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later - Someone please shoot me for improper use of &=
Palm foo - The "iRogue for HandEra 330" branch has (I think) only two nontrivial new bugs at the moment, does not have support for rotating the display, but I think I will vote that a project for another month. Whether the bugs will be magically fixed by July 2 is anyone's guess.

Color for kMoria is practically done (and there is a kludgey separate utility to help set up colors so that, yeah, every monster type can have its own color without wasting space for us monochrome folks), but before I turn it loose, I want to rethink which database should get the record with the color information - choosing either of the existing two has some possible drawbacks but on the third hand proliferation of databases is also potentially irritating to the user. Meanwhile, I revised the stats bar so that it only updates the fields that have changed (cut down on the flickering when you are regaining hit points) but it's a bit broken just at the moment and sometimes doesn't update anything.

Other foo - Rereading _Downbelow Station_.

26 Jun 2001 (updated 27 Jun 2001 at 02:46 UTC) »

lately: Adding more creeping features to kMoria. Occasionally remembering to work on "iRogue for handera 330" branch - today I got the emulator to crash in a new way, which may or may not be considered progress.
tonight: Answering email (which has been stacking up all week), even though I don't really feel like it.

Yesterday we made chicken salad in the food processor. I have not used such a device before. It is interesting. A tool for converting "cutting up" tasks into "washing up" tasks.

Someone asked today "how can you hack at work, and then come home and hack some more? I would get tired of it". Now I feel unmotivated - it is like trying not to think of a rhinoceros, I think. Actually sometimes work is "hacking", and sometimes it is "answering email", and the same is also true of not-work, so all I have to do is pick an activity that did not occur in abundance at work. Sometimes both occur in abundance, and then when I come home I fall back on "testing", which really means playing games (choose your projects wisely).

This week I am trying to get the iRogue special-cases for HandEra 330 to work (this goes rather slowly and batchily because at the moment the machine I am compiling on and the emulator I am testing on are a mile and a firewall apart), and trying to decide on a reasonable way to let people configure colors in kMoria (and still be able to swap color definitions with one another...)

Someone asks whether there is iRogue merchandise! egad.

Briefly distracted from addition of creeping features to iRogue; this morning I fixed a couple bugs in kMoria and this afternoon I got it to compile with a newer SDK (3.5). Will attempt regression testing for a few weeks now and see if the upgrade made it crashy like iLarn.

I don't play an Angband, but reading about fufie's joke patches entertained me in the past. I must go read the thread of opposition and see if it is amusing or lame.

ha, new iLarn version released. Now it is time to get back to making iRogue "take advantage of" HandEra 330 foo.

toys - Have I said the cheapie backordered Palm IIIc showed up on my doorstep? It did, couple days ago, along with a delivery dude and a clipboard to sign. I can now belatedly confirm all the things everyone has said before, which is, they are nice for gaming, really ideal in dark rooms, no use whatSOever in bright sunlight of course, and the "regular" writerights really-truly will make your brain explode (I will have time to pick up some "color" writerights this weekend, I hope, which a friend says are all-around better than the current "regular" ones anyway; will find out if the 12pack I bought like 3 years ago ever runs out). Also, the iiic definitely has a larger feel than my Visor Deluxe (it's green but not jealous). A fine test unit. I feel all serious or something, having spare hardware to test on. Luxury! [insert Monty Python skit here]

whack-a-mole debugging - Still working on getting the 0.25 alpha of iLarn ready for takeoff as described in a previous entry. Aw, heck, maybe I should just release tonight; it wouldn't be an alpha if there weren't still some bugs, right? (On the gripping hand, not sure I feel like putting in the effort of a release right now, when it could be put off til the weekend, and give me a really weak excuse to continue putting off yard work.)

Whew. Just finished changing the strings on my guitar (happy little Seagull S6). They sound much better than the old dead ones, but boy it was kind of tedious though not as nerve-wracking as the, errr, 11-string guitar, which is similarly about a year overdue for the operation. (How can people stand to do this every month? Maybe they get better at it? :-)

iLarn - It is an iLarny evening. Fixed the DND store bug I mentioned yesterday. Wrote a small new survey regarding the little four-button popup form.

To do - Unfortunately, no time for any of it this weekend but that's another story. The iLarn map still needs @ and stair squiggles re-inserted; then, zip up a 0.25 alpha for sourceforge, freshmeat, and turn on the survey. Maybe the backordered IIIc will show up by then.
Sometime, I also ought to grovel in the crashy iLarnSaveDB.pdb that a user submitted a while back, since the emulator doesn't crash it for me no matter which ROM I use. Must remember to do this.

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