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An absolutely useless week. Been recuperating from the pneumonia that hit me, but I've been utterly and totally uninspired. That sucks when you have a long TODO-list and there's no willpower to do other things than reading newspapers, Usenet and Lady Di jokes.

Yesterday and today I've done some work on getting CLISP to work with CCLAN and done some debian-packaging. It doesn't require hard thinking and is as reliable a source of frustration as actual development. That's great. Let frustration and apathy be available to everyone. But I mostly got CLISP working which is an important milestone as CCLAN is now usable by other systems than CMUCL and derivatives.

My big issue is that I should work on my bloody thesis, but it requires hard thinking and dull writing. And my bad conscience (for not working on the thesis) prevents me from doing something on the fun and useless Langband game. After all, I might get hooked and get even worse conscience. Sick. I know. But that is basically this week in a nutshell.

Not much open-source done this week, and ended up getting a severe cold during my visit to Oslo earlier this week.

Today, true to tradition, I released a new patch for Vanilla Angband. This one allows one to decorate the home in town. After all, decent heroes should have decent housing and what looks better than a stylish elf-skeleton in the corner? The last week has however revealed that some people actually take my joke patches very very seriously and are openly opposing them. I don't know if it's sad or amusing to watch people violently attack mock strawmen. Oh well.

10 Jun 2001 (updated 10 Jun 2001 at 22:02 UTC) »

Spent a sizable portion of yesterday fixing up CCLAN-packages and then I ended up writing a mirror-script for CCLAN and then later (and far too late) spent time making a repository-control system which allowed packages to be uploaded and then appropiate announces is mailed to the cclan-announce list and files are moved into the right places and replaced packages are moved into the backup. Hopefully the cool Sourceforge-people will allow us to make the repository rsyncable as we then have a cool distribution point for Lisp-packages. Yay!

Ended up staying up for far too late, got way beyond tired and was unable to sleep properly. This is bad because I have to catch an early flight for Oslo tomorrow morning. Oh well. As a sidenote, actually got some work done on my thesis and rearranged my home office and put in a couch to drop all sorts of stuff on. A weird day today but a stressful week with little open-source ahead. Happy Hacking everyone else.

The last couple of days I've been swamped in work and been very tired but I seem to have managed to revamp some Langband packages for CCLAN and done a lot of bug-reporting and patch-submitting for various lisp-systems and libraries. Most of it has resulted in upstream bug-fixes so I am happy about that. Going to toss out a bunch of CCLAN packages today to reflect changes the last couple of days.

I also made a 'revenge of the slime molds' patch for Vanilla Angband today which also includes new use for the junk in the game. Has been posted to r.g.r.a and to clockwork so it's up for grabs for people who wish to enhance their Angband games.

Made a mirror of the prototype-CCLAN on Sourceforge. Seems to work. Also made some convenient scripts to handle most things for the mirror.

The unannounced mailing-lists seems to be a hit as well, more than a dozen people in two days and discussion is already lively.

Got approved a sourceforge entry for CCLAN (Comprehensive Common Lisp Archive Network) which is to Common Lisp what CPAN is to Perl. Currently only working with Debian, but it's a start. 25 packages before it was announced is also pretty good. Hopefully people will help out to make things easier for Common Lisp hackers.

Gumband seems to be the first Angband variant to include the named-slime-molds patch. It added a few names. Cool. :-)

Very tired now, but I got an URL which said that ESR was impressed with our pigeon-project RFC 1149 where I was helping out as best I could. It was fun, albeit a bit cold and long waiting.

As I am tired now, I tend to do silly-things, like writing a patch to the Angband roguelike which automagically names all slime molds so you can have them as pets. Names give off some personality. It probably will never be accepted in the serious mainstream Angband but hopefully a few variants pick it up.

Don't really know what to do today. Oh and yes, I added some simple ISO-8859-1 support to Angband yesterday to have Sméagol and Nazgûl and even my own name Sandø. It's probably unportable to obscure systems which Angband runs on, but for Langband which runs on more modern systems it might be an option to make things run with UTF-8 or UTF-16. This will also allow for more fanciful names and more wilde characters to bump into in the game.

Well now, I should get back to this compiler.

So.. what have I done the last couple of weeks that's been open-source related? I released yet another version of Langband which had the first version of the save/load code needed.

Then I got a kick that I needed to make some Debian-packages of lisp-code and till now I have made debian-packages (using common-lisp-controller) of PORT in CLOCC, Binary-Types, XPTest for CL and two Langband-packages. The last one was tricky.

But, doing these things don't help much. I feel lousy.

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