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berend: Let's compare your results with England and Wales (separated from Scotland and Northern Ireland, as these two have different justice systems).

Population: 52 millions

Area size: 151237 sq km

Population density: 343 persons per sq km

Homicidal deaths in 2000/2001 (2 years): 846

Homicidal deaths: 8.1 deaths per million

I guess firearms control actually does some good. Read up on it.

Watched Mad Dogs, and got a couple of bug fixes into totem. I'm too knackered anyway.

Spent about an hour fixing bugs in sound-juicer's bugzilla tonight. It's nice to actually do some research and come up with decently documented bug reports. I fixed up a number of smallish issues in nautilus-cd-burner during the course of the day. Both sound-juicer and nautilus-cd-burner are feeling the love, and bugs are getting fixed at a nice rate.

And now that gnome-blog works fine with advo, I'm using it to submit my entries. A nice interface does a treat.

Watched Narc.

Worked on nautilus-cd-burner, helped out Ross with some sound-juicer changes, implemented better Advogato support in seth's gnome-blog, released a new totem, committed Last Mile (my DVD ripper thingo which still needs a lot of work), and watched 29 Palms.

2 Sep 2003 (updated 2 Sep 2003 at 18:59 UTC) »

Testing, testing, attention please :)

Right, so seth gnome-blog works with advogato with very little changes. I mailed him the patch, and I'm waiting for his feedback on making the UI a bit easier to use with different blogging APIs.

1 Sep 2003 (updated 1 Sep 2003 at 23:24 UTC) »

I remember saying that "unstuff is pretty crap". I revise my judgement and will now say that "unstuff is an utter pile of shit". It doesn't support listing files, partial extraction or freshen uncompression. Worse of all, it doesn't like being passed fully qualified paths on the command-line ("unstuff /foo.sit" will fail!). Horrible. Only have partial extraction to finish up for Paolo to be able to commit my unstuff support patch to file-roller.

Hacked on sound-juicer, finally committing my work on encoders availability (error checking, always error checking). I also have a patch waiting for commit that will check the tray status to re-read the disc as soon as it's inserted.

Watched 2 Weeks Notice (which help me fixed a bug in my film gallery, I wrote the .jpg files without switching to binary mode, silly me).

Saw Rush Hour (what is he like, heh?).

dwmw2: Don't you want to go down to Kwik-fit? Here are some spellings I get annoyed by: "their vs. there vs. they're", "CD's" and the ones you listed. And when native speakers do that, I'm just thinking they skipped primary school too much. I got called Mr. Nitpicky, and English isn't even my mother tongue. I even make the effort of using the dictionary when I don't know a word. Guys, add dictionaries to your smart bookmarks, there's even one with the proper English.

Seen Taxi 3, Lucky Break, The Avengers (pile of crap, indeed) and Pirates of the Caribbean (AaaarRRrrr, that's a nice film, says I). I also noticed that IMDB changed the URLs to the films. Will have to modify my script again.

Got a new Totem out, plenty of small bug fixes in there. Hacked a bit on file-roller, adding support for using unrar, I'm working on .sit support, but unstuff is pretty crap and doesn't even support listing the files in the archive without uncompressing the said archive.

Whoo! Bought a Linksys wifi router from Amazon for 60 quid, and it's worth every penny. Plug in the mains, plug in the cable modem, make the PCs use DHCP for wireless, and here you are on the net. Little bit of configuration through the web interface for security, nifty.

Hacked on Rhythmbox, sound-juicer and ypserv today. Thanks to Steve Dickson who finished off my "ypserv listens only on one interface" work, and is going to get the thing upstream.

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