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Chicago: You seem to have forgotton your promised update - you didn't get horribly drunk at your birthday bbq, and forget, did you?
24 Apr 2002 (updated 25 Apr 2002 at 08:42 UTC) »
Chicago: Best of luck with your problems with SYS... i found them to be an immovable brick wall, personally.

Oh, and happy birthday.

22 Apr 2002 (updated 24 Apr 2002 at 08:17 UTC) »
Cursing: fujitsu, BT, and BT again for good measure
Singing praises of:Co-op, for their cumberland sausages, and ROX-Filer.
Listening to: Dodgy 80's stuff played by Jo-Jo.


That was short and sweet then.

Well, did the back garden thing, but only in relation to burning the weeds from between the paving slabs...

gah... adsl from pipex is b0rked again. I don't think this is the same problem that slef has with his, as apparently my exchange doesn't have that sort of hardware in it. I imagine it just some common or garden fsck-up from Pipex.

So, paying for internet access by the second, how quaint.

Ahh well, got to go have a free lunch now (nightmare, i know).

Wow... beee-yooo-tiful sunny day in norwich today... unfortunatly someone promised Jo he'd blitz the house today, so no sitting out in the back garden for me...

Just d/loaded and installed ArgoUML, which is a nice free UML modeller. This is all to do with building a database app for my dad, who does some truely fascinating things in the world of philately.

Should be lotsa fun.

18 Apr 2002 (updated 18 Apr 2002 at 14:24 UTC) »

Well, i regret to say i have for the moment given up with both Xindice and XML-RPC... the project has moved slightly faster than i envisaged (i.e. the customer got the jump on us by accepting our first bid, without negotiating) and I have to start right away... so i'll be using postgresql and perl instead.

I'll probably return to XML-RPC from a leisure point of view, when PHBs aren't leaning over my shoulder every 10 seconds.

17 Apr 2002 (updated 17 Apr 2002 at 13:07 UTC) »

Was thinking i really ought to put something on my website. I wonder if i could dig out any of the software i wrote for the acorn, all those years ago.

Could also post the bits and peices for my newsfeed type script, which allows easy embedding of RSS newsfeed things into pages served by apache. Would need to package it sensibly first. Ho hum. Macdonalds rocks, btw.

Update: Arrrgh. Bloody spammers. iDunno and I block yet another repetitive spammer from our mailserver. Did consider sending an email to the korean primary school who's mailserver they were using, but decided not to bother in the end. Can you believe btw, that korean schools manage to have their own internet connected mailservers, when the UK can't even manage to give all our schools a broadband connection. It's a sad, sad, state of affairs.

Well, random ramblings are us.... anything to avoid doing my accounts... which is wierd, cos once I do that I can work out how much money people owe me, and get it off them. I'm clearly too generous for my own good.

Currenly investingating the wonders of the XML-RPC interface, to Xindice, which seems fairly simple. Ish. Well, i have iDunno to help me out when i get stuck, which is someting of a bonus.

Anyway, that's enough for now

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