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Well, a major hacking session has resulted in a huge hump in progress for KWebStat. I have virtually finished the rendering engine for the pages and I have implemented the activities tags. The tag engine is fully working and seems pretty smooth. I did most of this in VNC and my fonts are a bit screwed but ignoring that see some screenshots here.

Right, band practice and LUG meeting tonight. Seeya later!

Productive day today. Did lots of coding. Not all of it on KDE either bizarrely.

I did do some hacking on KWebStat tonight. I got the tags in the QMap now being created first time when KWebStat is started and read in from the config file on each subsequent execution.

Well, band practice tomorrow and LUG meeting...lots to do...

Seeya later!

Had a decent weekend - saw little Elliot - the new addition to the Curtis clan, and got the guitar. I also had a band practice and that went pretty well.

Today I hacked at KWebStat and added a dialog which is displayed when KWebStat is first run. The dialog indicates that the tags are being created for the config file which are later read into the QMap.

Right, I better get some kip.

Seeya all later!

Went out last night with Sooz for an Inian meal. The food was great as usual (it was our regular) and it was nice to go out and relax. This week has been nice. :)

Ahhh it is Friday - that wonderful day when the weekend looms. :) It is particularly nice when you know you are visiting a new baby and going to be getting That Guitar. :)

Got in to work a bit late today due to the docs. I got in and started doing some work.

Hacking on KWebStat today started with some head scratching due to some access problems in my code. At first I thought my design was shafted, but it does seem to be ok. After some discussion in #c++ I fixed the problem and now my tag settings dialog is searching the TagStore QMap ont he fly instead of hard coding the tags. This is a better all round solution and was worth the effort. :)

Today Jason in the office managed to get some data of my old laptops hard drive, so the band logo's are now safe. Phew!

Right I am off...gonna finish up some work and then leg it home.

Seeya all!

Sooz and myself went out last night and had some pub food. It was nice to just go out and relax.

We got back in and I decided I better check my mailing list email. I hadnt checked it for a few days and there were about 600 or so messages. I waded through most of that and send some replied which didnt arrive as it turned out. I will look into this when I get in.

There has been some interesting discussion on kde-usability. I started a thread regarding the redesign of the 'K' button on kicker (the panel). Some interesting ideas have floated around and hopefully this should be merged into 3.1.

Today I hacked at KWebStat and decided to abstract the tag storage and keep it out of the main KWebStat class. I think this is a better idea and the interface will be cleaner - wow...it looks like C++ FAQs is paying off. :) I wrote a TasgStore class to resolve this and also decided to implement read/writeConfigFile() in th class to keep it modular. I then hacked at the QMap tag store and I now have the tags written to the config file and read back into the QMap. I will now hack the tag settings box and I am away. :)

I am pleased how KWebStat is going. I have not worked on it as obsessively as the previous version (mind you, back then I was hacking that layed in bed in the middle of the night not needing to get up for work the next day). This version seems much more mature and easier to code. :) It will be in Debian one day...I hope. :)

Well...it is getting closer to the weekend, and I will be picking up my new Rhoads and much metal will be had. :)

Oh well...I better run...I need to pack my stuff up and get off home.

Seeya all!

Great band practice last night as usual...things are going really well. :)

I havent done much today as my lunch hour was taken up teaching Dom guitar. I do however on doing some KWebStat hacking tomorrow.

I send an email to Xandros for an interview for KDE::Enterprise - looks like it will be on the cards. :)

Seeya later all.

Had a great weekend full of metal...went out headbanging on saturday night and played lots of guitar. :)

Today we spent most of the day moving the office around. It sure looks a bit nicer and the damn photocopier (known for emitting shit) has been moved away from us. :)

today I also had a hack at KWebStat. The other day I added the tag editing box, and I worked on this today. I added some icons to the box and I am just getting the selections code written. Check out a screenshot here.

Right I am off...band practice tonight. :)

25 Jan 2002 (updated 25 Jan 2002 at 02:46 UTC) »

Today I finished off an article for Linux Format and submitted and then set out to fix some problems with KWebStat and KConfig. After some head scratching I realized a slight modification in design (to a better more OO approach) would solve it. It is now fixed and merged into the CVS.

Today I was attempting to update the band website and realized that my Apache is positively knacked for .php files. I will look into this tomorrow.

I got in tonight and tidyed up my room after setting off a compile of KDE. The room got tidyed a bit but the compile bombed out with some kded problems. I then noticed that Waldo has fixed it and it is compiling now. :)

My metal mate Al is coming up tomorrow for a weekend of metal, music and laffs. We are off out (about 12 of us!) on Saturday to a metal night and then we have a band practice on Sunday and Al will be aired the work we have done. Also my long time pal and brother of metal Paul is coming up. It's been a few months (we used to be in a band) and I am sure he will bring his bass up. :)

Seeya later all!

23 Jan 2002 (updated 23 Jan 2002 at 15:54 UTC) »

Hiya all,

What a busy few days...let me summarise.

I went to see Iced Earth on Sunday night at the SCALA in London. I went with Al, Steve, Ivor, Paul + Girlfriend and Keith. Much fun was had and I was at the front against the bar in the middle headbanging like a b**tard. They are one seriously good band.

The infamous stinkmobile - automobile of the innocent KDE hacker is going to be replaced with a Nissan Micra that my Grandad is selling. The stinkmobile was fun but it must go on to better pastures.

I have bought a new guitar! :) I have finally got my hands on a Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 (well I wil have my hands on it when I get paid). It is indeed sweet, and check out a pic of it here. WARNING: Kleenex may be needed.

We had a band practice last night and it was stunning - it is cool when all the bits just fall into place. We taped some of it and it sounded cool on tape also - things are really picking up with this.

In terms of Linux, KDE::Enterprise has been getting some attention with some publicity in the Linux press recently. The business cases are coming in and it is building into an interesting resource. In other stuff I wrote some articles for Linux Format and submitted them, I have done some work on KWebStat [screenshot] and I have been sorting out some other KDE related stuff.

There is some interesting stuff regarding KDE on the horizon that I can hopefully reveal sooner or later...we will have to see.

Right, LUG meeting tonight; myself and the boy Jordan are off down to meet the crazy nutters who constitute our LUG for lots of drinking and eating and of course telling crap jokes. We may even talk about Linux. :P

Seeya soon!

Yesterday I added an interview with Conectiva to KDE::Enterprise. It has got on the dot and is causing some nice traffic. :) It is good that this is all showing KDE can be used in the enterprise. :) Got up today at 7.30pm. I think that is a new record. :) After McDonalds, TV and just a little bit more of doing nothing, I decided to hack KWebStat a little more. I got the config input and output working, and I added the ID settings dialog. I also got the QMap tag structure going. It is nice to see it all coming together. :) Tomorrow is going to be fun - I am off to see Iced Earth (superb metal band) in London. Lots of moshing and hanging out with mates will be had. Well, it is 5.16am now and time for bed. Seeya later!

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