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So I'm writing this little app which currently grabs the xml feed from Weblogs.com and displays it. You can open the url or add the blog to your favorites. It's really simple but it's giving me a chance to develop something for GNOME 2 so I'm learning lots of stuff.

I'm contemplating writing up a little HOW-TO about it. I've found various pieces of info scattered around GNOMEworld and it would probably be helpful to have some sort of central place for links and examples.

Though the one issue I am having is trying to get the async gnome-vfs stuff working. It just hangs without much info. I've posted some debugging to the mailing list but no one has answered yet.


Louie from Ximian sent out a couple of links for the bugs in the next few releases. I'm hoping to take a crack at a couple over the rest of the weekend. Helping out with GNOME has helped me deal with various frustrations at work.


Speaking of work, it actually has been a few good weeks as I'm helping with re-working our build system and our application structure. I've rewritten an ugly shell script which checked out our code into the proper places into a nice, clean (at least I think so) Python script. Hopefully it is much easier to extend and maintain.

Next up is the automatic creation of rpms and Solaris pkgs.

Not a good day to live in LA... First the shooting at the airport then a small plane crashes into a park. I have had picnics in that park...

I've been trying to write a little Gtk app the past couple of days. It's going fairly well but I'm still far away from even thinking of releasing it to the world. One reason is that I really like to tinker with things and test various options/flags inside of the code. It takes me longer to finish things because of that.

I've also been making my way through the Gnome-VFS code. There's a lot there but hopefully soon I can start sending in some patches. I'm currently working on adding authentication support for the FTP module. We'll see how that goes..


The last couple of days have been filled with multiple hour conference calls. It's amazing how much that can drain you.

I fought with rpm on Solaris today but I think I won this battle. The war of course is still being fought..

World Cup

Because I tend to stay up late, I've been watching a lot of the coverage. I'm really enjoying it so far.
World Cup
I stayed up to watch the U.S.'s first game and so far, it's incredible.. 3-1 at the half..

Now, I just hope I can stay up to watch the Germany/Ireland match.


I've been working on some 'next-generation' stuff lately. Most of it has been in Python. It's really cool to have someone like gstein to review your code and ideas..


I've been using GNOME2 for the past month or so and it is really rocking. I've been able to put a couple of patches into Bugzilla, hopefully I can help more as I get more comfortable re-learning C and figuring out the various libs.
Well, I'm finishing up my 3rd day, running GNOME 2 on my main laptop and I'm quite pleased.

I've even posted a couple of patches to some easy bugs in gnome-utils.

I set up an internal instance of mod_virgule tonight. It was a piece of cake. Everyone working on it has been doing great stuff.

I remember trying to set an instance up months ago and it definitely wasn't a pleasant experience.


Unfortunately, none to speak of lately.. Hopefully that will change soon..
Last week, I set up an internal Subversion server. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world but for pre-alpha code, it wasn't too bad.

I plan on moving some stuff over from cvs and start using SVN full-time. It'll be a good way to eat our own dog food.

I'm currently finishing up a script which interacts with the rpm database (via the python bindings) and utilizes various pieces of data to create the necessary files for Solaris pkgs. It's both cool and hacky at the same time.

Internal discussions at work are bringing me down a bit. Opinions coming from certain people are surprising. I really mis-read many of them.

Gnome 2

I was able to download/build/install it today on my 2nd laptop via the vicious-build-scripts so I look forward to using it a bit tomorrow. If things go fairly smoothly, I'll put it on my main laptop for everyday use.


Unfortunately, none to speak of though I have some ideas which will hopefully see the light of day...
So, I'm writing this entry in Jericho but it's not the Java version. This part is in Jython. I've been looking at Jython the last few days and I'm really impressed so far. It has taken a couple of Swing classes down from 150 LOC to 35 without losing any functionality.

The key, of course, is to find uses for it at work so it won't just be another hacking language for me.

Another xml-rpc test but this time from Java.

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