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Gabber is #16 for most active projects this week, and #60 for most downloads this week on sourceforge. Pretty cool. :)

I fixed a few bugs, and talked with DizzyD, and it seems we will release 0.5.1 within a week.

I heard that they finally found the dark matter in the universe.... superheated hydrogen... it's almost hard to believe that that mystery was solved so soon. Most of my cosmology books talk about not knowing how many decades it will be before we solve that problem. It's very nice to know that now the big bang theory doesn't have that gaping hole against it, and that all of the mass of the universe is accounted for. :)

I'm tempted to take some college-level cosmology course, but I don't know if it would be way over my head or not. Cosmology/Astronomy was my original interest as a young child, and still interests me to this day, it's just that computers jumped in, and they're something I can easily do now. It's not quite so easy for me to teach myself (astro)physics and such, but I guess I never really tried. ;)

Put up an updated gabber rpm which should work on more systems, hopefully.

New Jabber.org finally open, and I'm very pleased with it as a whole.

Now to study for more tests in school... it's pretty much going to be a constant stream of them until school is out... *sigh*

I got a 485 on the practice SAT II math IIc test. I have nothing to compare this to except how my friends performed, and no colleges have mentioned the scores they expect on the SAT II's, only that they want me to take them. Compared to my friends, I did fairly well, but I don't know. Hopefully I'll do better on the real one.

Well, I've heard many positive comments on gabber so far, but I think the major factor preventing people from getting it is our dependencies. Hopefully by the time we release our next version things will be straightened out a bit better.

Someday I want to get back to playing around with all of the hacker's latest toys, I've fallen behind because of so many other things I've had to do. Nautilus + Mozilla sounds like a lot of fun. :)

Released and announced Gabber 0.5.

DizzyD is now going to work on porting to gtk-- 1.2.0, and I'm going to work on trying to fix some bugs that have been (ahem) bugging us for a while now. I think I'm also going to work on making Group Chat nicer.

On a side note, I got a few pics from The Gathering up on my personal site. I'll add more later. Possibly do a writeup or something.

Forgot to post yesterday. I got gabber's status bar working, fixed up many little bugs, and came incredibly close to getting presence changing working.

Thanks to iain, I realized that someone has already set up julianm at gnome dot org to forward back to me. That's pretty damn cool. Thanks whoever did it :)

They've posted three of the videoFX mpegs from The Gathering, unfortunately, not #14... grrrr

Tried getting Gabber to compile with gtkmm 1.2.0 + gnomemm CVS. Too much crap to change... argh...

Yes, I meant "sacraments" not "sacrements" below. I can spell it. :)

Bought Jakob Nielsen's Designing Web Usability. Seems pretty cool.

Perhaps Advogato should even show the time entries were posted for some people (iain) ;)

I'm seriously considering switching to debian, partially because I just feel like starting from scratch, partially because Debian sounds pretty cool. But I'll miss building RPMs and all of my short shell scripts for doing so. :(

Today I did homework, including writing a religion paper on the sacrements in the movie Patch Adamns. Yey.

Gabber 0.5pre1 is up on the web site. If all goes well, 0.5 will be released soon. That'll be the initial public release. I can't wait. :)

Gabber seems to be shaping up quite well.

Talked to Telsa a little bit. I have to remember to talk to jonas about hooking up gnomefaq@gnu.org to multiple people, including myself, and then start the big rewrite of the GNOME User's FAQ.

Still awaiting the videoFX mpegs from The Gathering... POST THEM ALREADY! I swear #14 was funny, I have to show it to people :(

Congratulations to raph.

Spent today on homework and such. Sucks to have to go back to school tomorrow. Gabber is progressing nicely. I can't wait until I get to go around making freshmeat, gnome.org, and sourceforge notices about 0.5's release. :)

The plane ride home was L O N G...

They didn't post the videoFX compo entries. #14 was so funny, I couldn't believe it. I can't wait to get that mpeg. Arrived home to find much stuff cleaned up and my room painted (As close to #007080 as I could find ;). My parents can be pretty cool sometimes. :)

I got stuffed up as soon as I got off the plane, and now have a headache. Perhaps I'm allergic to New Jersey?

Gabber is getting preped for 0.5pre1. Pretty cool. :)

I want to hack gabber, and I've been doing that between homework which is due tomorrow. Argh.

I don't know what I think of all of this. I know it's amazing, and I get the feeling that things will never be the same again. I may never get a chance like this again in my life.

No one submitted any Mozilla skins. Perhaps we advertised too little too late, although there were 600 something hits on the page with info about it...

I found out that someone who hangs out in one of the same IRC channels as me is here too. That's just amazing. There are like two norwegians in that channel, and he just happened to be here. It was PURE CHANCE that I happened to notice him explaining the gathering, I rarely look in that channel anyway. I've never been lucky in my life, but the past few days have certainly made up for all of that. Meeting andreas to begin with was pure luck.

Anyway, the guy from #arstechnica who is here is very cool. Martin is even cooler :) Got more time to hang out with him and such.

Having high speed access to the internet, especially just the tg network, is a completely different experience from 56k... I just grab whatever I want and only have to wait a few minutes at most.... It's so different.

Many demos and such today... had dinner with Martin... Spent much of the day just grabbing movies and music videos... music videos are so much cooler than mp3's...... mpg format, of course. I would definitely pay money to have music videos of songs.

Perhaps I'll post more coherently tomorrow.

Oh, and please don't drop me back to apprentice just because I mentioned no longer being core of all apprentices. Give me whatever rating you think I deserve for my work with open source.

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