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It's been a month since I wrote anything here, so this is going to be really long... In the mean time, I've managed to be out of a job, working on GNOME stuff mostly, and some biking. So, if anybody is looking for a sys admin, or maybe even a build expert, let me know. I do actually have a resume, but I was resting for a while, while I put it together.


I actually got out to do some track races this week, and I clearly haven't figured out the mental part of these yet. Maybe in a few races I'll be able to get my act together, and turn in some reasonable efforts. We'll see.
I was talking with somebody who's been out at the track with us a couple of times, and he said he was out at the track pretty much every day. He was talking to somebody he met out there, who noticed that he was always riding the same speed. They recomended that he talk to a coach, so that he could actually improve his bike riding, since you can't do that by riding the same speed all the time. I was thinking about this, and it dawned on me that I'm pretty much riding the same speed on all of my road rides. Sure, I speed up and slow down a lot over the course of the ride, but my average time for every ride is about the same. This was a good thing when I was completely out of shape, and just trying to get fit, but now that my lung capacity and muscles have regenerated a bit (not back to peak, certainly, but they're doing OK), I need to start training to get better. I haven't figured out if I just need to get in touch with a coach, or if I'd be better off joining a team, or what.


Well, I was completely miserable there, although I'd sort of liked some warning, rather than having to leave quite so abruptly. At least I don't have to work with the guy who was my boss anymore, as he was a horror to work with, let alone under. Mostly, the parting was caused by my wanting to improve things at the university, and the other people at the university wanting to keep things more or less the same. I don't really feel like writing more about it now (well, I could, but there are other things I want to write about), so I'll leave that for another day. It's hard to move on though.
I do have a much nicer email address out of the deal... gleblanc@linuxweasel.com. I should put a website up too...

Cool Software

When I got my domain online, I suckered TSCHAK (err, uhm, no, I can't remember his real name, and I'm too lazy to look/ask) into helping me get djbdns set up for DNS services, and qmail/courerimap for email. They're pretty slick, although some of the support libs are a bit stupid. Qmail is bloody fast, running on my SPARCstation 20 (SM81/256MB). I bulloxed something up so that it wasn't getting mail for a few hours, then when I fixed it, it got flooded at nearly the bandwidth of my net connection, and it never seemed to flinch. djbdns is so so so so so so much nicer to admin than bind is, even if I use JRB's DNS management tool (which still doesn't seem to write files than bind can parse, but whatever). If you don't mind a little bit more setup time (download, compile, install, for two or three small packages, instead of download RPM, install), in exchange for a SANE way to manage the DNS records, djbdns is the way to go. I do need to get a secondary server online, preferrably on another link. I should look into that again, maybe Mr Bill can host it for me. Hmm...


A while back, right when I got my SGI Indy, I also got a free 21" IBM Fixed Frequency monitor from a buddy at SGI (a customer had used a bunch of old IBM Unix machines to trade up to new SGIs). I've also got an Alpha machine downstairs. Strangely enough I think that the Alpha may be able to drive that IBM monitor, which is good, because I have NO other monitors with BNC connectors on them (which is what my existing cable for the Alpha is).
I need to pick up a bunch of smallish (<4GB) 50-pin SCSI drives, so that I can get my farm of SPARCstation 2s online again. I also need a decent backup solution... I've got a DSS2 tape drive right now, which will do 2GB on a 90m cartridge. My home directory is currently 6.2GB, which is huge. Normally it's more like 2GB, but that still means it fills up a tape. I'd have to swap tapes several times in order to get the rest of the drives on this machine backed up, not to mention the other machines around. I think that I'm at about 10-12GB right now, certainly with the potential to grow to a lot more than that. I'm thinking that a DLT drive will be the best way to go, since they're fairly cheap (I can get a drive for < $100 from ebay), and they're fast. The only "concern" is the cost of media. It's pretty expensive. I suppose I could look at getting a library, maybe an Exabyte or something. Media should be dirt cheap, and the capacity should be good. I wonder what the cost would be. Hmm, should have thought of this before...

Other Stuff

Ack, one of those things that I hate about me is that I'm really shy. I don't go up and talk to people on my own. I have the hardest time with that. It can get really frustrating. There's this young lady out at the track (she's probably my age, maybe a year older). Anyway, she's a national caliber bike rider, who also happens to be really cute. We've chatted a little bit, and she smiles at me when I sit there grinning like an idiot, but that's about as far as I've managed to get. I completely missed a great opportunity to secure her as a friend because I was too much of a coward to offer her some help. ARGH! I hate that. I think I'll go kick myself for a while, and try to get some sleep. Later all.

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