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Uploaded another IMPearl snapshot. Now messages are encrypted, a good base for experimenting. Check it out.

Car trouble!
Still it something mysterious happening in the electrical system and the motor does NOT run smoothly until it is warm.
Unreliability in the car situation and my friend being away from town (with her dauther and car) kept me in town these past sunny days. :-(

Car trouble,
have had some strange electical problems
and yesterday the battery finally kicked it.
Trouble was I could not get to a petrol station
to buy a new one because I had no battery. :-(

So I got stuck in town instead of going to my cottage. Skiing in the forest beats a walk around town, specially on sunny days. Will give a new try today. Really needs to get to the cottage and my sauna, my body starts itching due to lack of sauna for almost a week.

Hacked some more on impearl it's taking shape. Going to restructure some thing and release a 0.0.2-version.

I hate designing GUIs. I could use some help in this area. So if you are fluent in Gtk-Perl and like to help out send me (goran at kirra dot net) a note.


Started writing a new IM system
I tried out jabber, first I was excited but after a while I became a bit annoyed at the complexity.

I want

  • simplicity
  • security
  • openess
  • no XML
  • GnuPG/PGP message encryption
  • simplest possible protocol (UDP)
  • interface to any good tool already existing (no NIH outside core protocol/service)
Currently I write a proof of concept in perl. I call it impearl

Feel free to comment/flame me :-) Will write an article in which I develop my ideas some day when the sun does shine like today. The skis are waiting.


17 Mar 2001 (updated 17 Mar 2001 at 15:35 UTC) »

Slow saturday, weather is very nice, but I feel too tired, so I have been inside most of the day, what a waste.

Read a python tuturial. Nice language, but perhaps I'm to much old sysadm to think of using python instead of perl for my daily tasks.
The root of the languages (perl from linguistics and python from CS) shines through. In my world of quick-hacks, ease of expression is more important than syntactical purity.

Time flies, march is around the corner.

Car crash

One of my car was destroyed in an traffic incident, not my fault, no injuries on any person. The insurance company of the other driver bought my car since it was cheaper for them then the repairs would have been.

Have to hunt for a new car, since I don't want to drive my old Nissan pickup all the time.

Slowly getting back to normal after being on the road for 17 weeks. Many things to sort out, still.
Some new ideas, but not enough time yet, we will see.
13 Jan 2001 (updated 13 Jan 2001 at 15:12 UTC) »

Holidays are over.

Have been working a week at homebase and a week in Göteborg. During the break I came to realise being irritated at the work situation only hurts the relations I hold dearest more than the actual "being away". Relating to a whining jerk during weekends is nothing to look forward to, so I am trying to change my ways.

Have also started fullfilling my new-years-resolutions:

  • start brushing up my spanish
  • start smoking (a little)
a bit strange if you don't know it is preparations for a trip to Cuba I will make sometime (hopefully) during this year.
Finally Telia did deliver, 2 month after promised date.
Anyway, works like charm with my old GNU/Debian/Linux machine.
Still deported to Göteborg every sunday evening to friday night.
No life, no love, no personal projects.
Starting to hate it.
Well, three weeks left, hopefully no irreparable damage done.

I have a plan
CORBA (with ORBit) in the PostgreSQL backend. I think implementing the server side of gnome-db into the backend would make pgsql/gnome integration take a big step forward.

I want to code something for people to look at but pain in my neck is keeping me away as much as possible from the keyboard.

Going to Göteborg (Gothenburg) next week for meetings and a introductionary course for a new job task.
Three kiirunalaisia loose on town could be a great time - for Göteborg that is. :-)

Seems I am going into coding again.

Good part:
I planned to learn CORBA for a long time but could not find time or enough motivation. Now I "forced" to learn on company time.

Difficult part:
Have to keep a strong discipline both on my self and my employer. Running 2 jobs on 50% each easily turn into 200% work. Been there, done that, not gonna do it ever again!!

Just saw Dancer in the dark with Björk and by danish director Lars von Trier.
Strange and heart gripping, half the salong cried.

Go see it, if you get the chance. It should be seen a the big screen,
this film will definitely NOT be as good on video.

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