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I work in a office as softwaredevloper /application maintainer. The HQ of the organisation( the place where i work), is in the middle of a forest. Its such a remote plase that even a mobile phone doesn't often work verry wel. It is a beautyfull place. I just need to walk out the door and i can have a nice walk in the forest

I live at the other site of this forrest, about 7km from that place. When i go to mine work i prefer to go on foot.

Walking through the forrest is verry enjoyfull. Often you can see dear,squirrles or birds of pray. It is magnificence to see the geece flying over and hear that distinct sound. The last few days it has rained a lot. It has become verry mudy in the forest. That makes it only more interesting. In the winter, it is often verry dark when I go home through the forrest.

Elaya project

I'm trying to port it to NetBSD. Because i have not the machines on wich i can install NetBSD i use Bochs. I was able to setup bochs and NetBSD, so that i can compile the compiler and the RTL. Everything compiles fine but I need to change the RTL , because of some Link errors. The build system also need some changes to support full cross-compile of the compiler itself. Compiling everything under bochs takes to long.

15 Aug 2003 (updated 15 Aug 2003 at 19:38 UTC) »

It's has been a long time since I wrote somehting is this diary.
I have been walking in Norwegain mountains, it was a
unforgettable experience. It is something unique, being
alone in the middle of nowhere. I choose the maintains
south of Roros
It is quit there not spoiled by tourist and a
wild place. Mountains are beautyfull yellow because of
the moss/Empty and dessolate. It was sometimes cold and
freezing but a dry weather. It did snow even for a

Book Tip

Baught Cache Lake Country form John J. Rowlands.
A musthave.
this is a book about living in the
wildernis of canada.
Good written and interesting

Also reading The Wind in the willows from Kennth
Graham. Got it from EM. Also good written and orginal

Elaya project

Released a new version of compiler. To much back luck.
Source file packaged containted error after uploading. I
Could fixe it luckley. I also discoverd this morning that
i left out the documentation files in the windows
packages. The FRS of berlios didn't work eather...
Anyway.. I have now also a machine with 2.4 kernel
(Yeah SCO ) wich I can use for testing.

Yes, I am still alive. Maybe not the most interesting remark,
but it matters to me.
Visited Amsterdam. Beside the usual things, I Visited the 
'Richeness of the Stroganov' exibition. The moral delimma is
that proberley most of the richeness is gathered at a cost 
of the ordinary people. At that most of time people lived in
verry pore condition in Rusia. To much honour for the Stroganovs

Elaya project Didn't do much. This wekend I changed the method ptr syntax, removing some ambuigity. This is proberly the last change before the next release.

6 Mar 2003 (updated 6 Mar 2003 at 12:03 UTC) »
Someone I know is Dying..


Civilazation ?:

  • Bombining innocent people with napalm (by American army in Vietnam war)
  • Apartheid (in America some 30 years ago)
  • Repress people with other idea's (Comunists in America)

You can argue that above list are from some years ago. But considering the attitude of American govenement towards countries witch doesn't support the war on Irak, you can conclude that America hasn't changed in those years but only
the rest of the world.

Elaya compiler and language
There was no bug in virtual nested classes, but fixed some other small bugs.

It takes to long for running the test suit (1 day). I should consider some changes...

... planning futures development.

There is futher nothing interesting to mention.

28 Feb 2003 (updated 28 Feb 2003 at 10:12 UTC) »
I wish I wasn't where I am know.....
I am looking  forward when I go to Norway this sommer
(like Setesdal  previous year).
Someone I know, is going to New Zealand next month.  Sadly I can't go with here...

Elaya Compiler Project Fixing virtual nested classes. I hope this is the last bug. When this is true, the new release is next week I hope. The only thing to do is writing some documentation /

Had a Canoe polo tournament this weekend.
We played 4 games , 2 games win and 2 lost. Is verry good, we
only started canoe polo about 4 months ago.

Elaya compiler project Found a stupid bug. (not realy, I was stupid, not the bug).

19 Feb 2003 (updated 19 Feb 2003 at 21:42 UTC) »
It was cold today (-9 C in the morning)

Found an interesting link ,from theinquerer to a story about Uranium City . Verry bizzare. Today it seemed to be -23 C at that place, a little bit colder than -9. I dond't complain about the cold here. Even with the current tempratures I go with mine bike to mine work. It just beautifull going through a forrest in the winter (The headquarters of the organisation for which I work, is in the middel of a forrest.)

had a talk about how I function at mine work,it was verry positive.

Elaya project I did run all the test programs. No errors reported, even Valgrind didn't complain. There should be a release verry soon... A major thing to do is documentation.

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