IETF on Friday night. Was the first time that I'd flown business class, previous employers being too stingy to pay for such (or to pay for business related flights!). Extremely relaxing, but a shame about the service outside mealtimes. Amusingly, one is supposed to surrender dangerous sharp metal objects or pack them in hold luggage including sewing kits, but NW then supply you with one.

Quote from one session so far (on name server software):

  • "Genetic diversity is a good thing"
  • "As long as its not cancerous"
Minnie has a rather strong Irish population, or at least, lots of people are suddenly irish around St Patricks day (17th). Went to an Irish concert yesterday in St Paul, and hopefully another one tonight (Minneapolis). Local bus company is offering free rides (until Monday) with the simply scrolling slogan "Millers Rides" "No fares" "No Blarney".

Despite this city being rather colder than I'm used to (snow piled in the gutters), I quite like the twin cities (Minneapolis/St Paul). The Skyway system is particularly nice, and they have a good music scene. Its going to snow in the next few days!

Heat problems. Fun.

  • /bin/cp: Input/output error

    You know its time to give up on that particular mahcine and reinstall.

    Various politicing in order to go around security policies. Hate it. Conference next week, so I get away from it for a bit.

  • work:
    Raid controllers should not crash. Spent 4 hours carefully recovering drives after an attempt to attach a 'scratch' drive.
    darwin award nominee:
    A gunman has taken hostages in an Amsterdam office building, complaining about misleading advertising in widescreen TVs. Why? Philips, maker of many consumer electronics products including widescreen TVs, had its temporary offices in the building until getting more permanent offices elsewhere a few months ago, ie, they ain't there now.

    It'll end in tears ;)


    So much for leaving in daylight. Spun up a new server to run into troubles with hardware raid not being properly detected under Linux, then bootdisk conflicts with IDE. Repeat until Caffiene exhausted.

    rsync sucks raw week-old eggs when asked to sync a 60+gig dataset, even broken up into smaller chunks.

    retort :

    chipx86, a diary isn't quite the right thing for others to comment on your words ala message-board style. All too often it just results in flame wars.

    Of course, commenting on other's words in your own entry is part of the whole fun of Advogato.


    Playing mp3s over NFS is only as good as your local buffer. Having shiny new gigE in your office core helps greatly.

    Actually managed to leave the office during daylight hours. Amazing how different your regular cycle home looks.

    Watched The One last night. Yet another spin on Everything you know about your life, your reality, yourself, is Wrong.

    Some rather cool martial arts scenes, Matrix-like stop-motion moves in parts. There are a few fatal lapses (ie, where did the surrounding explosion go in one of the end fight scenes, why were they so keen to transport the bad self off to Hades at the end, etc etc, etc) but overall quite nice.

    Flubbed a performance on the weekend, but thats ok, was more relieved that the mobile didn't ring during it.

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