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Without much time, I managed to kill some long-standing bugs/wishlists in Totem: better error messages when the audio device is busy, decent error message when libdvdcss isn't installed and the DVD is encrypted (trust me, that was a silly one), 2 possible crashers, and some memory leaks/valgrind whorage. I just need to commit my patch to xine-lib, and Totem will be en-route for a release soon after xine-lib's stuff is released.

Watched Princess Bride, after seeing it on the IMDB top250, and a thumbs-up from Telsa (a looong time ago).

That, and ManU knocked Arsenal out. Whoohoo!

I'd like to thank Luis Ximian for making me discover Jennifer Government.

/Bastien GNOME-Red Hat

PS: I do volunteer work part-time ;)

Watched Princess Mononoke, Y tu mama tambien, Dirty Harry and Starsky and Hutch. What's worse is that the latter was the best film on show at the cinema I hadn't seen yet. Scary. Quite fortunate there's the video.

Looked at cars this week-end, maybe that's what I was missing to become a responsible adult, or something. Managed to fix one little tinsy-weensy buglet in the Totem ASX playlist parsing yesterday, and that's about it.

Pissed off at the xine developers that bring nice broken changes into the play. Pissed off at GTK+ that really doesn't want me to have a black paint on my GdkWindow. Maybe both of those are just problems I'm creating for myself, but they still piss me off.

22 Mar 2004 (updated 22 Mar 2004 at 22:28 UTC) »

Watched the Virgin Suicides and Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

Finished off my patch for stock-icons/named-icons support in Totem. Will post a screenie tonight.

Update: screenie as promised.

Spent the whole day hung-over. Urgh. I should have gone to bed after my late night hacking, instead of keeping on drinking while talking books and films with my housemate. It huuurts.

Watched Wasabi. Somebody buy those guys a plot.

Hacked on Totem quite a bit, split out the screenshot dialog into its own widget for Vanity to use, added the handlers for pnm, mms and rtsp for GNOME, and killed the annoying ALSA hang on exit. That one was annoying...

Work was very busy (it's like that pretty much every day, these days), and I got to hack a bit on the cutting edge procps, trying to make slabtop work on the highly hacked 2.4.9 kernel that ships on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1.

Dinner at my place, certainly a lot cleaner now that we've got a cleaner (it's cheap, and the woman is certainly more effective than myself, or my housemate). I feel a bit of a posh boy about it ;)

Managed to get Evolution running on my iBook's MacOS X, started up Totem from a remote machine, and got a hang. Sure enough, the X11 shipped with MacOS X was hanging on querying for the Xv extension. Fair enough, I've already got code to detect remote use of Totem, and now the bug is fixed, and Totem nicely shows up on my MacOS X desktop.

I also had some spare time to update the Conectiva-Crystal theme, which is more these days of a "make GNOME have the same icons as the stock KDE" kind of thing. The tarball is up at usual page.

Fixed Micke's Buffy bug. He deserved it.

I got my GPRS connection over Bluetooth working finally. The hard bit certainly wasn't setting up the computer side, it was finding out how to enable GPRS on my phone account, and choosing the right phone number/login name/password for the thing. I'm on O2, and I activated GPRS on this page and got the instructions from their MacOS-specific docs, the easiest ones to adapt to Linux. Easy-peezy.

Been looking for a (small) library that could tell me whether an optical media is a DVD, an audio CD or a VCD. Couldn't seem to find much apart from libcdio. Even then, it seems to crash when being feed some DVDs. Not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm sure Rocky can help out. Then we'll simplify Totem a bit :)

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