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helcio: well.. actually...... as far as proofs go your comparator (is that even a word? *grin*) is indeed transitive (if a~b AND b~c then a~c) because the hypotheses (a~b AND ~c) is false, in your example:

x: f(60, 100) = false
y: f(100, 150) = false
z: f(60, 150) = true!

x is false
y is false
x AND y is false
z is true
x AND y => z is true
'false => true' is a true statement so, your comparator, speaking in terms of proofs, does satisfy that requirement (ie, it is transitive)

but i bet that doesnt help any. oh well.

yeah and in other news. i love GConf. some may know ive long been opposed to gnome & the libraries it requires. but i broke down and started playing around with some of them (GConf & gnome-vfs), and quite frankly they fucking rock. many thanks to the gnome team!

in my playing around, i stumbled across a stupid stupid stupid feature of GtkTreeView's: bugzilla #94837. i was just so angry after reading that. it doesnt make any sense! even if there is some hack reason why it needs to be selected (i dont think there is), its stupid! some applications might do computationally intensive work on the selection of certain rows in the treeview, and have two 'changed' signals emitted like that when i go to select a row for the first time is fucking stupid.

so i dove into TreeView's source and located the problem in it's overridden grab_focus method. i overrode it again in my TreeView derivation (which has a nifty column selector too: screenshot), and now it works properly.

yeah. so. anyways.

mglazer: if youre going to troll, you could at least be interesting sometimes. the same recycled bullshit we hear on almost every other website is.. just that, recycled bullshit. come back when you have something new.

most of the time, i hate the idea of open source. im bitter because of all the bigots out there who think its the only way, that its so absolutly wonderful, that it will solve all our software problems (and world hunger!).

but today, i love it :)

i started researching gstreamer two days ago. yesterday i had ishamp mostly rewritten to use gstreamer rather than xmms plugins (bleh, now there is a real peice of shit), when i discovered that the only cd plugin, 'cdparanoia', ... didnt work to play audio.

i jumped on irc and asked, 'wtf' (but much more politely of course). no one had a real good answer except wtay, who mentioned he was thinking about a simple cd plugin that would use ioctl cdrom controls to play the cd in the drive directly, rather than reading the data and then putting it to /dev/dsp. however, he hadnt done any real work with it. i asked how such a plugin might be written, he mumbled something about no-pads and self iteration.

today, i got back on irc and told wtay that i had a plugin that did just that, and asked who should i speak to about getting in cvs?

so now ive got some code up in gstreamer cvs :)

honestly, i feel like a little kid at christmas or something. i write code, and i release it quietly on my website and stuff, and maybe someone will download it or something. maybe. but this, i know, will really be used. and is actually *useful*

of course, ive still got some features to add :)

fejj: i agree with gman id donate some to the gmime & fejj-is-a-superpimp fund :)
Chicago: interesting, i guess. however, if a = 000 and b = 101, and youre allowing for 1 bit of error in those, what is 001? is it a with the third bit off? or is it b with the first bit off? same with 100.
bytesplit: im not going to tell you to leave. please stay, the more the merrier. but i would ask, what do you get out of contributing here? all you seem to do is defend yourself or attack others? i mean, my diary entires arent incredibly worthwhile either, but at least they [usually] dont bring the rath of the community down upon me.

in other news, i rewrote my website [again] (ooh, look public plugging of a personal site, im cool like lilo!!!)

and im getting ready to release ishamp 0.4, after using it solidly for about two weeks, i think ive got all the bugs and 'features' worked out. woohoo.

well, goodness gracious. bytesplit do you think i would say something i didnt know the meaning of? apologies if i concluded you might not be familiar with less than mainstream british slang. thanks for the pep talk though dude, i feel like a changed man. i should be nice to everyone and less abrasive, and try to accomplish everything with endless polite debate and reason, just like youve done. take care :)

bytesplit: i sure will. can you tell me what it means? unless you do tell me who they are, their opinion means jack shit to me. and, btw, what are your contributes to the open source community?

if you dont start a few brushfires, how can you remove/destroy people/things you dont want? being polite? laughable.

BrandonTallent: how about "sensible c-based-language syntax" none of that applies to only PHP. furthermore, your 4 spaces rant is bullshit. read and learn from the master. furthermore, variable names should be descriptive. period. who cares what more you do. i use underscores, but i realize some people find the reach for that key to be a waste. functions, blah blah. arithmetic, blah blah. christ. im sorry. im just pissy and i think your diary was a waste of a large amount of space. why didnt you just tell people to go read the linux kernel coding guidelines or something.

lilo: to bring up a dying argument. "man. i wish i could be like lilo and advertise my personal site for free on a huge irc network." sorry, but i think thats incredibly bad taste.

bytesplit: you tell newcomers not to listen to tk or chipx86, when youve posted about 20 diaries. nosh the hell off. you think youre better than us? then dont waste your time with us. GO AWAY or something.

sorry all. as i said, im pissy and abrasive tonight. but i got my website back up (woohoo, im l33t like lilo: ishamael.tunkeymicket.com. and ive finished the next version of ishamp (which is now a total itunes knock off. hah.)

sigh. at least fejj is still sane.

finally got around to announcing ishamp 0.3 on freshmeat, and was hit with a few downloads, which is nice to see, i guess.

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