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PocketMac: The Little App that Couldn’t

I recently installed Outlook 2011 on my MacBook and I use a BlackBerry Bold 9700 devices (two of them; work and personal) as my primary handheld/phone device, and also my main data device. I searched around and found lots of hacks, tweaks and scripts that attempted to try to get the two sides to talk [...] Related posts:

  1. Blackberry and the Productivity Myth When I’m traveling to and from the New York office,...
  2. FIXED: There was a problem reading data from the server and BlackBerry App World must exit. Error type: 100002 I’ve been getting an annoying error message lately on my...

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SOLVED: Correctly working pinch/zoom and multitouch gestures in Firefox on Mac OS X

I’ve recently been moving the bulk of my personal and professional productivity needs (software, analog, digital) over to my OS X machine. Linux is my main OS and will be for awhile, but there is a distinct lack of efficient, well-written, intuitive software for Linux, so I’m bridging the gap right now by using OS [...] Related posts:

  1. SOLVED: Java Plugin in Firefox on 64-bit Windows Server 2003 The corporate VPN software I use to get onto the...
  2. SOLVED: How to Disable Ctrl-Q in Firefox As a hardcore Firefox user with no less than 30-50...
  3. SOLVED: Firefox high CPU load with plugin-container If you’re like me, you use a lot of tabs...

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SOLVED: Resetting your Apple ID with cut-and-paste enabled

If you’re like me, you have lots of passwords. More than you can keep in your head. So, you use an app like KeePassX to hold and secure them all. I keep all of my passwords securely stored in Dropbox so they are accessible via my computers and my BlackBerry device (via the FileScout Dropbox [...] Related posts:

  1. SOLVED: How to put your NeatWorks data into Dropbox As I use Dropbox more and more, I’m beginning to...
  2. Removing and Editing Windows “network” Passwords My work machine constantly locks me out of my two...
  3. SOLVED: Sharing TweetDeck settings across multiple Windows and Linux machines I’ve been using TweetDeck for quite some time on Linux,...

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SOLVED: Permanently setting “Hide Join/Part Messages” off in XChat

I’ve been using XChat since early year 2000 (loooong time BitchX user before that), and have found it somewhat annoying to have to manually and interactively disable the “Join/Part” messages in each IRC channel I am lurking on. To do that, you normally have to right-click each channel’s tab, go to Settings → Hide Join/Part [...] Related posts:

  1. ROT13 plugin for Xchat (in C) 10 seconds of hacking produced a ROT13 plugin for XChat...
  2. dspam Hackery 101, converting messages to mbox I’ve been running dspam for many years here at gnu-designs,...
  3. Removing thousands of duplicate email messages from your email I’ve been slowly loading all of my mail into GMail...

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HOWTO: Convert a VirtualBox image to a VMware Disk Image

While playing with the recent FreeDOS 1.1 release (only 17 years in the making), I found a need to convert a VirtualBox appliance image to a VMware disk image, but the steps weren’t clear or straightforward. Here’s what I did, in a nutshell: First, install VirtualBox. You can grab the install from the main VirtualBox [...] Related posts:

  1. SOLVED: Windows 7 networking in VMware Workstation and ESXi I’ve been using VMware Workstation for many, many years and...
  2. Enormous World Trade Center image montage WTC Image Montage I was given an image to add...
  3. VMware “undefined symbol: g_get_user_special_dir” error SOLVED If you’re using the latest version of VMWare Workstation, and...

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At 1:38pm today, I lost my best friend, my buddy, Dart…

He’s not really lost, he’s still alive and well, preserved in my memories, thousands of photos and the remaining energy he left around my home. He’ll live on immortal as long as I don’t let those memories fade. Dart lived a happy, bountiful life with his bigger brother “Monk” taking care of him every day. [...] Related posts:

  1. We’ve lost another one of our own sisob; fellow advogato’er, aka Mark Finlay of GNOME fame, passed...
  2. USA Today interview at Palmsource conference Hey look! I was in USA Today! Note to self:...
  3. My friend Rex was shot dead More news about my friend Rex who was shot and...

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AT&T officially loses over 10 years of my business

I’ve been an AT&T customer for a very long time; over a decade of mobile phone use with their services, from my age’ing Nokia to my various Treo devices to several RIM BlackBerry phones. I’m currently on the biggest, baddest Enterprise “Unlimited” data, “Unlimited” texting plan they offer, including International Roaming and texting as well, [...]Related posts:

  1. Testing the Speed of BlackBerry Tethering Against My Own Networks
  2. My first two hours with the BlackBerry Playbook
  3. New Business Ventures

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My first two hours with the BlackBerry Playbook

I picked up a BlackBerry Playbook today to test, review and attempt to integrate it into my business workflow. After all the hype, pre-release videos and hundreds of reviews I’ve read prior to its launch this week, I knew this was going to be the right tablet device for me. Boy was I wrong. Here’s [...]Related posts:

  1. Testing the Speed of BlackBerry Tethering Against My Own Networks
  2. Blackberry and the Productivity Myth
  3. My First 15 Minutes with DriveSafe.ly for BlackBerry

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SOLVED: General Failure in sending the command to the application

This problem results from clicking on a URL, mailto or web link embedded inside an email in Outlook when you have Mozilla Firefox set as your default browser: If you’ve suffered from this problem using Outlook and Firefox on Windows, I have a fix! Launch regedit.exe (if you’re on Windows 7, right-click and “Run as [...] Related posts:

  1. SOLVED: How to Delete RSS Feeds Folder from Outlook 2007
  2. SOLVED: Firefox high CPU load with plugin-container
  3. SOLVED: Java Plugin in Firefox on 64-bit Windows Server 2003

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HOWTO: Configure Tor + SASL + irc to connect to Freenode

I fought this problem on the train into the city today, because my MiFi‘s hostname was not correctly reversing to it’s given IP (verified by dig) and Freenode was denying the connection; it looked like this: Mar 22 06:51:41 * Looking up irc.freenode.net Mar 22 06:51:41 * Connecting to chat.freenode.net ( port 6667... Mar 22 [...] Related posts:

  1. Information wants to be a ballerina
  2. SOLVED: HOWTO mount an external, encrypted LUKS volume under Linux
  3. ROT13 plugin for Xchat (in C)

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