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23 Jul 2001 (updated 23 Jul 2001 at 08:47 UTC) »
After asking about support for a website for Nautilus scripts, themes, etc. jdub and I worked out a plan for what will hopefully become nautilus.gnome.org. See nautilus-list for more details. I also talked to OctobrX quickly about doing something with sawfish.org. Stay tuned....

Chema has been guiding me through the wonderful world of the Ximian Setup Tools recently, and I've been working on time-admin. Time skews a-plenty. Ugh.

Free Dmitry!
T -7 Hours for the Boston protest, which will hopefully get a nice turnout. If you're in the Boston area, the protest will start at the Park St. T stop at 12:00. See here for the dirt.

I joined the EFF today, and have been trying to recruit people for a Free Sklyarov protest in Boston.

Midterms finished today. To celebrate that, I dove into the ximian-setup-tools code and came very close to drowning. Chema deserves thanks for his patience and availability for dealing with neophytes like me, even when he has lots to do. Hopefully I'll have my first real end-user-visible code in the GNOME CVS within a week.

In other news, a group of my friends and I decided to go to a movie. One of my friends had been to the theater, and said that it was close by, so we decided to walk from Harvard. An hour later, we arrived at the theater... in Alewife. We took the T back, and were home within ten minutes, having missed any chance of seeing a movie. It's 3:48 AM right now, and I have to be up at 6 to go on a trip to Dartmouth. I guess a sane sleep schedule can wait....

I'm at harvard summer school right now. I've contributed two more patches, which were fixes to my previous patch *blush*. I spent the day wrestling with vicious-build-scripts and the current state of GNOME anoncvs. I'm happy with my grades , school and otherwise, but the fact that midterms are in a week is freaking me out.

School, SATs, and AP tests are all over. I contributed my first patch today, which I'm very happy about. Soon I'll be heading to Harvard to do their summer program. Life is good :)
How long is themes.org going to be down?

Well, I'm going back home to the bay area tomorrow, one week after LWE is finished, of course. I'm not bitter, really......

Coding: My python irc bot is fully functional, with a userlist and a database module. Just a couple more bugs before it's ready for public consumption. Also, I've got a patch for customizing the [double|triple] click [distance|timeout]. All I have to do is submit it and see why my approach didn't work ;-)

Spent time working on a python binding for gdk-pixbuf, but have been stopped by undefined symbols :(

Libglade has an xml file that contains signal and widget data. Would it be possible to write an extension to libglade that allows it to automatically script applications? For example, let's say xchat was all libglade-based. A script could tell libglade to put "hello, world" into the chat entry widget, and then call the send_chat signal. A wrapper could be written by the author, or even someone else, so one could call chat(hello, world!) and add scripting without having to touch the source. Sound feasible?

I made another theme, which has consumed most of my day.

Well, I made a theme. Go check it out!

If anyone's interested in writing an IRC bot in python (I have some code already), or has some good ideas for sawfish hacks, mail me. I really need ideas/motivation.

It seems like the GNOME guys can't win with this libs thing. With an integrated gnome-libs, people talk about "bloat" and want to split everything up. The problem is, this just adds more bloat for anyone who uses gnome, because in addition to gnome-libs and gtkhtml, we will also have to load GtkCanvas, CscHtml, and XLibHtml (for those who think gtk adds too much bloat), if we want to pick the best programs for our needs. What if console apps decided that libc was too bloated and forked off stdlib and stdio? Merging widgets into gtk+ won't really help either, because after everybody adds their favorite widget into gtk+ you'll end up with libgnomeui. Splitting everything up and removing dependencies will just decrease the number of features, and increase the amount of bloat because every bit of code has to implement its own functionality instead of using libs. Dependencies rather than writing your own code is good. Of course, one could fall victim to feature creep, but that's another story.

Wow, it's been a while (because I forgot my password and Advogato doesn't have a way to change it afaik) If you haven't checked out Galeon yet, you should. It's fast, feature-ful, stable, and improving all the time. Also worth checking out is this emacs lisp tutorial

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