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pphaneuf: It might be worth taking a look at PgAccess, which will connect to postgres and give you all the fun of forms, and a front end. Hope that helps.

Released a version of ClamMailFilter last night, it's still not completely finished, but it does the job (for me at any rate). It does appear to sometimes not clean up after itself which I'm currently working on, and should be fixed in the coming week or so.

Currently still working on the spam management system for work, will probably do a complete rewrite in python when that's working, and publish that version instead (current version is php4, which although it works, isn't the most pretty code in the world to work with).

Anyways - back to writing the subscription front end for the spam management so that our customers can sign up at the beginning of next month (nothing like tight deadlines, is there ;). I think that it'll be a mostly manual setup for now, but that shouldn't be too bad.

SpamManagement is now almost completed, did a few tweaks to make it actually display stuff almost correctly. It needs a few more options, but otherwise it's working quite nicely.

The next thing to do is to write a quick script that goes through the users file for it and cleans the mailbox to only contain the last 7 days e-mail (otherwise it'll get stupidly big very quickly). Then there's writting some documentation for it, that'll be around sometime soon, I hope.

Also been playing with python and rss, have currently got my Advogato stream rendering nicely on http://www.sommitrealweird.co.uk/python/cgi-bin/blog.py and am working towards making that more efficient (oh, and XHTML compliant, soon, I hope ;).

Right - that's it for this morning

Crikey, long time no post here, well, what's been happening? Mostly work, currently hacking together a spamassassin front end for work, it's looking quite good now, a few more tweaks and I'll be really quite happy with it.

Also wrote a small perl script to play with emails and clamav (as the --mbox flag has always been discouraged), that also works quite nicely, but isn't quite finished.

Should rewrite the set of awstats scripts I wrote for work sometime in the next couple of weeks, with a bit of work they might come in handy for other people. Currently they have a simple config file (which tells it where to download the logs from, and where to upload them too, currently FTP only) and a small cron segment that runs them on the first of the month, they work really quite well.

Got a couple other small projects up my sleeve also, but I'm not entirely sure about them yet. We'll see how the next couple weeks go.

Hrm, s'been a while since I last posted anything here, I see. Well, still nowt to report, keep getting home and not fancying working on any of the half started projects, ah well, I'll get to that soon I hope.

Just got a LiveJournal account too, all because I wanted to post a comment on someone elses LJ. *SIGH*. Just incase anyone is interested it's at http://www.livejournal.com/users/sommitrealweird/

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21 Apr 2003 (updated 21 Apr 2003 at 21:20 UTC) »

Well, its been a while since the last post, but on the other hand I've been busy hacking perl at work so haven't done much else :/

Went to see Johnny English last night, that was good :)

Otherwise, been hacking mainly css and getting things to look right for other people, the last hack can be seen at http://www.sommitrealweird.fsnet.co.uk/css/perfs.html which was done for a stampy person. Works quite well I think :)

In other news, about to restart hacking on jewel-objc which still isn't anywhere near releasable to the outside world, in that I've not got it doing anything but sitting in a loop at the mo, need to add some signal handling, then start hacking in the actual window operations, all good fun, just not had time/inclination for mass hacking sprees recently (last touched the code at the beginning of March by the looks of things, ahh well, at least when there's sommit there slef might start hacking on it, not quite got it to a stage to give it to him yet though)

Life is still trundling on a day at a time, which is good, saw thom tother weekend which was good, had a few beers in London with him :)

Anything else? hrm, oh, its Chicago's birthday on thurs, so, just incase I totally forget to wish him a happy birthday then, here's a quick one now! Happy Birthday ikkle James!

And that's me for tonight, signing off. Bleh. Sleep :)

(Blech, edited to fix cock up with mark up, thanks thom, I'm not awake ;) )

4 Feb 2003 (updated 4 Feb 2003 at 15:36 UTC) »
pearlbear: I just tried to look at the demo of Xina, it appears that its currently broken :( was looking forward to seeing if it was close to what we need here, or easy to bend in to shape.

Basically after contact manglement + project manglement + support call manglement all rolled into one (possibly with account manglement as well).

Right - long time no post... so here goes... last week was a bit of a nightmare, main server at work had a disk failure, backup server was about 2 to 4 weeks out of date (ooops), fortunately a fair chunk of the data was on a raid array in the main server when we got it back, but that was it. Spent a week rebuilding and putting measures in to place to make sure that there was a backup at all times that shouldn't be more than 2 hours out of date.

Also, been working on jewel again (well, not so much on jewel, but the new incantation, still not worthy of putting anywhere, still in *VERY* early stages of development while I learn ObjC while rewritting it), hoping to get something out by the end of the month at the latest.

And, also, going to actually finish packaging ircd-hybrid 6 very soon (hopefully by the end of this week). It's been a while since I played in the tree though, so thinking about making the source package make 2 packages, one geared for high volume networks, the other geared for standalone servers. Thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Otherwise, life is still (just about) ticking along, wish there was more to it, but hey, can't have everything I suppose, you win some, you lose some, I'm just having a nice long losing streak.

Anything else? hrm, don't think so, could do with a change of scenery, maybe its time to take a real holiday. Normally end up back at my dads, or wasting it in a pub, probably wouldn't be a bad plan to just get away for a bit.

hey ho, I've not posted for a while now, I'm slacking on all fronts really... on the plus side, now working behind a bar for a bit which is kinda cool :) Still working at paston, and its been a nasty couple months, need something new to do and take my mind of some of the shit hitting the fan in various aspects of life, that's where the bar work comes in handy, chill out without drinking far too much and spending all me money :)

Really need to start working on jewel sometime soon, but have kinda lost all faith in my code (thanks to a certain person that shall not be mentioned here). Sorry slef I will get back to hacking jewel, just as soon as my heads got back in to the right frame of mind. Need some time out from all things computer related that aren't compulsorary (read: work) at the moment.

Ahh well, we're nearly at christmas, god knows what's going to happen then.

Hrm - oh, it appears that I missed the bit about my sister having my nephew in the front seat of her other halfs car on the way to hospital, that was a phone phonecall we got at 8am (having been drinking till 4am), this was the morning after my other sister got remarried... we think the baby wanted to escape the poison^Wwedding food ;)

Thats it for now.

*SIGH* alls fair in love and war, apparently. Just not fair to me :)

Hrm - well, it appears I've not posted for a while, so here goes nothing...

Been a little interesting over the last few weeks, my car is dead *AGAIN* and this time some nice person has broken the passenger side front window too, which really did round off thursday last week (having not been able to start the car, and being an hour and a half late for a meeting). Ahh well, that can wait, my feet still work so that's now my main form of transport.

Jewel development is, erm, somewhat stinted at the moment, largeish project for work that I'm hacking on, don't really feel in the mood to fix jewel after that.

Life generally sucks, but I'm sure it'll get better soon. (I hope)

The ALUG meeting last sunday went quite well, if a somewhat low turnout. Got a few more machines running Debian/GNU Linux and generally had some fun.

Hrm - can't think of anything else at the moment... oh, except I'd really love to see the entire of the UK get wireless broad band for free right now, but that's just a pipe dream.

More later, maybe

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