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This weekend I wrote a little music quiz game and my girlfriend and I have been playing it practically non-stop since.

Since Richard Hult did some D-BUS stuff with DrWright, I've been wanting to look into it for writing a plugin for gaim. I recently started using DrWright, and was immediatly annoyed as hell to be cut off in the middle of conversations over instant messanger. Then, when the break was over, my friend would have left, assuming I'd gone as well.

So I looked into it. The D-BUS stuff is E-Z. Writing a gaim plugin is reasonably easy also. Getting the plugin to build in gaim's absolutly horrid auto* & plugin system was a pain in the ass. I remember writing an xmms plugin, and it was really really easy. All I had to do was write the plugin, and compile with `xmms-config --cflags --libs` on the command line. gaim, unfortunatly, doesn't have such a clean procedure. I had to download the source, hack up the configure.ac to add a check for D-BUS, screw with a couple of the Makefiles, and then finally get to building the plugin.

But, its done. Its pretty nifty too. If theres any amount of interest, I could see about a patch or something. I tried making one, but it kept diffing all the Makefiles and the actual configure script (in addition to, of course, my plugin and the configure.ac file). I guess I probably need to make it against gaim CVS, maybe. I dunno. But it works for me, which is whats important ;)

Finally got a new, nice, featureful, working version of ishamp out there. Woo.

I used to hack on SkipStone, but became tired and frustrated with that after the other maintainer started adding a lot of unneccessary features and then eventually stopped working on it himself. So then I just used Mozilla. It was bulky and I wasn't too satisfied, but it got the job done. Galeon & Epiphany are interesting, but I'd much rather not have the huge featureset Galeon has, or the strange bookmarks system (at least to me) that Epiphany does. So, I stuck with Mozilla. And then wrote my own. So, a continuing tradition of egotistical project names, I released ishzilla yesterday. Who knows if itll be popular at all. I dont really care too much, it works for me and thats all I wrote it for.

"Bush is out of control." - Now more than ever.

fejj & miguel: You know, xterm does antialiasing, and its even got these flags -fg and -bg that change the colors from the ugly defaults! Whod've thought?

Not exactly the best forum, but still:

Go Bucs, suck it Raiders.

yeupou: maybe because they were kinda stupid and speaking in terms of the user-interface, confusing and bothersome. but maybe there were better reasons, who knows?

futhermore, gconf is great. its not like the windows registry, it contains application information (not operating system stuff), and it is implemented in flat files rather than whatever the registry was.

it could also be argued that those are separate from gnome 2, and people are going to choose not to use it for other, more... practical reasons. or maybe theyll just go like lambs to the slaughter anyway ;)

helcio: well.. actually...... as far as proofs go your comparator (is that even a word? *grin*) is indeed transitive (if a~b AND b~c then a~c) because the hypotheses (a~b AND ~c) is false, in your example:

x: f(60, 100) = false
y: f(100, 150) = false
z: f(60, 150) = true!

x is false
y is false
x AND y is false
z is true
x AND y => z is true
'false => true' is a true statement so, your comparator, speaking in terms of proofs, does satisfy that requirement (ie, it is transitive)

but i bet that doesnt help any. oh well.

yeah and in other news. i love GConf. some may know ive long been opposed to gnome & the libraries it requires. but i broke down and started playing around with some of them (GConf & gnome-vfs), and quite frankly they fucking rock. many thanks to the gnome team!

in my playing around, i stumbled across a stupid stupid stupid feature of GtkTreeView's: bugzilla #94837. i was just so angry after reading that. it doesnt make any sense! even if there is some hack reason why it needs to be selected (i dont think there is), its stupid! some applications might do computationally intensive work on the selection of certain rows in the treeview, and have two 'changed' signals emitted like that when i go to select a row for the first time is fucking stupid.

so i dove into TreeView's source and located the problem in it's overridden grab_focus method. i overrode it again in my TreeView derivation (which has a nifty column selector too: screenshot), and now it works properly.

yeah. so. anyways.

mglazer: if youre going to troll, you could at least be interesting sometimes. the same recycled bullshit we hear on almost every other website is.. just that, recycled bullshit. come back when you have something new.

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