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10 Feb 2004 (updated 10 Feb 2004 at 08:06 UTC) »

Slowish day at work today. Did some benchmarks of one of our 3ware systems, FC1 vs RHEL3. Even with dledford's test kernels, there is still a 50% slower sequential read speed in RHEL3. This is somewhat bothersome, I should file a bug on it, or poke some of the kernel fellers about this.

Went to my brother's place tonight and played a couple hours of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Very addicting game, although it's really annoying to have to use the GameBoy Advanced to control your character. Fingers get cramped after a while.

Got farther along with the Fedora Build system. Enrico Scholz did some work with it and got a kernel working with vserver and djinni. Found out there are some issues with apt and amd64... greaaat. Hopefully it's not back to the drawing board, as that would suck. Maybe we'll just have to setarch the entire thing. What a bummer.

Got paid for the last half of a project, going to buy myself a new video card and some other misc junk. Going after a Radeon 9800SE by Power Color as I hear there are wintendo drivers that will unlock it's 4 extra graphic pipelines and turn it into a 9800 full. Will be fun to play with, although mostly it'll be used for 2d in Linux.

More fun with Orkut. Damn thats good crack!

Longish weekend. Tried to clean up my office a bit, made one more usable PC, stripping yet another one to sell for parts. My desk is still a mess though, should clean it up some time.

I need some "to-do" software, that is a quick/dirty tool of listing tasks that need to be done. Anybody got any suggestions? Right now I'm just using "Sticky Notes" in gnome.

Rolled out an updated libtool for QA testing in Fedora Legacy. Very obscure race condition that will only be reached if mktemp fails for some reason (like somebody deleted it from the system). Just needs some more people to look at it. Seems a few packages need either 7.2 or 8.0 or both QA before we can do anything with them. I'm going to continue with my policy of timeout on testing, and just push them if they've gotten good 7.3 feedback. If something breaks, thats really sucky, but perhaps it'll motivate the community to kick in some 7.2/8.0 love. It was the community that persuaded me to include 7.2/8.0 in the first place.

Going to try and learn Python. Got a couple books, reading them from time to time, doing some practice stuff. Seems pretty fun for now.

Ok, so I've been pressured into joining Online crack. More stuff to take up my free time. Guess I need to find a picture of myself to use....

Ugh, stayed at work until 1am on Friday. Had to replace small SCSI disks in our production server with large SCSI disks. Mondo backup didn't work so hot, I was unable to mount my NFS server from inside the mondo restore environment. Don't ask me why, works great at home. Had to do manual data backups, manual install, and manual restores. Of course, forgot a few things here and there, so I had to put the old disks back in, boot the old install and backup those one or two things, then put the new disks back in. Ran into fedora core's bind chroot bug while I was at it.... *grumble*

Pushed out ethereal and tcpdump this weekend as full updates. That clears the -testing queue. Now I have some room to do the QA on some other packages.

Went and saw Chicago the play. Was pretty cool, my wife REALLY liked it. (she liked the play long before the movie came out).

Watched the Super Bowl of course, had a coworker over for that, was fun.

Fedora Legacy got noticed... there is now a story about us at internet.com.

Releases cvs last night as an update. Got a couple more to do over the next few nights.

Finished my chapter!! Well almost. Still need to do a little sidebar on the history of yum. /me pokes seth....

Worked on cleaning up afio, buffer, lzo, and lzop for fc2 inclusion, part of getting mondo included in FC2. Notting pointed out that afio may have a problem with SeLinux. Lets hope not...

Going to spend some time today playing with the announcement script that Seth hacked on for me. Should be a good way to kind of learn some python.

Issued another testing update for Fedora Legacy last night, CVS. I'd like to see this one get used pretty decently before I publish it. Sent a nice "State of Fedora Legacy" message to the list, got good feed back, seems we're still all interested in continuing the progress.

Wrote a quick 'Geek tip of the Day' this morning, going over some of the cool stuff that lftp can do. If you're interested, you can find a plaintext (highlight/insert from my email) version of it here. I should keep doing these little "tip" things, sharpen my writing skills.

Speaking of writing, I've holed myself up in my office today, for a full day of writing about upgrading to Fedora Core. Thank god for a dogfood box that I can do research on, and a loving wife who puts up with my troll habits, and reminds me when I have to eat and stuff (:

Another late night *sigh*

Pushed elm out as an actual Fedora Legacy update. Our first release, woohoo!

Seth Vidal has helped me out quite a bit. He took a python script used internally to generate the fedora-update notices and modified it to work on my 7.3 system, and with better support for what I'm trying to do. Go Seth!!!

Filed a bug against RHEL3, because of the really poor LSI megaraid performance using RHEL3 kernels. Hopefully Arjan doesn't crucify me (;

Another slow day at work tomorrow. I like fridays, but they tend to be slow. (and I'm not in NYC).

Two more packages pushed into Legacy updates-testing tonight. tcpdump and elm That only leaves mc and CVS in the queue. Somebody needs to verify my work on mc, and I need to figure out whats going on w/ CVS. Leave that for tomorrow I suppose.

So, Pogo went to NYC for LWE, and only 4 people flew out. Quite a few months ago, I was promised that I could go to the NYC show. Of course, I'm not one of those 4 that went. So, the boss calls in a panic this afternoon, our booth is getting so much traffic that they can't keep up, and they want to fly out 2 more people tonight. Of course, I wasn't one of the 2 he chose, and then he went into a meeting so there could be no more discussion on the matter. Short story long, I'm not going to NYC ):

Oh well, back to writing....

Got Legacy updates-testing posted for screen and ethereal. Might have finally settled on a mirror server layout. EV1 hasn't replied back yet, hopefully they are still willing to be a master mirror.

Got a lot done tonight. Finished one contract job of capturing web content from a harddrive and putting it on CD. My stupid DVD-RW drive is acting up and will not burn to any CDR media, so I had to burn it on my wife's imac. Also did the final configuration on the mailserver contract. Just have to go on-site to deploy it. It's nice to not have that beastly dell in my office anymore.

Must work on book, falling way behind. Will write for the rest of the night.

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