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18 Oct 2001 (updated 18 Oct 2001 at 18:37 UTC) »

Not a day goes by where I don't get hit with some new combination of letters that I've never heard of before referring to some "technology" that I've never heard of before. This time it's PVCS, a commercial version of CVS as far as I can tell. They're using it here at the new gig. Go figure. I'll stick to trusty ol' CVS for my own stuff.

16 Oct 2001 (updated 17 Oct 2001 at 01:47 UTC) »

Working with Pear. Lots of good shit in it. Not sure why open source developers shoot themselves in the foot by developing without documenting. Allah knows (hi NSA!) that I've made that mistake. Really hard to get people into something when all there is is highly abstract, undocumented code. I'm sorry, phpdoc just doesn't cut it with PHP not being strong typed and all.

12 Oct 2001 (updated 12 Oct 2001 at 19:14 UTC) »

Notes about required features for pivot. Issues that seem to come up alot include: Commit: Being able to edit large volumes of content and it being stored and editable but not commited. Similar to a sql commit, but maintaining state over sessions.

Unknown Auth: Being able to give people and groups access to stuff before you even know who they are. Matching an access id to an email or something. Email still seems to be the best universal id for anything. no need to go beyond it.

Wierd using the APache java Oro regex package. Perl5 regular expressions. Works real well, just funny seeing anything Perl like in Java. Feels almost tainted.

The more I work with that bloated blob called Oracle the more I become a PostgreSQL zellot. Need to devote more time to it. Not sure what you pay for when you but products like Oracle or Solaris. The money is certainly not being spent on improved usability.

Was really happy to see a free version of toad. Komodo is handling itself well. Kinda free... kinda open... can for this... can't for that. Things certainly are chaotic of late.

2 Oct 2001 (updated 2 Oct 2001 at 21:09 UTC) »

Working... la la la.

So far so good. Hope to get the family out here asap.

They're using Pear here. So typical of things PHP. They say they are modeled after CPAN but it comes off like Perl's half-witted brother. No organization. Almost impossible to figure out where it is or exactly what it is. Go to their web site and it's like crickets. Where the heck is it? How do you get it? Gahhhh!!!!!!!

Sure... complain complain complain. Why don't you do something about it. Good point, Mr. split personality.

Just sent this email because of the story on ./ about the w3c allowing patents in their standards:

From: "Christopher Baker" 
Subject: Royalty-Bound Patents 
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org 

I am very disturbed to learn about your groups intentions of having "standards" that include patents. The fact that this has been placed on a fast track only enforces my worst fears.

I fully support the comments of Alan Cox: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-patentpolicy- comment/2001Sep/0131.html

This action will in effect turn your organization, which up till today I had the greatest respect, into nothing more than rubber stamp shills for large corporate interests.


Christopher Baker

===== Christopher R. Baker Tune Smith / Programmer http://cbaker.org/ http://rememberjosie.org/carols/

Job fair today in sacto. Lots more people than work to go round. Nothing but hustling around. Been so long waiting to hit bottom that I'm starting to think that I can fly.
16 Sep 2001 (updated 16 Sep 2001 at 19:12 UTC) »
I can't get shit done these days. Took a brainbench test yesterday for Java. Yeah! I'm certified! I wish I felt that those tests have any value except to perhaps help in landing a job.
America at war. Interesting seeing that in the media now. W says we're at war so we're at war. Strange how much has changed in the last 50 years. An undefined war against undefined enemies in undefined locations. So much for the constitution. War all the time, Baby!

Drove around last night with the boy honking our horn at all the people standing on street corners with candles waving flags me yelling out "America Rules!" That was fun. I'd like to see that be a tradition. Much more valuable that sitting in front of boxes listening to right wing pundits flap their jaws.

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