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LinuxLock.Org is not getting the hits we used to... we still have a small base of readers... and those readers make it worth it to keep the site going (not to mention I like running the site, and would still do it if we had zero readers)...

Feedback would be nice though... things people could tell me to make it a better site... I've had a few offers for people to buy it, and they said they could promote it and generate hits, but I like the idea of keeping the site FREE, no banner ads, no profits...

I would also like to make it a place where others in the community can post articles they write, or ask questions...

Any feedback from the community would be really helpful, I want to make it OUR site, commercial free...

Work is going well... I'm having a lot of fun with IPSEC, I feel like the whole internet should be IPSEC enabled... I only want to look at websites that I can connect to using IPSEC... that would be nice...

8 Jan 2001 (updated 8 Jan 2001 at 22:39 UTC) »

Had a meeting today with a company that is going to do our website... 5points does really great work... plus the President was a geek... I like working with other geeks... the meeting went good, I have confidence in them... gnu/linux rules...

Wow did my day turn around... I turn from a good meeting, to wondering how I"m gonna pay my bills... it's not that I got fired (still am employed)... just something else very strange happened... my investment just got more expensive...

I really like my website LinuxLock.Org, I enjoy posting stories, and discussions I sometimes have with members of the gnu/linux community because of it... I just wish it was more of a community site... I wish more people used the discussion feature on the story like people do on Kuro5hin

I also wish I would get some feedback on what would be really cool on the site, or even community security projects LinuxLock should get involved in...

eh... I still love the site every time I go to it...

Wow, 2001 is here already... I was talking with the girl I love about 2000. We decided 2000, was soo much fun... it's funny cause I said, man we had so much fun together this year, and she said , "Yeah but it was all such a blur cause we were fucked up all the time"... welp, we do like to party.

So here comes the new year... and hopefully lots of success for my new company, thus success for my life.

Jenn is going to Germany for 3 months in March... I hope she has an excellent time. That is really exciting for her

We've got lots to look forward to in the GNU/Linux world... for one IBM is pledging $1 billion to us... that is a lot of money. Look how far gnu/linux has come with so little money, imagine what it will do with some iron behind it.

Good luck to Eazel and HelixCode, I'm counting on you guys to have a really nice desktop in place by 2002.

Snow sucks, but not as much as Finals... Name Resolution sucks... but the way windows does name resolution may suck worse than finals... on the other hand... gnu/linux does name resolution wonderfully!!

14 Dec 2000 (updated 14 Dec 2000 at 19:55 UTC) »

I am in a serious fight with smb.conf today... this one may get ugly, but I'm gonna fight til the death

I am definately beating smb.conf.. I'm not sure if I totally won, that will come with testing but I think I have...

Guess I should make some sort of entry about our President Elect... Welp, I just hope he keeps to what he said in the debates, and makes a smaller federal government, stronger state governments, and retract some of the armed forces... It would be nice if we took that $101 billion dollars we spend on the "War on Drugs", and spend it on a greater social goal. I mean $101 billion dollars, and it all goes to busts for posession... I mean who really cares or is affected by someone who is busted on posession? There are lots of people out there with no homes and no food, not to mention a social security fund that is running out.. I mean $101 billion... jeez

Going to spend this week doing some inhouse Security Auditing. I've auditted these systems before, but hey lets do it again.

Pretty easy week in general, Economics Final on Friday

Can't wait to go to a rave on Friday, Maddame Buddafly is spinning Hard German Trance... something this American is excited to hear.

Went to a Rave this past weekend, it was really good... you know what made it so good... The .. MUSIC... the music was so damn good, Rave's should be about the music.

The most interesting thing about creating a gnu/linux VPN solution, is that our clients want to use thier Win Networks... so working out some of the Windows quirks like WINS, proves interesting work.

Has anyone heard of anything the Open Source Initiative has done lately? Is it time for them to pass on the Organization to a group of people who will be active, update the website, and help persuade companies to use an Open Source business model.

The Inactivities of the OSI, has made me really hate the term OPEN Source... so I'll stick with FREE Software...

Had an article published in LinuxMonth today... it's about the GPL and MPL. Check it out and tell me what you think. Also LinuxLock now has an rss page.

Went to school and rocked a test

Went to work and got a nice pay check

Check the web and see my article

Ran into an old friend

Today was a good day

Spent the last 3 months developing a reliable VPN solution (based on Caldera Linux and PoPToP), have a few in production working wonderfully. Tommorrow is the sales conference for the boxes... both exciting and tiring.

I'm working for BroadConnect now, but we are (currently) owned by DRJ Computing, the consulting company I used to work for. I got asked to help them out today.. just had to drop a keyboard off to one of their clients.. I was asked, could you do this favor and drop off this keyboard, I promise it has nothing to do with the Windows operating system ... :-)

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