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14 Sep 2005 (updated 14 Sep 2005 at 22:54 UTC) »

Lesson learned: OS X's tar(1) adds metadata to the tarball in extra files since Tiger

After I released version 0.44 of Acme::Pythonic all automatic tests from CPAN Testers reported FAILs, under Solaris, Linux, and Cygwin (thank you dudes!).

That was strange, all the tests passed in my machine, and since I use the standard utilities provided by ExtUtils::MakeMaker to manage the distribution I was puzzled. This hadn't happened in any of the previous versions of the module.

Fortunately there were logs, as this one, and all of them showed that the problem was not a test failure, I don't fully understand the traces, but there were some strange files that seemed to be the cause, as ._Makefile.PL (note the leading "._").

I downloaded the tarball in a Windows machine and, yes, there was a ._Makefile.PL and other misterious files like that one. What the heck? Where on earth do them come from?

I downloaded the same tarball from CPAN on my machine, tar xzf, no files with leading "._". Puzzled, resource fork was the only thing coming to my mind.

Allan Odgaard, the author of TextMate, helped in the users list: it turns out that since Tiger most command-line utilities (cp(1), mv(1), rsync(1), ...) have been extended to handle metadata. tar(1) is one of them, and is what make dist uses. Other archivers as zip(1) or pax(1) do it as well. They add those binary "._" duals and handle them accordingly when archives are extracted.

The man page of tar(1) does not document any flag to turn this off, so the easy workaround has been to compile GNU tar by hand. After that I released 0.45, which is PASSing as usual.

Free hosting with RoR support (and PHP, Perl, ssh, ...): RailsPlayground.com.

I released today Acme::Pythonic 0.44, minor tweakings and more tests.

5 Sep 2005 (updated 5 Sep 2005 at 09:08 UTC) »

Compiling lighttpd 1.4.3 on Mac OS X

The compilation of lighttpd 1.4.3 fails on Mac OS X.

Xuefer from freenode#lighttpd kindly debugged the issue: The definition of the function http_response_handle_cachable has to be moved by hand from src/response.c to src/http-header-glue.c. The change is up for future releases.

3 Sep 2005 (updated 3 Sep 2005 at 11:51 UTC) »

Back from YAPC::EU::2005

I am back in Barcelona from the YAPC, I had a great time again this year. I met some new Spanish guys, and put some faces to names I hadn't seen before, such as Abigail, Simon Cozens, Nicholas Clark, cog, or Larry Wall himself. Simon gave his Maypole tutorial with my laptop.

I finally went to the conference alone by plane and train via Lisbon, and unfortunately I couldn't attend on Friday the talks by Abigail, and the Big End, aka the auction. The conference was being recorded so I hope I can watch them anyway.

The organisation was really excellent, and there were just TWO guys behind it for most of the work.

/me waves from YAPC::EU.

mod_perl Success Story: BBC

This was sent to the mod_perl mailing list today:

We have been running ModPerl to deliver dynamic applications as part of bbc.co.uk for the past 4 years. At present we have well over 50 applications ( and growing ) using Modperl and based on the Apache::Registry framework. These include community, message boards, games, voting, quizzes, searches and listings applications. It serves a sustained 500 application requests per second using a distributed architecture.

As we have adopted Apache 2.* on our head-end servers we will next be looking at how Modperl 2.* can help us in our application layer.

Komodo 3.X For Mac OS X Test Program

There is a test program for Komodo 3.X Alpha 1, a preliminar release of Komodo 3.X Professional built for Mac OS X and with support for Ruby. I have played around with it a bit and works fine.

5 Aug 2005 (updated 5 Aug 2005 at 09:20 UTC) »

Stas Bekman in Barcelona

Stas Bekman, of mod_perl fame, came to Barcelona on July and gave a four-hours seminar, organised by Barcelona.pm. We had dinner afterwards. I wasn't sitting near him and the restaurant was a bit noisy, so unfortunately I couldn't talk with him too much.

Going to YAPC::Europe

I plan to go to the YAPC::Europe, in Braga this year. The perfect excuse to do a trip with the motorbike with my wife :-).

Ruby Again

Ruby is in the radar again, partly due to Rails. I read the second edition of the Pickaxe (the first book I read from cover to cover in PDF), and subscribed to ruby-talk again. Wow, Ruby as project has advanced a lot since I did an immersion back when 1.6 was stable. Particularly documentation is much much better.

I am looking forward Agile Web Development with Rails, whose last heard publishing date is the 9 of August.

Executing External Programs in Halk

One of the many constraints in the design of Halk is that the execution of programs has to be safe, which for me implies avoiding the shell altogether. Since another requirement is that it has to run on Windows this reduces the choices to Python 2.4 (subprocess), or Java 1.5 (ProcessBuilder).

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