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Yesterday morning I was rather rudely awakened.

By fire engines.

In front of my apartment.

But fret not! It was one of the restaurants across the street from my apartment. I stumbled to the window and couldn't see any fire or smoke, and the patrons were impatiently standing out right in front of the restaurant, so I figured it was probably a grease fire or something and didn't bother to take any pictures.

My suspicions were confirmed when I asked what happened today. The odd thing, though, is that in the last month, both restaurants across the street have caught fire. Both have been grease fires, and one caused $800,000 in damage.

Today's lesson: Don't fuck around with grease.

Last night's movie was American Psycho. It was pretty good and definitely entertaining. It is more of a black comedy rather than a real horror film. I was rather pleasantly surprised to see how well done it was done from both a production and acting standpoint. Worth seeing, but I'm no film critic.

I still can't fall asleep, which means that I've been getting a lot of reading done, but also means that I don't wake up until early-to-mid afternoon. This sucks.

Breaking one's sleep schedule, no matter how good of an idea it seems at the time, always leads to disaster.

Okay, maybe not disaster, but it's a pain in the ass.

So there I was, hacking on the new installer and I was kicking major butt. But I was running into certain interesting bugs, and I was determined to squash them, regardless of the hour! I ended up leaving work at 6 am.

I've had insomnia for the past week or two. I got home. I lay down. I didn't fall asleep until sometime after 7 am.

I woke up at 5 pm. I showered, and went to work. I was pretty productive in those 6 hours before Nat burst into my "office" and asks if I want to go to IHOP. I accept his invitation. After, uh, breakfast, I go home and read for 3 hours. I can't fall asleep. I read for another hour. I fall asleep.

This is my life.

It's been another great month without posting to Advogato. I've decided that from now on, I'll just post first thing when I get to work. Yeah, right.

So, there was that whole GUADEC thing in Paris which was a ton of fun. I got to meet a lot of cool people that I've wanted to meet for a while now. Getting back into the states was a little less than fun...

Our office assistant, Keelyn, booked our tickets, but wouldn't give them to us because she was afraid we would lose them. Fair enough. She gave me mine when we arrived at the airport.

My heart stopped.

The tickets were for a "Harold Shaw".

I don't have any ID that says "Harold", the least of which is my passport. Funny that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my name isn't Harold at all.

The lady at the US Airways ticket counter had no problem with my story (which concerns me a little), but the police at the Paris airport didn't care much for my story. I should note that some of the police were in camoflage gear with very large machine guns strapped over their shoulders.

Agitated, I went to the ticket counter and told the guy my story. I thought I'd have to buy another ticket, so I made Nat stand in line with me, corporate card in hand. Fortunately, though, the guy at the ticket counter hated the security people more than I, and he was able to change my name. I made it back to my homeland.

Speaking of trains, back where I grew up we had very heavily used train tracks about 100 yards or so from my house. There were two access roads which crossed the tracks, and they were really just blacktop ramps that made going over the tracks possible. We owned the roads, and until we put up a gate, one or two cars a year on average would get stuck and destroyed. The people driving them would be drunk and drive off the ramp, so that at least one of their wheels would be stuck on the rail.

When we first moved into the house, we would try frantically to get tow trucks out there to save the cars.

By the sixth year we lived in that house, we had learned our lesson. If you got your car stuck on those tracks, get whatever you want out of it as quickly as possible, because that car is dead.

And in case you were wondering (and I know you weren't) how I feel about the stuff that goes on here at Advogato, well, I'm not going to go into it. I think the Dimwit thing was all in good fun. Oh well. I couldn't really care less about the whole cert thing, although if I did, I'd probably say add another level above Master. However, people make too big of a deal about it, and as such I've stopped certing people anymore. We'll see how things play out.

Anyway, enough stalling. Look busy.

I hate Netscape Navigator. I hate Netscape Navigator. I have Netscape Navigator.

When I got to the office today, I discovered that I had only about 500 emails by my count. I can tell that this will be a fun day.

Yesterday was a busy day here at the office. The DSL was finally installed, only three months late. Our "provider" (who shall remain nameless) finally got their routing under control. The main upshot of this is that the 10 or so of us are no longer on a modem and thus I now have a telephone.

It was also Michael Zucchi's birthday, so we cut out early and headed back to the Lucky Cave for a party with some movies and beer. Lets just say that a few beers later, I had all the Americans doing jumping jacks.

My landlord claims that he never received my rent. However, my bank informs me that it was cashed on the 15th. He had better not be dicking me over.

Lastly, in honor of my email, today's soup of the day.

Why can't we edit our diaries? Anyway, like I said, I've been caffeine and get some sleep.

A fortnight between diary entries isn't too bad. I've uh... been busy.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks: I found out I was going to Paris for GUADEC, a GNOME conference. I went to New York for that LinuxWorld thingy, I chilled with my homey phil and I worked like a dog.

Phil's assertion that garlic bread and pants are the same led me to thinking... If this Helix Code thing doesn't take off, that there is a completely untouched market for garlic pants. Google comes up almost empty in that department, as does a quick patent search. I'm going to be so rich.

Speaking of travelling abroad, apparently due to some legislation, all government forms must now have state the "Estimated burden" of filling it out. My passport application has an estimated burden of 20 minutes, so I'll just chalk that up in my time wasted column. At least they know what a pain in the ass this is.

On the work front: Yes, we did ship GNOME packages to LinuxPPC for their new release. We built the packages because of our expertise in the area, since we have several maintainers of the packages.
As for spidermonkey, your wait will be over at GUADEC in mid-March if not sooner. And no, I won't tell you what it is quite yet.

Today's soup: corn chowder
Today's haiku:

Sickener early
accordingly pothecary
phychograph prescript

Went to sleep at 7am, got up at 2pm. Took the day off; after all it is Super Bowl Sunday. Sat around and watched the game and had a good time. I then watched some DVDs that we rented for about 8 or so hours and came into the office.

Spidermonkey, dude. That's all I have to say.

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