13 Sep 2001 ignatz   » (Journeyer)

I have been wondering about was the story in the news from a little over a week ago about some terrorist turning evidence against Ben Ladin talking about this network of terrorists and them arresting people all over Germany and what a great "Intelligence Coup" this was and how valuable the man's information was. Did we get played? Sure sounds like it.

The main thing that I'm anxious about is the "Black Box" for the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. What a story! From what I can tell from the accounts a group on the plane figured out that they were going to die anyway and rushed the hijakers. Wow! We will probably never know how amazing it was.

New York gets a real bad rap in terms of community, but thinking about the story of firefighters running up the stairs of the WTC trying to help people in a building that is very likely to collapse very soon is just amazing.

Wondering about all this talk of War. War on terrorism. What does that mean. Once upon a war was a very clear thing. Make lots of weapons. Train lots of soldiers. Kill the enemy. Now we have wars on poverty, wars on drugs. If we consider these things wars, than we have been failing pretty miserably when it comes to war of late. When I think of war I think of the old movies where poeple line up enlisting in order to fight the enemy of the day. Nothing like that matters now. I don't think that our language has words for what is happening to us now and the fact that our leaders have no way to express what is happening makes it all sound like platitudes.

The fact is that there is little that you can do against groups that are willing to die to kill you except stop giving them reasons to blame you for there problems. But is that really possible? As long as we cast ourselves as self appointed defenders of Capitalism and World Cop (We did that the moment we began ignoring World Court rullings and began police actions against other nations without UN sanction or leadership) than there are going to be a lot of people who hate us. As long as we continue to be slaves to our desires we will have to do anything and everything to ensure that our desires are met. What are our desires? Cheap oil. Cheap goods. Cheap easy to cook food. High standard of living. How do we maintain this except by insuring NO MATTER THE PRICE TO THE STANDARDS OF LIVING OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD that oil runs, that sweatshops sweat, that the glutton gets his lunch.

I don't think that our economic system can function in a police state. So much of what we do is dependant on the free exchange of things and ideas. Slow those down and you slow down the economy. Not something that we can afford given the courner that we have painted ourselves into.

Raymond's nutty comments just make me think again about the wacky nature of the human brain. Being really really smart at something, people naturally want to hear what you have to say about things other than your expertise. And what do you know, being really good at coding Lisp doesn't mean SHIT when it comes to explaining terrorism. I care as much about his opinions as I do Bobby Fischer's or James Brown's or Cortney Love's.

I'm just thinking about flying in this plane will everyone packing. "Sorry Sir, you can't store that assault rifle in the overhead bins. We'll have to store it for you." "Now son. Make sure that you always set the safety on your gun when you carry it in public and STOP POINTING IT AT YOUR BROTHER." I for one am grateful that we live in a nation that makes it very easy for people to express how nutty they are so that I can know what to expect from them.

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