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21 Oct 2005 (updated 21 Oct 2005 at 17:38 UTC) »
I need this on GNOME

Session Manager, must have a type multiple, environment save/load features.

Necessary features:

    1. Load & Save window postions, settings
   2. Special editing/scriptability constraints for passing command-line arguments
   3. Environments will load in a new workspace & create the applications in almost the same window spots, and files.
   4. Environment load/save of applications, will save a lot of time, for people who use a set of standard programs.
   5. Must include a GUI, with a GNOME menu-system included to DnD applications and make things easy & simple for user.
   6. Could be done in GTK#

Use case:

    1. Im regular user of GNU Octave, and emacs, firefox, xmms
   2. I dont like the present way window manager loads all these apps into same workspace.
   3. I cannot start all these applications all the time, its waste of time & energy
   4. I do editing to setup-environments many times over like a new env' for editing wikipedia, with GIMP, OO.o
   5. Now I want these things to be right there & right like that as I want it. As I leave it the last time.
   6. I would like to create my own soup of application environments, within a desktop environment
   7. GNOME would be a nice with its ability of look, see and manage this application of creating & editing meta-environments

I will add this to bugzilla, sometime soon.

Cheers Muthu

For scientists, Politics is waste of time. Innovation need not happen in ivory towers. Infrastructure is necessary for innovation.

Google starts a blogsearch, followed by yahoo!

Thomas Friedman, of NewYork Times, book "World is Flat" talks [sugar coated & eulogized] 'advent' of globalization and sucks up to the Corporate America. Al Gore didnot invent the Internet; Microsoft seemingly did. If Mr Friedman writes another Flat-World-2.0 he'd say the world is now viewed in a lambert-conical, mapped conformally on a paraboloid or a hyperbolic plane and its back to a ovoid world, a twisted football. I never know why Friedman talks about Bangalore as some potential middle-class-american-trap, and black-hole for american-jobs? or Bangalore being the back-offfice of the world?

Though some nuggets in the middle of his book, Id take it with a pinch of salt.

Globalization is not necessarily bad, but its more and more, flattening [razing-to-ground?] traditional industries and cultures? in 3rd world countries [India?] and increasingly making lives insecure [American? too] and leads to some kind of accelerator effect to the economy. Keep running faster, faster, faster ...

Globalization is bad for Indias poor. It is. For Indian educated young person, Globalization is opening up the so-called trickle down effect and we are finally seeing some cents trickle form the economy.

So much for George Bush being re-elected.

Made this specification for a GUI for GNU Octave. Read it here: http://octave-gtk.sf.net/octave-fltk/

Working on making Octave-FLTK support Menus, and move it to a workable 1.0 release. Coming along really well.

Planning to make some OpAmp programs in Octave, using Octave-FLTK, to illustrate its power.

God save Octave-FLTK.

Wa Hole ll DE Pr r e ss e d

Making new mistakes.

Im making more progress towards Octave-FLTK bindings, for interop with, Octave & FLTK-1.1.X.

I need to get some type of parser to move the <file>.fl UI description files from FLUID, into autogenerating, the boring UI code, with stubs for filling in event-handles, the octave-fltk way.

So Im thinking if I must make

  1. + a patch to fluid to generate the Octave-FLTK code, directly
  2. + a separate program to use the .fl files and generate the, Octave-FLTK Octave code.

Both the choices are bad, I know, but the difficult choice [2] might lead to some hassle, but its better choice, if users already have FLTK already installed.

Or maybe I must do both, you know.

Development Version, Octave-FLTK-0.6: Octave bindings for FLTK-1.1.6. released today. Get it here: http://octave-gtk.sourceforge.net/octave-fltk/

This version is a little more improved than the previous 0.1. Id not advice newbies to try this, but are welcome to.

This release is mainly to keep the focus & steam in development, and request bug reports, and new wrappers from the user community [if someone will use Octave-FLTK].

Ill be stopping with Octave-FLTK-1.0 mostly, for want of time, patience, users, and some other activity to beat this creeping burnt-out-has-been feeling out of me.

Cheers Muthu.

Feynman really jokes. Probably this safecracker was the first hacker ?? Cheers Muthu.

Making Octave-FLTK-1.0 in the forge. Wrote some drawing examples with callbacks from Octave. Octave matrices, draw pretty colors on the screen. Writing wrappers, and more wrappers, like Im opening boxes at a chocolate factory.

23rd July 2005, I become an Electronics & Communication, Engineer: THIS college has given me the badge B.Tech.

Birthday nears, and chocolates for all. Cheers Muthu

Work has culminated here: Octave-FLTK 0.1

Waiting for a second-wind to revup, to challenge ahead.

-Cheers Muthu

2 Aug 2005 (updated 2 Aug 2005 at 05:04 UTC) »

Working on 'octave-FLTK' http://octave-gtk.sf.net/octave-fltk/ It goes a long way to make a fulltick, tick with Octave.

If youre looking for a fun project to hack on, Id suggest join [http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/octave-gtk-devel] to discuss Octave-FLTK.

Cheers Muthu

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