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Went to the beach again. Got sunburned this time, I was only laying on the sand for 15 minutes! Thats how pale I am :O

Found some new stuff to hax0r with, it involves parallel computing, very fun.

Everyone went to sleep on my IRC channel... :(

I completed my collection of Beatles albums, I now have all of the original. My task now is to burn them all on to a single CD using mp3. Wouldn't that be great? I really don't like The Beatles that much, but, it just seems cool to have all the albums.

Went to the beach again with Kalani, waves sucked and stuff. It was fun though. The water was really warm, I could go out in truncks, no problem.

Meeting Dad later this morning for lunch. I promiss myself that when I wake up later this morning that I will go and get some applications from local gas stations.

"I read the news today, oh boy!"

I've been doing almost nothing the past few days. I think I might go insane if I don't have more stimulation. I am pondering these mosquito bites that I have, I now am thinking that they might be poision oak, I can't remeber what poision oak looks like, I don't care though, It will go away.

I went surfing today, oh wait, I'm supposed to say "bodyboarding" because my girlfriend thinks I'm being a poser if I say "surfing" ;-) . Anyway, the waves sucked, and the beach was crowded as hell, but it still felt good to get wet. My dad wants me to go surfing with him later this morning (Its 2am right now), I would like to go, but I do not think I can wake up at 6am. My girlfriend and I are going to go down to the beach after she gets out of work at 4:30pm.

I made a cd for Kalani, it had some cool songs on it, mostly acid jazz. Want to know what was on it? Proably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway, because I'm bored:

  1. Gza - Outro
  2. The Dust Brothers - Stealing Fat
  3. DJ Luck and MC Neat - A Little Bit of Luck
  4. Gza - Hip Hop Fury
  5. Jazzanova - Coffee Talk
  6. Rza - Samurai Theme
  7. DJ Krush - The Dawn
  8. Bowery Electric - Lushlife
  9. DJ Yas and DJ Krush - No More (I think this is what it is called)
  10. Le Gooster - Elements
  11. DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe
  12. Funki Porcini - It's a Long Road
  13. Ollano - Partir Revenir
  14. Rza - Flying Birds
What do you think? Sounds like a fairly rad cd?

I rented a movie tonight called "Bringing Out The Dead", I thought it was a great movie until the ending when 50% of my questions were not solved. Maybe they were solved, but I'm too stupid to figure it out. Rad movie, but I'm just left clueless.

For some reason I'm fealing rather gothic right now, I think its from watching that movie & discovering the stile project.


Just got back from camping, I think half of the blood in my body was sucked out from mosquitos It was fairly fun, though.

I like python, python is cool. It makes me happy.

Teaching my mom LaTeX now, she is a fast learner.

Went with my Kalani to shop for camping stuff. We got a tent and some other crap. Leaving tomarow morning, it should be fun.

Got bored with the web stuff I was doing yesterday, I really need something to work on! I can't think of anything, in the mean time, however, I have been looking over the XML specification and other XML related web sites to figure it out. XML looks pretty cool, I think it would be rad to have some sort of XML <--> Tex thingy. My research has shown that there is already some work in this area, but I haven't found any code yet. This might be project for me... Then again I really don't know, if anyone has any suggestions on a small application that I could write in python email me.

No entry tomarow, I'll be camping :)

Got bored with my programming project, I'm now going to try to do some web based stuff in python. Sucks, I forgot how to use python, hopefully it will come back quickly.

Went out with the Marks last night. We had fun, went bowling. I took a bunch of pictures, but only a few turned out good

I'm teaching my mom HTML and UNIX at the same time! She is making her self a web page, so far, she seems to be doing fairly well.


Well, It is early in the morning. I need to write a journal now, because I feel excelent. I mean, my life is just so perfect right now, I wish I could live it forever.

I visited my grandparent's house today, they seem to be doing well. Afterwards I idled the afternoon away. Went over to my girlfriend's house at night to chill with her, after a brisk 1am walk she went to sleep and I headed home. Feeling so excelent, I decided I needed some snacks, went to AM-PM and got an Arizona Iced Tea and some beef jerky. Now I'm sitting infront of my computer at 3am, listening to disco music and chatting on irc.

No school, No work, No responsibilities. Does it get better then this? I feel excedingly happy right now.

Oh yeah, here are some cool song for you to look up:

  • Eek A Mouse - No Problem
  • Abba - Dancing Queen
  • Bee Gees - Night Fever


Another day of doing nothing. Been renting movies from Hollywood video every night. Got "A Brief History Of Time" from the library, seems to be fairly interesting so far.

3/4 of my grades are in. Math: A, Physics: B, Philosophy: A. I'm very happy with those results. Takashi (physics teacher) actualy emailed me the wrong grades at first.

Programming is going good. Couple of weeks might have something of use (yes, I know I've said that many times before) :)

A nice relaxing day of doing nothing. I think I have recovered from the whole Magic Mountain thing, and am ready to face the world. However, I'm not going to be facing the world, just coding, so its ok. Designed the UI of my new program, and I am currently writing code..

Not much happened today, researching my little programming project some more. Mostly I played with my new digital camera that arrived. You can see some picture of whatever i've taken here... Pretty fun to play around with that thing.

Talked to Kalani on the phone today, she was working at the high school today for some reason. I think I ignored her on the phone today a lot though, because I was really obsessed with this new camera, I feel bad. We are planning a camping trip for next week, I think.

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