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3 May 2003 (updated 3 May 2003 at 13:41 UTC) »

I've booked the accomodation for YAPC::Europe 2003 this morning.

My wife and I will go with the Goldwing. We'll do Barcelona-Limoges-Paris-Lyon-Barcelona. There are reserved four nights at Paris for the conference in a nice hotel near the Eiffel Tower. At Limoges and Lyon we'll just sleep.

I came across this article at O'Reilly about Objective-C and dynamic typing from Rafaël Garcia-Suarez's journal.

I've also read the source code of glark. The more I study Ruby the more I like it.

chalst, how kind of you! Thank you very much! I would like to suggest the meta rule ... that person Journeyer or less and that's not a counterxample to chalst's hypothesis in his opinion :-).

I try hard to certify people according to the guidelines. I trust what people say in their page, sometimes google a bit, and sometimes when I feel someone deserves certification but not enough information is given I even contact him by private email.

Of course, since this is not a formal system there are judgements involved, cases where you doubt, etc. But in the end this is just a contribution to the graph in my view, so one tries to be as fair as he knows and that's all.

The interface of Advogato doesn't scale in that regard in my opinion. Once you have certified a certain number of people it becomes difficult to remember their nicks, not to mention the level you gave to them. That was the origin of MyAdvogato. With the interface I read Advogato it is very easy to participate certifying because one has context. For instance, I know at a glance which people in recentlog I do not have certified. Also, when I read recentlog I know the level I gave to the persons I have certified together with the level assigned by the algorithm. And at least for me that makes a difference.

29 Apr 2003 (updated 29 Apr 2003 at 08:37 UTC) »

I would like to contribute my 2e-6 cents to the Perl DateTime Project writing DateTime::Language::Catalan, but in the references I've consulted so far there is nothing about normative abbreviations of months or days. I'll try to contact some philologist.

I attended a meeting of Barcelona.pm tonight. Àngel summarised what is known about Perl 6 and after that we chatted for a while.

20 Apr 2003 (updated 20 Apr 2003 at 16:00 UTC) »

I have been relaxing these days, no computers, just riding and reading the autobiography of Stanislaw Ulam.

Man, my brand new Goldwing is absolutely awesome. I have ridden for about 1000 km in three days through Aragón, a region of Spain. Its stability and comfort are unique, the engine is a powerful 1800 cc with 6 cilinders that responds smoothly at any velocity. Feels as if you could go to the end of the world, enjoying the landscapes, the wind, and the music of its radio.

15 Apr 2003 (updated 15 Apr 2003 at 22:29 UTC) »

At least rasmus, scandal, and Miod have left, it's a shame.

I am sorry, I respect their decisions but it has no sense for me to certificate people which are not interested in this site, won't share their everyday experiences, and have an (empty) account just because no deletion is implemented. I have removed their certifications.

It's a pity, you three have lots of interesting things to contribute here and can change the tone of recentlog with your entries if you want. Leaving is respectable, but I think it would be a lot better to be proactive and let your active participation percolate.

15 Apr 2003 (updated 15 Apr 2003 at 06:40 UTC) »

Just for the record, for those people so annoyed with some other people MyAdvogato has an ignore list by username. Entries from users in the ignore list are removed altogether from the recent diary entries list in the home and from recentlog.

If you prefer the other way around, specifying the list of people whose diary entries you want to follow, next release will have a personalized recentlog, consisting of the entries of a list of selected users.

Another thing one can do is to be more positive and to think in people whose entries you like (which in my case are a lot of you), enjoy Advogato, be more tolerant, and just skip entries that do not interest you.

Today I read April's issue of TPJ.

There is an interesting article about writing a portable (among Unixes) shebang for Perl scripts, which happens to be impossible. The article explains why some solutions are not portable and proposes a mixed script that implements this (here simplified) idea:

    #! /bin/sh
    portable shell code that execs perl -x on the very script
    actual Perl code
Modulus details, the first part is there because the author says #! /bin/sh is the only portable shebang. Since /bin/sh can point to different shells some tricks are needed to exec perl correctly. The -x flag tells perl to ignore everything until #!perl, as explained in perlrun.

The author has published an utility that wraps a given Perl script that way.

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