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Thinking of starting an OpenGL backend for GNUstep. This is for an experiment that I'll write a new 3D view, GS3DView. With this GS3DView, I should be able to map an NSView right into a GS3DView. So I can have all dialogs and buttons with perspective representations in an OpenGL-based view. Yes, I'm thinking of Open Croquet. This will be done after I write a backend that run as a separated server.

Didn't write here for sometime. I took a job as a sculptor recently. It is interesting to work seriously on something I have not touched for 15 years. Quite a surprise that I am still get along well with plasticine. I'm also working as a director of a small game. No coding since all the proprietary softwares are evil. But I'm thinking of making my own version of the game based on Quake 3 engine. (The original version was designed for cellphone)

17 Jun 2005 (updated 17 Jun 2005 at 16:23 UTC) »

Spend half an hour to write this totally worthless app (shot). Well, the notes were streaming in random and you just type c d e f g a b to clear them.


Now I guess I already waste enough time on craps. Hope I can start porting my DiagramKit (from GNUstep) to OSX this Sunday so I can continue my development.


A side note here that Maliwan is going to be redesigned, from DAG to changeset model. This involves eliminating ivar from factories and intensively exploiting command patterns in Objective-C with invocations. You don't know what I mean? Neither do I! Ha!


Commit new patch to make interface more scalable. I guess I need a way to control ratio of a subview's geometry to its parent.


It's kinda fun but it seems it's quite buggy (on Ubuntu).


Enough to do a living. Not enough to travel. May be I should hunt for them from GNUstep's potentially future bounties. I'd survive a month here with $50. Or may be I should do icons?!?!? :(

30 May 2005 (updated 30 May 2005 at 17:38 UTC) »

I've started my Thai language blog called "..transid34plethora". Today I added an article on free software and a portrait of RMS

GNU Arch

I guess I am really keen on using GNU products. Beside a GNU Hurd fanboy, is this yet another attemp to be proving myself a GNU zealot? Yes, this is the 30th time I try to deploy tla, and I am considering writing a Cocoa/GNUstep frontend for it. (Well, what actually attracted me was the file-id thingy.)


I revisited the idea with a friend (since we were in accounting school) 2 days ago. I was showing him what quantrix can do and I was thinking, it would be great if we can have an underneath framework that implement the quantrix's idea which serves our double entry accounting application. May be I should take a look at Flexisheet, but I have a feeling like rewriting it from scratch is a better approach, in case that flexisheet isn't maintained. Looking in their CVS makes me that impression.


I decided to quit all my activities there. Though, I'll try to finish some of unfinished projects, such as Ladder.


Add an inspector and history.

One night

I was enlightened by the time. I guess I will have a lot more time to paint now. This is a happy day.


I think I already over-engineer the spot light part. I wish after this document inspector I am currently working on, it will be gone, from my life.. grrr I hate a go client..


  • I am about to start working on back-cairo again. Owen suggested that 0.5.0's APIs are stable enough. I can't wait to see my go client running with it.. Hmm.. I think I just said I hate a go client.

  • I am wondering if I should try to read xpdf-cairo code. I am wondering if it create its own graphic state stack over cairo-state. But I guess Stefan will figure that out.

  • My NSView patch that fix the view rotation is resting peacefully. Nobody have time and/or is capable to revise it.

  • I start hating GNUstep community in serveral ways. Interesting. And no, it is nothing to do with that nobody has been revising my patch, actually they tried. It's the other things that IMHO much like assigning the most important task to cripples.. ack.. I shouldn't say more.

  • I'm glad for seeing new people popping up, nonetheless.


    I don't know if it is worth it, to learn the worst language in humankind history just to be able to handle things that are in ObjC++. They are committing ObjC++ stuffs, I was told that it is the time to kickoff the ball.


    You may notice that I revamped my workshop.

  • Ladder

    I'm currently working a go client called Ladder [screenshot], probably a gnu go front-end.


    Just got new adsl. Speed improved from 500B/sec (totonline) to 26kB/sec. A few conspiracy here, before upgrading my dial-up phone line which is now adsl can only connect to the net at 500B/sec even I bought internet package that isn't free totonline. But these days, I can connect with 5kB/sec, what a surprise. I wouldn't need adsl if I can connect at 5kB/sec. Did they manage something evilly wrong with my phone line to convince me to upgrade to adsl?


    For those who didn't know, garma has been merging with √Čtoil√©.


    This mock is showing some idea on a file browsing system. Groups are virtual file, more or less like gmail's label but it can apply more metadata.


    Magnet starts working now. Some serious were solved.

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