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23 Apr 2004 (updated 24 Apr 2004 at 00:09 UTC) »

OK, so I wasn't clear enough. We have 2 positions in the Red Hat UK offices, one for a German-speaking Level 3 Support Engineer, and the same position for a French-speaker. Drop your CVs in.

Heading off to sunny North Carolina tomorrow to say Hello to the rest of the people in the company. Still need to fixor the laptop though.

Update: took a look at Seahorse again. It's nice, but has a lot of rough spots. So, I filed bugs. And that's just with 5 minutes of use. I believe that some hackers working a couple of man-days on it could make Seahorse a good Encryption solution for the GNOME desktop.

The amusement of working late every day is wearing thin. If that doesn't bother you, we have a position in the Red Hat UK offices for a German Level 3 Support Engineer. So, if you're the bollocks (and not just bollocks, thank you), drop me your CVs.

I just had enough time off to catch the late showing of Kill Bill vol. 2. It was like watching mangas and Japanese series during my childhood, only there was more blood. Noice.

22 Apr 2004 (updated 22 Apr 2004 at 10:44 UTC) »
That bug was mighty annoying. One of our internal applications is so broken it can't keep the original filenames and you end up with a "foo.gz" file when it should be "foo.tar.gz", and file-roller would just give you a "foo" file, then you're required to drop to a shell, etc. Shame that the original filename information isn't available in bzip2 archives...

I also had the time (and the idea, thanks Olimar) to check Totem for RTL issue. Surprisingly, didn't have to change much, GTK+ did quite a lot by itself. In the end, it was a matter of moving the fullscreen popups to the right hand-side, and swap the icons for previous and next.

Watched Good bye, Lenin!. Some damn good film that one. The German Amelie, or something.

Update: The nice RTL screenie.

20 Apr 2004 (updated 20 Apr 2004 at 09:38 UTC) »

I can't believe the people at Odeon still haven't fixed their buggy website. It's not like people didn't tell them, I remember sending them many e-mails about it...

Update: Wicked, somebody designed a decent one!

19 Apr 2004 (updated 20 Apr 2004 at 00:25 UTC) »

Watched Battle Royale and Life of Brian. My housemate was amazed that I knew the words to "Always look on the bright side of life". Shouldn't have been singing, but did anyway.

With blizzard and cinamod's help, got the Mozilla plugin further. It now uses XEMBED, and spawns its child properly. It even plays back some stuff if you're not too picky.

Update: watched Happy, Texas. The start of the Mozilla plugin is in CVS.

Been cleaning up my data and my papers, it's incredible the amount of crap and funny stuff that you can find again. Absurd things, and even better, a mail I received nearly a year ago.

Came across the attached picture today. Who is the guy in the photo? Any chance that his mom was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the early 80's in Latin America?

Arf, no, actually my parents are Vietnam war veterans that hire themselves as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire them.

In unrelated news, I posted a TODO item for Totem on gnome-love. Hopefully people will hook on to it. No luck with the Mozilla plugin, it doesn't want to give me a stream. Bugger.

I think the difference between GNOME and KDE really shows (yes, I know about Kaffeine). Totem also made an appearance in a French magazine. Thanks teuf for the notice.

Watched Matrix Revolutions, it was so bad that I even think the Ewoks party was better.

Federico, you should also add a convenience function for _NETSCAPE_URL types of dnd.

Finished off the error collapsing on open in xine-lib, with the associated code in Totem. Spent some time playing with Mozilla plugins and XEMBED. Doesn't seem to work in my version, so I had to add more crackrock. Still a very localised one, which isn't that bad.

Watched The Cooler, and the National Lampoon's European Vacation.

My nemesis is still alive. But Totem made it into Mandrake 10's feature list. Development is going pretty smoothly, apart from a few naughty bugs that I will need time to pin down. More error handling work in xine-lib. Next stop is to collapse the error messages to only get one message if a error event occurs on open(), and a rework of the CD information retrieval (no more hangs when loading up an audio CD for the first time).

Family Guy is piss-funny. Season 1 was on sale, and it's definitely a good buy.

Watched some more films this very calm and relaxing Easter week-end: Lantana, Cast Away, Master and Commander, and The Mummy.

After an afternoon of gross hacks, and recompilations, I'm getting closed to fixing another of my Xlib bug nemesis. The main problem now is, how on earth do I enable thread debugging in Xlib without recompiling the whole stack above it. And most of all, how to fix the bug. Urgh, I hate this code.

Did some KDE hacking (eek!) to try and solve a crash on startup with the arts plugin in Totem. It seems that arts' init process isn't very robust. Not impressed.

Committed my super-duper xine-lib patch, and the Totem bits as well. CVS Totem now requires xine-lib CVS.

While we're on the subject, I'd like feedback on USound, a new sound server that seems to focus on what GNOME wants. Only the network transparency bit is missing. Probably not the hardest bit to write.

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