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Well, looks like all the easy bugs are gone, now it's time to struggle with the die-hard ones, and that's why I'm taking longer to release more 0.3.x versions.

Anyway, I'm going to Brasilia for some days, maybe the bugs will be dead when I get back :-)

I should also consider implementing single-process tracking in gPS and call it 1.0.0, it's been a long time I don't touch that one, and it shouldn't be 0.10.3 for all eternity.

A review just came out talking about chess interfaces for Linux (including eboard), here is the review itself and here is a thread about in in Linux Today.

It's been a long time since my last note and until someone remove that awful link that's screwing up Advogato layout I'm not reading diary notes anymore.

raph: One feature I think would be very useful in Advogato is having a way to know you were mentioned in someone else's diary entry (maybe an asterisk on the side of the list of Recent Diary Entries on the front page ?). And about the "rooms" idea, I'm not really for it, but I just hope advogato never becomes a land of trolls.
Autotut is out. Read, copy, distribute, email to that friend who is lost in Imakefile dimension.

Getting tastier each minute, 0.1.6 will be out later today when I finish implementing examination mode.

If I don't get a Un*x-related job soon I'll grab my guitar and start playing it for money. You _don't_ want me to do that, the music scene will never recover from the damage. (I am known for having performed the Free Software Song worse than RMS -- the guitar performance was decent but I sing much worse than he)

GNU Chess Sucks
GNU Chess support was already planned for eboard, but someone concerned with crafty's non-freeness got me adding support for it earlier than I expected. So I go to GNU's FTP directory, and start looking for GNU Chess...

1. The only tarball, for 5.02, is 30 MB long. There are no older versions at the site. I look to the 33.6 kbps modem. It looks to me.

...4 hours later...

2. uncompressed the thing, as expected there is a 103 MB PGN file for the book. Those who can't write chess engines add huge game databases. No documentation, Makefile or configure script in the toplevel directory.

3. Entered the 'doc' dir. So I must go to the src directory, run autoconf, configure and make. Sounds right.

4. When I try to compile I get an error from GCC about trying to use sp as general register for register variables. Peek the code. Peek the Makefile. Removed the -O3 switch. Ok, it compiled this time.

5. I was almost su'ing and 'make install' when I had a bad feeling. A voice says 'check the Makefile before'. This is the install target:

  cp gnuchess.exe /cygdrive/c/winboard/gnuchess.exe

GNU Chess assumes you are running Microsoft Windows. (scream) How did this crap got to bear the GNU on its name ????????

6. The doc file said I should build the binary book file from the 100-MB PGN file. I follow the exact instructions and... nothing happens. No file is written, no error message, no crash, no nothing. It just does nothing. The 100 MB file that made the whole thing so slow to download is completely useless (I can use it for Crafty, but it's useless for GNU Chess unless it builds the damn binary file)

Well, GNU Chess (in fact, any engine that talks the xboard protocol version 2) support is added to eboard, the changes are already on CVS. Wrote a harsh document about the whole experience, also on CVS by now.

I must now look for older versions of GNU Chess, maybe they suck less. I must also start looking for GPL'd (or at least free in the Debian Free Software Guidelines sense) engines. If you know of any, drop me a note.

28 Apr 2001 (updated 28 Apr 2001 at 19:03 UTC) »
jtauber: bug severity 0: programmers using CMM without really understanding why -- their bosses or company policies just told them to --, spending more time reading about "quality standards" than browsing source code or reading technical texts that would help them accomplish their tasks better and teach about other people's mistakes before they fall themselves in the same traps. (source code browsing is hindered by the fact that at many places developers don't even know there is any code but theirs to browse) This kind of bug is really tough to fix.

Similar comments apply to UML and Rational Rose enforcement. If one can't picture the structure of the software by himself without the aid of a diagram-drawing, code skeleton generation program (pencil and paper is ok) or agree on extensions by talking with the workmates, he shouldn't be developing software in the first place.

released 0.1.2 yesterday, it's going fine, still got some bugs in observation, looking into that.

not yet

wrote a tutorial on the usage of automake and autoconf, should be published on an "official SEUL URL" soon (as soon as Roger comes back from the 6th dimension), one of the copies I sent for review is here: autotut

Since last entry, released gBib 0.1.1, a Gnome BibTeX editor, quite a nice program (the main developer is Alejandro Sierra), had some nice fun hacking the bibfile parser.

mrorganic: let me see: George Bush (father) makes a government known for ignoring ecological issues. After a cheated election (which we, brazilians, laughed a lot on -- voting here is done with 100% electronic ballots), his son: halts peace process in Israel, says relationships with Russia should come to 1980's levels, announces development of new weapons, pronounces himself against the reapproximation of the Koreas, refuses to apply the Kyoto Protocol to reduce pollution levels and, now after invading foreign territory, without permission, with a spyplane, he DEMANDS the plane and crew back. I do wish China unassemble the whole aircraft, erase any and all data media and return only the pieces, if any (just like US did to a MiG-25 that crash-landed in Japan many years ago).

spent the night hacking gBib (Gnome BibTeX manager) to make it tasty.

should have spent some time playing around with chessd

meanwhile, in a job interview last wednesday...
...we work with the latest and greatest of technologies: Microsoft's leading line of products, such as ASP, IIS, SQL Server and we also are a major player with open source technology, using Java, JSP and Oracle extensively...

That's self-control: I managed not to fall down laughing when the guy called Java and Oracle open-source.

2 Apr 2001 (updated 2 Apr 2001 at 22:47 UTC) »
nevermind the previous rant

While still upset at sgmltools' lack of documentation, I'm more upset with pkgtool failing to tell me "this tgz file is incomplete".

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