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So, typical monday. Our T1 was down, it's been down since early Sunday evening. Had to call our ISP, who in turn had to call Verizon to come out. I placed the call at 9:10am, Verizon didn't show up until 11:20. One again, a "bad pair" of wires had to be "repaired" and we get our internet back. Time to research a backup/replacement ISP.

My workstation at work lost it's video card as well. Had to reboot because an rpm caused rpm to deadlock, Defunct process that nothing could kill. Upon reboot, the system would kernel panic every time it started X, even after I reconfigured it. Fun. Replaced the video card and got back to work.

Downloaded latest RHEL3 kernel to test this LSI issue I'm having. New kernel doesn't seem to improve performance on the megaraid card. Greaaaat.

Our main file server dropped a drive. Set aside this evening to replace the drive. Once replaced, the server wouldn't see the new drive. Greaaaat. Unplug and remove all the servers on top of the file server (ghetto ass rack system), walk the server out to the production floor to examine the cabling. Reseat the cables, turn it on and the drive shows up. Replace all the servers, power on the file server, start the array rebuild. Just getting ready to leave for the night when the alarm goes off again. Source error on another drive of the array. Greaaaaat. Force the rebuild, will have to replace another disk tomorrow. Now I'm home, time to start Legacy work.

Lots of legacy work today. Built local chroots for the supported releases. Good use for that 80gig drive just sitting there. Did QA work on mc, on screen, and on ethereal. Only a couple more need to be looked at.

Worked out method behind signing legacy packages. Should be pretty secure, airgapped method of signing the packages. Just make sure I don't get hit w/ a bus.

Picked up my wife's little brother for the evening. He comes over every other week or so. We had dinner at the "Old Country Buffet". It was... um... food? I think...

Ugh, stayed up way too late. Well way too late when I have to go into work tomorrow and face a Monday. *SIGH*

Went to TacLUG (Tacoma LUG) yesterday, was pretty fun. Saw Chris Negus and Chuck Wolber show off some of the toys featured in their "Linux Toys" book. Pretty cool stuff.

Was writing a script today to mirror the updates for the releases that legacy supports, then I realized, I only have to mirror it this once. They shouldn't be changing. *sigh*. Oh wait, I can mirror our legacy content. Hrm.. I still need to come up with a proposal for the file structure to use for legacy updates... Back to work!

17 Jan 2004 (updated 17 Jan 2004 at 18:52 UTC) »

Sure, did all kinds of work (well not really) to "fix" mc for 7.2 only to find out that RHL7.2's version of mc isn't affected by the flaw. Great. Oh well, on to 8.0. Seth Vidal tells me that mc is vulnerable on RHL9 and FC1 as well, hopefully somebody will fix that soon. *hint* *hint*

Success! Mondo Rescue has been able to back up my 7.2 test box to my main workstation over NFS. I have then burned the backup to a DVD-RW using k3b (great app by the way), and "restored" my 7.2 box. Things are going to work peachy for this system and Legacy testing. Now to look at Seth Vidal's mc legacy packages for RHL 7.2

So had a busy day at work. Was working on some "mini-pc" thingies from utol I think. They're about 2" high and 4" long, really small things. They have a integrated modem on them, and our customer needs this to work as he's using these things in gas-station kiosks. Unfortunately he also uses Windows on them. Sure enough, right click on the modem and choose diagnostics to query the modem, and boom, the damn box restarts. Yet more fun to deal with.

Anywho, doing Legacy work tonight. Creating mondo images of my test box for RH 7.[23], and 8.0. Maybe I'll get some QA stuff done.

hrm.. yum-arch runs really fast on my 10Krpm SATA drive...

oh yeah, this post is coming from gnome-blog, a nifty little taskbar icon that lets you type up your blog throughout the day and post it when you're ready. Gnome Blog

Ok, so this is my first entry. wohoo!

Seriously, I hope to document more of what I do on a daily or weekly basis.

I've been extremely busy with ramping up for the Fedora Legacy project, writing my chapter for the Fedora Troubleshooting Bible, and with a couple contracting projects I'm working on. Courier-MTA is once again paying for new hardware (; A local company here has contracted me to design a Linux based mail gateway for their company. All it will do is accept email from a couple internal servers, and send them out to the real web, as well as except all email for their domain and forward it off to internal mail servers. It's a pretty easy setup. Hopefully I'll be done with that by early next week. I've got another project coming up where a company wants to send me a Linux harddrive so that I can recover the website held within. Seems their company doesn't have any Linux knowledge, and the people who originally set up this box are long gone. Simple project, unless the disk suffers problems in transit.

Anywho, guess I should get back to work now that I've set this thing up. I new return you to your regularly scheduled spam.

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