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As the day moves on, there's the news dripping in. Slowly we move back to business as unusual and some of us even manage to smile every once in a while. Someone finally managed to mount the white boards to the conference rooms and a truckload of furniture just came in this morning, waiting to be setup for the sales and marketing team.

I hired a sales manager and some guy to look over our documentation and turn it into executive reads, less technicalities more buzz. We also hired a girl to do technical stuff in Washington, DC and a bunch of people in Santa Monica and Seattle. Another win on the front would be the fact that both NOMAD and our assessment tools will be available under the BSD license.

It seems like the tragedies of NY and DC lie like a black shadow over everyone and everything. Work is slow, if not paralized, and no ten minutes go past without someone coming in and keeping us updated on the events out there.

Moving in furniture and computers. Went to Central yesterday to buy switches and oozles of Cat5 to crimp to perfection. Looks like we've got a CPA/VP Finances on the hook, she might come in useful if all the receipts for that crap I bought arrive.

Yeeeehaw. The new office is finished and we're moving in as I type this. It's small but freaking cool looking and since it's just some place where we will be hanging out if we're not around the rest it's cool. I've put a drawing up, pictures will follow.

Long time no write. I've had a good time back in Germany, gave a talk at LinuxTag, reworked my sites, took some crappy consultant jobs, became a scapegoat for a dying dot.com, etc.

Decided to take a sabbatical a few weeks ago - and did. Now I'm feeling refreshed (and broke), with a bunch of new ideas.

Got SiteAccess working on my Zope install.
Ran down the street to the next 7/eleven and decided I need to do more sport. Was one of my 2001 resolutions anyways.
More analysts.
Some strange e-Mail from an even stranger person. Wants to buy smurftarget.net for his "collection of collector smurf figurines". Idiot.
Not really news, but a nice read: Fourt Quarter Earning (Un-)surprises
Currently four machines fight for space on my desk: an Amiga 3000, running AmigaOS 3.5, a small WinNT box to install all types of software on and try out exploits, a FreeBSD server and a Mac OS X Dual G4/400.
One has to go, between coke cans and ashtrays space becomes scarce and I need at least some inches of air to stack CDs and other crap I buy at Weird Stuff. Guess I'll relocate the BSD server under the stairs, next to his already relocated brother, even tho I'll miss my X Window system.
Thanks to Greenspan and lowered interest rates, stock prices are going back up. That, and the beginning of a new fiscal year gives managers money to spend - consultant services boom again.
$80k for some crappy security audit? They gotta be frigging shitting me?
Six hour debate why releasing the source of something does not make it less secure - and unexpected help from the finance department ("Imagine, 200 unpaid developers....").
Turned in my vacation days for Q1/2001 - Boss not happy, does not accept my request for time off for LWE and DefCon as "required training".
Going public while hundreds of dot.coms file Chap. 11? Are we crazy? Analysts ask strange questions, especially me.
29 Dec 2000 (updated 8 May 2003 at 08:59 UTC) »
Fragg! - you know you work too much when New Yers Eve comes around and you have NO plans for party. Well, guess it'll be a quiet one up in the City.

Zope - 'twas the night after christmas. And I decided to 'roll my own'. Bad Idea, broke most of the stuff I already wrote, so I have to either fix my code or fix my pages... both'll take years at the current rate of spare time I have.

ariya - the script you are looking for is already part of the Python distribution. Mail me for a newer/updated version. [loki@smurftarget.net].
Cool stuff of the day: I found a new registrar which has been not only helpful but also willing to move my fragged up NSI domains over to his registry. Hopefully that'll get everything running again.

On my flight back from Phoenix the Flight Attendand said godbye with the words "Welcome to San Jose, please refrain from smoking until you're outside of the State of California" and then broke down giggeling.

Finally back from the Midwest with more than enough Ideas for future projects - all I need now is some time and some initial momentum to get me going - will be hard.
22 Dec 2000 (updated 22 Dec 2000 at 23:21 UTC) »
And, it's so easy, when you're evil
This is the life, you see, the devil tips his hat to me,
I do it all. beacuse I'm evil
And I do it all for free, your tears are all the pay I ever need.
Voltaire - When you're evil

Finished playing with the Python embedded config for the Wall and added some fancy stuff to it; like:

a redirector based on content for HTTP and FTP. Quite nice, though I realize this could be used for censorware. Slows the Wall down a lot, tho.

I am going to bed early these days and back up around 6am. I don't know why, but I feel better that way. Jill's been extra sweet lately - wonder if it has something to do with the fact that she's dragging me down to see her family over christmas, which basically means: no cussing, no saying that I am not a christian, no being anti-prejudice, no pro- guncontrol statements, etc.

I guess I won the first round of screaming matches, or better: ESR won them for me. Gave his Cathedral/Bazaaar to our controller guys and they seem impressed. We'll see.

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