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virtualizing asterisk

i'm on making asterisk boxes inside linux virtual servers. Frank told about the linux vserver patch and.. wow this is really nice and simple to use. I installed a fresh etch into my old p500 and installed the vserver kernel from etch.. simple. now here are the commands to create a full-featured vserver guest having a debian etch:

# uname -a
linux-image-vserver-686 blah...
# apt-get install util-vserver
# vserver server1 build -m debootstrap -- -d etch
[coffe men...]
# vserver server1 start
[see init process]
# vserver server1 enter
and voilĂ !
1 Feb 2006 (updated 1 Feb 2006 at 18:27 UTC) »
Sourceforge is really bad to me

Well, i decided to abandon releases on sourceforge.net since their release manager is really a crap. Also, i can't login anymore to sourceforge.net since they don't have correct no-cache meta tags on their login pages. So i switched to nongnu.org and yes, it is far better! You can see libspopc on nongnu.org's savannah.

17 Jan 2006 (updated 9 Feb 2006 at 19:11 UTC) »
awffull color patch

i patched awffull to give it ability to read user's personal colors in awffull.conf and draw personalized charts. The patch has been made on awffull-3.02-beta2 but Steve McInerney have just released the 3.02 version today (not beta).
He told me he will include the patch for the next release (3.03). If you can't wait, you can get my patch here (applies on 3.02-beta2).

Update: this early patch gave not full color customization, the next official awffull will handle it better.

webalizer : the contribs

several years ago, i patched the well known webalizer (2.01-10) in order to give it user defined colors capabilities. I recently found it on Brad Barrett's ftp site and discovered there are many unknown other useful contribs that extends the webalizer: check the webalizer contrib subdir on Brad Barrett's ftp site.

13 Jan 2006 (updated 13 Jan 2006 at 22:28 UTC) »
libspopc 0.7 : SSL support !

On January 11, i had the pleasure to recieve an email from Jeff Pohlmeyer including a patch for SSL support in libspopc. I included it and also fixed some micro bugs. The SSL support is done thanks to libssl/libcrypt from OpenSSL. the SVN version of libspopc has also some other micro fixes (see the libspopc homepage to access subversion repository of libspopc).

Today, i discovered another small pop3 client library: it is the code used by Syllable's whisper email client. It doesn't fully implement the pop3 protocol, but it is clean!

memory leak fix in libspopc

with this fix, libspopc is now in version 0.6.1. libspopc is now available with SVN :

$ svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/libspopc/libspopc
tarballs of 0.6.1 will follow later..
12 Dec 2005 (updated 17 Jan 2006 at 19:34 UTC) »

yeupou, on LaTeX Fr you wrote a wrong adress http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/latexfr/

I think this should be : this one -- update : ok, done.

3 May 2005 (updated 3 May 2005 at 09:05 UTC) »
creative scores

I am going to think about a portal to distribute GPLed sheet music. My aim is to allow people to fork music (written in MusiXTeX , Lilypond, denemo, MusicXML, or Finale) and to give many versions of the same original piece. My goal is to allow recent music to be directly pushed in the public domain or so, instead of waiting 50 years after the death of the original composer. For example, if Joe write FooBar for piano and clarinet, someone else can modify it by patching it and making it longer, shorter, or for differents instruments. One can make an orchestra version, etc.. The main problem will be to find a good version tracking system, easy to use in M$ windows for musicians almost working with Finale.

about init(2)

I partially looked the sources of sysvinit. it's more complicated that i could imagine. consequently, i think i will implement my own mini-init to manage Parallel launches and Fire&forget launches in each runlevel. I think i can be fun and that i will learn nice things by doing that.

about init

AFAIK, System V's init runs sequetially from 00foo to 99bar in each runlevel (1,2,3,4,5,6 in linux). And it is long. I wonder if it could be (yes it could) possible to extend init to handle 2 more types of daemons : xxFFbar (fire and forget) and xxPPfoo (Parallel in sequence xx). thus on SMP, unices could start faster by making such a fork.. I'm going to look init's sources next Week-End.. See you later.

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