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I'm FreeType's main author. I dig digital typography, high-speed graphics rendering, compilers and machine code generation. I work in Digital TV (which I'll politely describe as the realm of the most baroque and stupid protocols in the world), know embedded systems development very well (i.e. I routinely suffer from using truly mediocre proprietary toolsets from retarded hardware vendors), and frequently wonder why I'm not instead doing something fun, like Visual Basic or Delphi programming, for a living :-) And, well, Frenchman, despite the name that looks English/American to most people ;-)

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Domain Squatting is the sincerest form of flattery

I just went to and laughed very hard. These guys must really have a hard time selling their "solution" to reach this "tactic" :-)

As a French saying goes: Il n'y a pas de limite à la bassesse humaine (there's no limit to human lowness)

31 Mar 2006 (updated 31 Mar 2006 at 06:31 UTC) »
robilad: I agree with you. I work in the digital TV industry, where Java is also becoming a requirement by most advanced specifications (i.e. MHP and OCAP), some of them already being deployed.

Rumor is that the corresponding license to Sun is around $1/box, even if you implement your own JVM. And don't forget Blue-Ray, which mandates Java on *any* player, including the PS3.

22 Mar 2006 (updated 22 Mar 2006 at 12:19 UTC) »
Highlights on the DADVSI draft law

It's time to clarify what has been primarly a gut reaction to the passing of the DADVSI law in France. First, from a historical perspective:

  • a final DADVSI draft law has been approved by the French Parliament, but it's not legal to enforce it until it's been reviewed by the Senate, and a "décret d'application" has been published

  • the Senate has the power to modify the draft, though there are conditions that elude me at the moment. Which means things could change a bit

  • some deputies consider that some parts of this draft law are unconstitutional. The "Conseil Constitutionnel" (a group of sages used to examine new laws to check for compliance) might declare it so, which would require another round in front of the parliament, or a totally different law

There is a good wrap-up of the law on this page for the curious one. The most interesting or disturbing points are that:

  • it is very unclear wether the fines for illegal download and upload of copyrighted works will be applied on a case-by-case basis, or on a file-by-file one.

  • Also, there is little information regarding who's going to "monitor" the Internet and provide the legal proofs for such offences. E.g. the law doesn't force ISPs to provide all their IP logs to authorities for random checks, nor does it allow private parties (e.g. record labels) to do that.

  • The députés have taken care of restricting seriously what a "DRM" can be, and can do, and force DRM vendors to provide interoperability means. Moreover, breaking DRM for interoperability reasons is not a crime if you can prove that you didn't have any other way to read the data on your system (e.g. playing a DVD on Linux). The text is very vague though, but it might be a hint that VLC may not need to be modified then.

The Senate will begin reviewing the draft in May. This is going to be interesting.

The sound of silence

There is a waste-recycling plant near my office that was stopped a few weeks ago. For some strange reasons, one of its two towers *burnt* severely this week-end. The situation is still critical so the authorities have forbidden any car & train traffic around the building. They fear the tower might collapse on a road or on the rails.

Luckily our offices are far enough to be safe, though I'd like to see this if it happened (I can stare at the tower right from my desk :-)


I finally finished my small paper on reliable C programming techniques. It's really an introduction to what I call "Cleanup Stack Exception Handling" (for lack of a better term), something that is already used by the Symbian OS, but doesn't seem to be well know outside it.

Now, I need to find time to complete my cool little runtime library designed around it. Hopefully the world isn't holding its breath for it :-).

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