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anyone else think Alleluia is a bot like mirwin? *grin*

just kidding, i suppose. but christ, thats a long diary entry with a whole lot of... nothing. oh well, im one to talk *grin*

more website work, more hacking on little projects that amuse me (ishwm,ishamp,ishmail,notice a trend). prolly will never finish any of them, but its fun to cock about with things.

give them a break
i think people (notably slef) need to stop bashing lilo and openprojects. for crying out loud, it is not a horrible server. im sure there are plenty of other servers for you to use, go use them and shut the hell up. if your favorite channel wont switch to such-and-such network, deal with it. stop criticizing their work. its not as if they're trying to piss you people off with "poor" service.

and, whats with all this poor service and such? i havnt noticed any real problems. sure, lilo has a lot of wallops about such and such happening, and it does, but oh well, its not as if he's trying to do a "bad" job. i think lilo and his staff (or, i suppose, whatevers left of them), deserve a lot of respect for running such a server. not a lot of us would want the headache involved in mainting something, especially without any financial or sexual rewards.


back home for christmas break. home sucks. i want to be back at school.
i think im developing an rsi of some sort. ive had minor arthritis in my hands for a few years, but over the last month my wrists and fingers have really begun to hurt.

i use the classic ibm ps2 keyboard, which is probably one of the major problems. if i had the money, id really like to get one of these, but im a poor student. can anyone suggest a really nice, ergonomic/comfortable keyboard that is relativly inexpensive. and dont say the microsoft natural thingy, ive used it, it sucks for me.

i think some of the problem also lies in the furtniture university provides. the desks are too high, so my hands are about 4-6 inches above my elbows usually. the chairs arent high enough for the desks, and rock, so i cant get into a stable typing position without some back discomfort. and, because drawers are obviously the coolest thing other (personally, i dont care for them *at all*), our desks have drawers taking up about 60% of the underdesk area on one side. so, if youre pushed up against the wall (like i am), you get about 2.5 feet of underdesk space for your 2.4 foot wide chair and legs.

ive swiped a chair from dining services, which is a bit higher and not so wide, so i think itll be a bit better. ive also started using xwrits (30minutes of typing, 10 minute break) and moved my keyboard,monitor & mouse around a bit to get in a more proper position. hopefully this will lead to less pain in my arms.

does anyone else have any advice to offer on this whole situation?

more work on my gsql program (gtk sql client), its actually becoming quite usuable.

ive also become quite fed up with xmms. i tried fixing a lot of the problems ive found with it by writing an alternative playlist (gxpl), but its still too fucked to use, imho. so, i think im going to write my own client thatll use the xmms input/output plugins. that is, just write a nicer interface to most of the xmms code.

umm.. yeah.

wow. after playing with phpMyAdmin and its related tools, and accidentally screwing up my web content's tables, ive decided to start work on gsql again. yippie.

31 Oct 2001 (updated 31 Oct 2001 at 21:30 UTC) »
yakk: ill second that.
its been a while
Phoon: uhh, yeah, do be careful with caffeine. its more addictive than a lot of illegal stuff, and a lot worse for you. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/caffeine/caffeine.shtml.

updated my web site again. urbana.diablonet.net. wow.

college kicks ass.

college sucks.

when was the last time i slept?

how curious, if you turn on 'always use my colors' in netscape, no one has certification colors designating their el33t-ness. methinks it shall stay this way.

I dont have any news or anything to report, just wish to comment on the whole mirwin and certification thing.

shut the hell up

thank you for your time.

28 Aug 2001 (updated 28 Aug 2001 at 06:41 UTC) »
Alcohol sucks
Too bad Phoon. I like ithought. If you hadn't said anything, maybe I'd have let it slide. :) Personally, I don't think I should be a Journeyer either, but I figure that as long as I'm here, I should spread the wealth.

I am addicted to PHP. Damn. (read: did more on my web site instead of doing productive, important things, like homework)

I have discovered the best game ever. I am not at all a sports person, in fact, I despise most physical activity of that sort. But. Ultimate Frisbee is.... awesome. I cant think of the proper word to describe it.

Oh, and Go deekayen Go!

Do a real drug

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